Rumor: Optima Concept To Be Launched At The 2015 Detroit Motor Show

The arrival of the next-generation Kia Optima in 2015 will represent the first time that a Korean automaker has delivered a family of midsize models.

Expected in the mix are a wagon-type model, plug-in electric hybrid version, as well as a 2-door coupe!

Optima Wagon

A reliable source from Kia, who was in attendance at the Paris Motor Show, where Kia unveiled the Optima T concept, was very upbeat when asked about the possibility of an Optima wagon.

New Optima SketchThe feeling is that it would be similar to what sister company Hyundai did with the i40 sedan and wagon.

The source got even more specific, suggesting that people should pay a visit to the Kia stand at the Detroit Motor Show next year to see what’s on display.

Furthermore, the source revealed that an Optima wagon was very much on the horizon as Kia tries to boost their brand in Europe.

It makes sense, as wagons in that part of the world sell as well as their sedan counterparts.

The source close to the Korean automaker also revealed that he has seen sketches, and that expanding the model range in that direction would be a logical move.

Optima Coupe

There is also talk of a potential Optima coupe, with the feeling being that it would follow close on the heels of a production wagon model.

Styling Changes

Those of you wondering what the face of the new Optima will look like should not expect any drastic changes, with that word coming directly from Chief Design Officer Peter Schreyer.

The design honcho believes that the Optima is a very strong model as is, which means that real care has to be taken when implementing changes of any kind.

He feels that making big styling changes might do nothing but disappoint the customer, which he feels would be a backward step given the progress the brand has made.

There will be more than a few aesthetic changes on view when the new Optima concept makes its rumored debut at the 2015 Detroit Motor Show.

3 thoughts on “Rumor: Optima Concept To Be Launched At The 2015 Detroit Motor Show

  1. Why would it be a concept when Kia will have a all new Optima out sometime next year in the USA.

  2. Optima sedan, hybrid and wagon are really welcome! I’d rather see Kia develope a RWD coupe than a coupe based on next Optima. The RWD coupe would be a real hallo car!

  3. A plug-in hybrid will be ready some time next year, about the same time as when the new Sonata plug-in hybrid will be ready.

    Not too sure about a wagon, even for Europe.

    While still good for corporate fleet, European buyers are abandoning wagons and have been turning to CUVs.

    Kia needs to add more CUVs to its lineup (yes, I know a smaller CUV is in the works and there is talk of adding AWD to the Soul).

    As for a RWD coupe, since the GT has been confirmed for production, might see a 2-door version down the road.

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