Officially official: the 2009 Kia Cerato goes on sale in Australia

Modern and dynamic styling, class-leading power, class-leading 4.5 stars Green Vehicle rating, six airbags standard in every model, iPod compatible audio system, European-standard ride and handling, 5-year/unlimited kilometre warranty for private buyers, great value and a low entry price – the all-new Kia Cerato has it all.

Many commentators believe that, more than ever, new car buyers want vehicles that reflect positively on them as owners and fulfill wide-ranging applications. Cars need to perform, only lightly touch the environment, look good, deliver on safety, be reliable and be well-appointed.

Kia will bring a range of new and revamped models to the Australian market this year, well-endowed with features, stunning looks and impressive value for money – in essence, cars that deliver on their promise.


The all-new Kia Cerato

First to arrive is the handsome new Kia Cerato, a compact sporty sedan that will meet the needs of many Australian car buyers. The new Cerato is the first Kia released in Australia to feature the new ‘Schreyer line’, a family corporate grille design from the pen of Kia’s global chief design officer, Peter Schreyer, who joined the company in 2006 from the Volkswagen Group.

The new Cerato is the first mass production Kia that embodies his thinking, and introduces a look that is sporty with an element of aggression.

Eye-catching integrity of design is just one factor in new car buyers’ minds. Customers want quality, safety, reliability, value and low total cost of ownership. That’s where the efficiencies of Kia’s highly-developed production facilities are displayed in the all-new Cerato, building cars in a smarter way with more efficient use of materials.

Available in Australia as an entry-level S model or a generously-equipped SLi model, the new Cerato bridges the gap between small and medium cars with the space, performance, features and value that many Australian car buyers are seeking, without having to pay more for a medium-sized car with a larger and less economical engine.

New Cerato features an all-new, efficient 2.0-litre engine with Continuously Variable Valve Timing (CVVT) for class-leading power and torque, delivering the pulling power and responsiveness of a 2.2-litre engine without the fuel consumption of a bigger engine.

Like all new Kia vehicles now sold in Australia, the new Cerato will be covered by Kia’s 5-year/unlimited kilometre warranty for private buyers (5-year/130,000kms for fleet buyers).

kia-cerato-2009-1.jpg     2009-kia-cerato.jpg     kia-cerato-2009-australia-interior.jpg



The all-new 2009 Model Year Kia Cerato sedan offers a high level of standard specification and value and very competitive pricing across the range.


Kia Cerato Design
“Design gives a soul to the product and reaches the hearts of the people,” according to Peter Schreyer, Global Design Officer at Kia Motors Corporation. “The future of Kia products lies in balance, clarity and purpose. Kia is a brand underpinned by quality and reliability. Now on top of that comes this emotional element of distinctive design.”

Peter Schreyer’s comments are reflected in the new ‘Schreyer line’ that is becoming the distinctive new face of Kia. His use of the ‘Schreyer line’ grille design in the all-new Kia Cerato breaks away from the more traditional Kia image, creating a design that raises the bar in the sometimes conservative Small segment.

By embodying his “simplicity of the straight line”, Schreyer has delivered sharp exterior styling that conveys a powerful and aggressive image and implies ‘speed’.

The new Cerato has a high boot line, with a subtle in-built lip spoiler to give the rear a very aerodynamic look that is matched by Cerato’s low drag coefficient of 0.29. The wedge-like character lines give Cerato a streamlined, aggressive and exciting profile, despite being able to comfortably accommodate five people in the cabin and up to 415 litres of luggage in the boot.

Since joining Kia Motors in 2006, Peter Schreyer has injected new energy into Kia’s global design efforts, culminating in the development of new family look seen in Cerato and soon to be mirrored in other new Kia models.

The backbone of this drive has been the creation and operation of a global design network which has included the opening of dedicated Kia design centres in North America and Germany.Euisun Chung, President of Kia Motors, said at the award presentation, “We will use the Korea Design Award as a stepping stone to continue to infuse our creative design spirit throughout many aspects of Kia’s business, not just limiting our efforts to product design.”



– Exterior
All-new Cerato is bold, aggressive and dynamic with a wedge-like side profile that exudes a sense of speed. The ‘Schreyer line’ corporate face with its sweep of headlamps and distinctive radiator grille is accentuated by a strong front bumper and bonnet line that gives the car a very athletic stance. The rear end is just as dynamic with a lip spoiler effect that creates a very aerodynamic feel.

The new car is 30mm longer, 40mm wider and 10mm lower than its predecessor and features a wheelbase extended by 40mm to comfortably accommodate five adults. The front track is increased by 62mm and the rear track by 79mm, pushing the wheels towards the vehicles outer extremities for a bolder stance and improved roadholding.

The low drag co-efficient of 0.29 and low lift coefficient of 0.16 is in part due to measures that channel air cleanly around the Cerato’s body. These measures include an engine undertray, low bumper lip, flattened wheel covers and front and rear wheel deflectors. In addition, clean airflow over, around and underneath the car has been achieved by careful shaping of the nose, door mirrors, A-pillars and upper door frames and tighter panel fit.

All Cerato models feature body coloured bumpers and door mirrors. Cerato S has body coloured door handles, while the SLi has chrome door handles, chrome radiator grille and rear garnish.

Both models also feature electric heated outside door mirrors, convex door mirrors and side repeater lamps on door mirrors, while the SLI is also fitted with front fog lights.



– Interior
Catering to the diverse needs of different buyers, the all-new Cerato features a distinctive and stylish high-tech interior. The all-new Kia Cerato uses its increased overall length, wheelbase and width to deliver a roomy, safe, quiet and generously-equipped place for up to five occupants.

Its best-in-class front legroom is unrivalled for driver and passenger comfort, while the rear compartment offers space and comfort that rivals many Medium segment entrants, with class-leading shoulder room and excellent rear seat access being the standout features.

Access to both front and rear seats is made easier by wider door openings that allow passengers to easily ‘slide out’, very useful in heavy traffic environments or when it is raining. With five seats occupied, the boot provides a class-leading 415 litres of luggage space that is an easily accessible and very usable shape.

Inside the cabin, the driver sits in front of a new two-tier dashboard with distinctive details such as a three-cylinder ‘Super Vision’ cluster in Cerato SLi which includes the in-dash display four ultrasonic rear parking sensors and a six-function trip computer.

Both Cerato S and SLi have a distinctive 3-spoke steering wheel, with the latter model fitted with cruise control and remote audio controls (both optional on Cerato S). Cerato SLi also features alloy pedals, leather-wrapped steering wheel and gearshift knob for an even sportier touch.

The centre fascia contains audio, heating and ventilation controls in a simple, easy-to-read layout. Both models are fitted with speed sensing door locks that automatically lock once the vehicle has reached a speed of 40 km/h. They both also feature a driver’s seat height adjuster, 60:40 fold flat rear seat, tilt and telescope adjustable steering column and rear centre armrest.

The practical nature of the new Cerato is enhanced by the numerous storage areas around the cabin, including cup/drink bottle holders, large door pockets in all four side doors, a useful centre console and glove box, lower dashboard oddment tray for the driver, and a ceiling-mounted sunglass holder for the driver or passenger.Cerato S occupants enjoy standard manual air conditioning while occupants of the high-spec Cerato SLi have full climate control at their fingertips.

With the interior set at just the right temperature, it’s time to sit back and enjoy new Cerato’s comprehensive audio package, featuring six speakers, MP3 compatible CD player with Power Bass, an auxiliary input for external audio devices, a USB audio input with iPod® compatibility, speed dependent volume control and steering wheel remote audio controls (on Cerato SLi).

Sound-proofing materials in hollow sections of the body shell; the use of front and rear sub-frames for mounting the suspension; a double-curved surface floor panel; a thick under-bonnet sound-absorbing pad; insulation pads on the cabin floor, in the door cavities and on the bulkhead between the engine bay and passenger cell; triple layer rubber seals and weather strips around the doors and windows; and aerodynamically refined door mirror shrouds and mountings have all helped significantly reduce NVH levels.

kia-cerato.jpg     kia-cerato-interior-sli.jpg     kia.jpg

– Cerato Chassis
The all-new Kia Cerato is larger than its predecessor in both length and width and will rival all Small segment competitors in overall size.

Cerato’s 4,530mm length, allied with its 2,650mm wheelbase and 1,775mm width, gives the new car an athletic stance which is matched by its sporty road feel.

The chassis has been tuned to deliver the European feel favoured by many Australians, with excellent steering response, roadholding, ride comfort and braking the aim. The combined result is precise steering and sure-footed roadholding, matched with a composed and supple ride, that offers driving enjoyment without compromising passenger comfort.

Designed around an all-new platform, the new Cerato uses high-tensile steel to improve rigidity and benefit of dynamic behaviour and crash safety. The platform’s rigidity is enhanced by a hoop structure around the central pillar area designed to offer better occupant protection, especially in rollover accidents.

At the front, the new Cerato uses a McPherson strut layout with coil springs and gas shock absorbers, employing sub-frames constructed using hydro-forming techniques to reduce weight. The solid-mounted sub-frames and increased castor angle enhance handling performance, while L-shaped lower arms enhance collision performance and high-speed driving stability.

At the rear, a coupled torsion beam axle is used in conjunction with gas shock absorbers, mirroring a number of European and Japanese competitors. The lightweight rear suspension system enables the new Cerato to have a larger boot than its competitors and delivers improvements in rear crash performance.

The Cerato S rides on 15-inch steel rims with wheel covers and 195/65 R15 tyres, while the Cerato SLi rides on 10-spoke, 17-inch alloy wheels shod with 215/45 R17 tyres. Both models are equipped with a full-size spare wheel, including an alloy for the SLi.

All-new Cerato has larger diameter front and rear disc brakes than its predecessor – 280mm front and 262mm rear – for improved braking performance.

The hydraulic rack and pinion steering system, with both tilt and telescope functions, has 2.89 turns lock to lock in the Cerato S (15-inch rims) for a 10.32 metre diameter turning circle. Using 17-inch rims, the Cerato SLi has 2.77 turns lock to lock and a 10.78 metre turning circle.

New Cerato’s power steering makes parking a breeze and enhances inner-city manoeuvrability, as well as allowing quick and precise response and good feedback on country roads without being overly-sensitive for freeway driving.

Kia engineers have undertaken extensive design and testing programs, particularly in reinforcing key structural elements and enhancing body sealing, to deliver reduced levels of noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) that match many of new Cerato’s class-leading competitors.

Strategic use of thicker gauge steel in key locations has created a stiffer bodyshell without adding unnecessary weight.

New Cerato has significantly improved aerodynamic performance and betters a number of its competitors with a 0.29 coefficient of drag and a 0.16 coefficient of lift. The all-new Cerato has a braked towing capacity of 1,200kg.



Cerato Powertrain
New Cerato has the most powerful naturally aspirated engine in its class – Kia’s new Theta II engine – the first application of this engine in the Small segment in Australia.

The new twin-cam, four-cylinder 2.0-litre Theta II petrol engine, with Continuously Variable Valve Timing (CVVT), revs smoothly to produce 115 kW of power @ 6,200 rpm and 194 Nm of torque @ 4,300 rpm to take the mantle of class-leader in the power stakes.

The class-leading, Euro IV-compliant Theta II engine is mated to a slick-shifting, short-throw five-speed manual for optimum driver control as standard, or can be optioned with Kia’s gated, four-speed automatic gearbox for a smooth and relaxed drive with the choice of Sportsmatic manual-shift capability.

New Cerato’s 2.0-litre engine is a state-of-the-art, lightweight four-cylinder 16-valve unit that is powerful, quiet and economical. Weight-saving measures include an aluminium cylinder block and head with a ladder frame.

Continuously Variable Valve Timing optimises low and medium-speed torque as well as aiding high-speed performance and economy. The valve gear is chain-driven to minimise maintenance requirements and cut noise, while auxiliary systems are powered by a single serpentine belt.

Mated to the four-speed automatic gearbox, the new 2.0-litre Theta II engine can power the new Cerato from 0-100 km/h in 10.5 seconds and on to 190 km/h (0-100 km/h in 9.3 seconds and up to 200 km/h top speed with manual gearbox).

Combined fuel consumption for the new Cerato is 7.8 litres/100kms (official ADR81/01 combined cycle) with the manual gearbox and 7.9 litres/100kms for the automatic gearbox.

The four-speed Sportsmatic automatic uses a new lightweight flat-type torque converter that is smaller than a conventional unit, with less friction and therefore better fuel efficiency. The gear train has also been designed to be quieter. For an extra margin of safety, an electronic shift lock prevents reverse being selected from (P) Park or (N) Neutral without the foot brake being applied.

The gearbox features electronic controls that monitor a variety of parameters to guarantee smooth shifts adapted to individual driving styles. A high top gear ratio ensures reduced fuel consumption and quieter cruising at high speeds.



Economy and emissions
The 2.0-litre Theta II engine delivers impressive economy in the all-new Cerato, especially given its class-leading power. With an official combined fuel consumption of 7.8 litres/100kms, the Cerato with manual transmission is capable of travelling more than 660 kilometres on a single fill of 91RON regular unleaded fuel in its 52-litre fuel tank.

Even more impressive is the all-new Cerato’s rating in the Australian Government’s Green Vehicle Guide. With a GVG rating of 4.5 stars, new Cerato is one of the class-leaders in the Small segment, emitting just 186 grams per kilometre of CO2 with the manual gearbox (187 g/km for the four-speed automatic) despite being the most powerful vehicle in its class.

All-new Cerato’s fuel efficiency, excellent Green Vehicle rating and outstanding value combine to ensure that driving the new Cerato doesn’t have to break the bank or come at the expense of the environment.

Safety The new Cerato range continues Kia’s commitment to offering safety and value across the whole Kia range.

The Cerato range is equipped as standard with dual SRS front airbags; side front SRS airbags and full-length curtain SRS airbags; active headrests and seatbelt pre-tensioners for front seats; and 4-wheel disc brakes with ABS (Anti-lock Braking System), EBD (Electronic Brake force Distribution) and Brake Assist.

The range-topping Cerato SLi comes standard with ESP (Electronic Stability Program) and TCS (Traction Control System), which is also available as a low cost option pack for the Cerato S.

ABS brakes allow drivers to maintain steering response and directional control even when braking heavily, minimising the risk of an accident. Electronic brake force distribution adjusts the force applied to individual axles.

Active safety
Kia is becoming recognised worldwide for its continuing commitment to making its vehicles more able to avoid accidents, as well as making its cars a safer place to be should they become involved in accidents.

ESP and TCS prevent skids by monitoring the car’s course compared to that intended by the driver, and applying the brakes or slowing the engine if necessary.

Passive safety
Should an accident be unavoidable, occupants are protected by a remarkably stiff and strong body and a full package of SRS airbags. Dual SRS front airbags, side front SRS airbags and full-length SRS curtain airbags are fitted as standard on every new Cerato model. Active headrests maximise neck protection in the event of a collision.

Every new Cerato has a three-point safety belt for all five seating positions, ensuring every occupant is safely restrained in the event of an accident.

Complementing Cerato’s array of safety equipment, thicker gauge steel has been strategically used in key locations to create a stiffer bodyshell without adding unnecessary weight, to protect occupants in the event of an accident while at the same time minimising unnecessary fuel usage. [Source: Official Press release from Kia Australia]

66 thoughts on “Officially official: the 2009 Kia Cerato goes on sale in Australia

  1. I LOVE that car, and envy the Australians! Well, no matter. I should be able to see it at Chicago, and the Sorento at New York.

  2. Hands down the best looking compact sedan on the market. I can not wait to see this in person.

  3. So when is this going to finally come to the US? I must say I am quite impressed with H-K these days with how much they have invested in their products since becoming totally independent of rehashing Chrysler & Ford/Mazda products.

  4. Sexy, I would agree it’s one of the best looking compact cars on the market. I can’t wait until it hits the US shores. It will do VERY well for Kia

  5. It should be out towards the end of 2009 in the US as the 2010 model year Spectra replacement with all signs pointing to the Spectra nameplate being replaced in favor of Forte. The US model will be equipped with the new 2.4L Theta II engine that recently debuted in the 2009 Optima.

  6. Yes, we’ve got the Australian Tennis Open here in Australia at the moment and the major sponsor for the event is Kia Motors. This is a Grand Slam event and KIA get world wide coverage not only here in Oz but world-wide for the full two weeks. Because the tennis is live almost all day here on TV, I also get the pleasure of seeing the very good advertisement for the new Cerato every so often. It’s a good’n.
    I must admit I did sneak down to my local Kia dealer this morning near me, but I haven’t caught sight of the new Cerato as yet. They’ve had it on their web-site for at least a month now.
    Can’t wait for the new Sorento now.

  7. Love it, can’t wait to actually go and sit in one and have a drive. All the ‘First Drive’ articles I am reading here in Australia are saying it is pretty good in pretty much all areas. I love seeing the ads for it on TV all the time, while the tennis is on, which I enjoy watching too. I too like the fact they have used the S and SLi model variants as well, gives a sport aggressive sense. I also read somewhere that the Cerato will, later on, probably be getting that 6-speed auto that was posted previously.

  8. How do those numbers for gas mileage transfer in mpg.’s for us Americans who figure gas mileage in miles per gallon? This car should help move Kia up even higher in NA sales, it is truly beautiful. If it were produced in 2007 at this time I’d have waited with my ’01 Sportsman and traded in for a Forte/Spectra. And it is going to stay named Spectra in the U.S., yes. Great job, Mr.Schreyer and Co.!

  9. OFF-TOPIC: Our modem broke down today, therefore I have a limited access to the web. Right now I’m in the local cyber coffee and wanted to let you know that today, no news guys (unfortunately)! I hope I can get the modem replaced in a day or two.

    As soon as I can access to the web from home, I’ll post some exciting news on upcoming Kia hybrids!

  10. I see you all seem to like the Cerato a lot! I love it too, and think it’s a very decent successor of the current model, and think should do great for Kia Australia.

    The company hopes to sell 3000 units at the market “down under” but in that number sounds kind of low, doesn’t it. In my humble opinion, Kia could move twice as much Ceratos in Australia.

  11. Yeah Himi, I hate to say it but Kia has still not got a real name for itself in Australia. As I’ve said before, most people will say, “I’ve just bought a Kia” and you will be looked down upon…”ONLY a Kia huh!!”. But now Kia have got a chance to really climb up the ladder and give people the perception of buying quality AND value. Remember the Japanese cars had the same problems back in the sixties, now look at what people think. Toyota, Mazda, Honda and to certain extent Subaru, Mitsubishi and Suzuki, can’t do a thing wrong.
    So I think that’s why Kia Australia has been so conservative with their sale figures.

  12. Bryan asked how far will he get with every gallon driving his new?? Cerato/Forte/Spectra. If he bought one.
    1 US gallons = 3.7854 litres. and there’s 62.5 miles in 100 kilometres, so they reckon the new Cerato will achieve 7.8 litres per 100 kilomtres (Combined city and highway driving) with the manual transmission.
    You with us so far?? Google it!! It’s much easier…
    No, let’s work this out, I remember having to do this when we changed to metric many years ago now. Except our gallon(Imperial or British Gallon) was 4.54 litres, a bit bigger than the US gallon.
    So let go: 7.8 Litres divided by 3.7854 = 2.06055 US Gallons. Which means it consumes 2.06055 gallons (US) per 62.5 miles.
    Now divide 62.5 by 2.06055= 30.33MPG. How does that sound, Bryan?? Approx 30MPG, not bad I suppose.

  13. All signs indicate that Kia will replace the Spectra nameplate in the US market in favor of Forte

  14. Yep, seen one out the front of my local Kia dealer, while driving passed yesterday afternoon . A little smaller than I’d imagined, but looked great, from a distance anyway. I may go and check it out this evening, although it’ll be a good day to check out the air-conditioning, it’s going to be 44C degrees here in Adelaide today, that’s 111F in the old money.

  15. yeah we’ve been bombarded with advertisements for the cerato and i think kia is playing their cards right. the australian open is what everyone here in australia is watching and every ad break there is a cerato ad. you can’t not notice it! great move kia!

  16. Not that anybody’s really interested, but it got to 45.7C here today. The hottest day for 70 years.
    I guess you Boris would have that every day almost in Dubai, wouldn’t you??

  17. Damn OzyTone, I feel for you, especially considering I am used to it here in Brisbane only occasionally getting over 30C.

  18. I’m loving the weather here! every day it Hasn’t gone above 26C since er, December? or november. the mercury even dipped to 8 [yes – eight] deg C once! The winters are always welcome here. summers: rarely below 38C. mostly above 40C and yes, even 45 and above is possible here.

  19. O and btw. in winter it actually snows on some of the mountains in a place called Ras Al Khaima. the snowing started since a winter 3 years ago and snow is seen there every winter. Yes, I’m talking about UAE!
    the prob is, no one expected cold, rainy winters in this ‘desert’ and the sewage system wasn’t built to handle the water or melting snow meaning we have ankle to knee-deep water collecting in places at least once every winter. last year [2008, Jan] it rained for 24hrs and the water went above knee level in lots of places. schools were also closed. at the same time. a few hundred kms south of Dubai, the temp reached 2C!!!

  20. WOW! Boris, I am genuinely surprised at the diverse temps you get there, never would have picked it.

  21. Weird isn’t it, and they call this global warming?? Also you didn’t need that huge indoor ski slope you’ve got over there, you’ve got natural snow in the mountains there. In winter only though.

  22. Oh, you guys suck. (JK) It is about -15 degrees C here. I myself am wondering about this whole global “warming” thing going on. Here in Michigan, we have had more snow than we have had since 1973. Temperatures RARELY go over -5 degrees C, and are usually -25 to-10 degrees c. Last summer, the temp didn’t go over 30 degrees C once! Usually, it gets up to 40 degrees C at least 3-4 times, and it hasn’t. This is the first time in recent history that we have had a summer that didn’t go over 35. I think that advertising the new Cerato is the best thing Kia could do. Now they just need to advertise it during NBA and NFL games, and they will move lots of those!

  23. So how did this all go from being about the new Forte/Cerato, to being about global warming and the fact that it is a hoax, just curious cause its kinda random, and has anyone heard much at all aobut the KOUP at all, i mean i have hear numerous rumours about the car, but i dunno what to believe. So has anyone heard anything at all about tis release date, or if its going to be released anytime within the next year.

  24. It’s looking like the production KOUP won’t be out this year but should be ready by the start of 2010. It will come equipped with a 2.0L DOHC turbocharged engine (same engine that will be in the base Genesis Coupe). It looks like it will be named simply the Forte Coupe when it arrives.

  25. The Forte Coupe will be an extremely hot car and will do very well for Kia in helping to bring new customers and image to the brand.

  26. Thanks “Kid Icarus”. I have also heard that the Koup will be released for the 2010 model year. I am located in Canada and from the rumours that I have been hearing are that the Koup is slated to be released here in September to November. And i simply can not wait for it, its going to look unreal. And i am quite sure that it is going to out-perform many peoples expectations fo the car as well. This car will change the way that Honda fans look at Kia. Especialyl when its HP destroys that of the Civic Si

  27. I truly hope that the guage cluster on the concept is able to make its way into production with this car. That is one sleek and New age looking set of Guages. It really is something that just stands out and looks out-right different.

  28. The Forte Coupe (KOUP) will do the same as Pro_cee’d did in Europe. And that’s bringing thousands of young people to the Kia brand and change the perception of many many people. Kia will no longer be considered as a second tier carmaker.

    Since pro_cee’d went on sale here in Slovenia, I only hear positive comments about it and also people who has just recently been talking trash about Kia, now admit the company has made some great progress in the last few years.

    So I see the KOUP as a breakthrough model at US and Canadian market. And I bet it will sell like crazy once at the dealer’s showrooms!!

    And if Kia really brings a 2,0L turbo engine (I see no reasons why it wouldn’t), then Honda can say goodbye to many, many customers looking for performance compact car.

  29. Honda has already abandoned the performance compact car…..the car that made Honda what it is today. Unless you count the new Si which many Honda fans don’t.

  30. The British built Civic Type R is the kind of car Honda needs to bring to the US to capture those performance compact car buyers again…..but they won’t. They will just continue to build ugly Accords and people will continue to buy them regardless

  31. Well, there’s nothing wrong not bringing the Civic Type R to the States at first place. I see an opportunity for KIA Motors to bring their compact sports car in the US market and take away some fans from Honda. And also build a sporty image.

    Since Kia’s going to be a more sporty oriented car brand in the future, they should have brough some HOT cars to their range. And the 2,0 Turbo KOUP would be the perfect beginning!

  32. You’re right himi…..Kia is planning a major overhaul of their lineup over the next few years and the new Forte and Forte Coupe will be just the beginning. By 2012 ALL Kia models will be completey redesigned or have a major refresh except the Borrego. Kia plans to aim for a very sporty and performance oriented brand while Hyundai aims for the luxury market

  33. The guy next door to me has a Honda Civic Type R, it looks mean enough, but he’s one of those people that likes plenty of revs (8500-9000RPM) in this case and a manual transmission he can madly change gears with will all day.
    Give me low down easy grunt off the line any time, leave all those revs to the F1 cars.

  34. OzyTone-thanks for the gas mileage in American measurement standards workup there, I do appreciate. I sure like the shade of blue on that Forte in the picture. Ozy-Mitsu has a good rep in Australia, then?

  35. No probs there Bryan.
    Yes as far as Mitsubishi in Australia is concerned, their biggest seller would be the Lancer followed, in the 4WD fraternity, by the Pajero, Triton and the Outlander. Excuse me if I’ve called the vehicles by our local names here in Oz.
    Mitsy’s used to be in the top 3 sellers here a few years back, but have probably slipped to about tenth now, because of huge internal problems within the company in Japan and the US. They’d now be below Mazda, Nissan, Subaru, Honda etc. But they’re making a comeback and mainly focusing on the Lancer naturally and the other SUV’s. As far as 4WD’s are concerned they’d be in the top 3 or 4 here, behind Toyota and Nissan.

  36. Hey Himi?? when we do a post, what time is that, that comes up on each post. It’s not GMT, so I’ve worked it out to be “Eastern European Time”?? is that your local time, is it?? Just that it comes in handy when I put in a post and somebody answers within a short time, I often wonder what their local time is. Mine is GMT +10:30 hours.
    Plus 1 hour at the moment because of day light saving or “summer time”. Normally I am UTC/GMT +9:30 hours.

  37. I enjoy driving my Forte, everyday its a new surprise. I have the 2.0 and its like driving a go-cart. I could only imagine what it would be like driving the KOUP.

  38. See a “first impression” drive article from drive.com.au in the Spectra forum.
    I thought I had better not put it here, as it’s a little long for just a “comments” area.

  39. ALL I CAN SAY IS WOW WOW WOW. I have owned both a 2003 Spectra (Base) that car was reliable but I traded it in after being rear ended all the time. That car was so slow I was afraid to drive it. I wasn’t drag racing by any means, but just keeping up with traffic was difficult. Merging onto the interstate was a joke. I was rear ended 5 times with that car. Usually stopped at red lights. I felt invisible and unsafe. I upgraded to a 2005 Spectra EX Top of the line with everything except ABS. That car has almost 120,000 miles on it today and other than regular maintenance I have not had to put a single penny into the car for repair. I really love my car but I would gladly let it go for this new one. I cannot wait till this new Spectra hits the States. I have less than a year before my current Spectra is paid off…I will seriously think about getting this new one. Kia’s have had a bad rap for too long, I am sure this new car will change that. Bye bye Honda and Toyota your days on top are over!!!

    I was reading the specs for this new car and they say its a bit longer and wider now. I am 6ft tall. and my only real complaint with my 05′ Spectra is that I don’t really have enough leg room on long trips. I always have to set the cruise control and put my feet under the brake pedal so I can stretch my legs. If I couldn’t do that I’d have to make lots of stops to rest. Anyone that test drove this new one down in Australia know if it’s got enough leg room for taller drivers? What is the pricing like in Australia as well. I bought my 2005 EX for just about 20,000 USD. This one looks like it will be much more expensive.


    Orlando Florida

  40. Took delivery of Sli on Friday traded my 2003 Elantra – I absolutely love it! the more I drive it the happier I am.
    I had hoped it would have been available with the 1.6crdi turbo diesel but i am satisfied for now…

  41. I used to drive the first Cerato that came out in Dubai……..2005 model….2 litre………..AWESOME car to drive……………….would definetely buy it again………Kia’s are great value for money with great options!!!! Good job Kia!!!!

  42. i love this car and i will change my car and i will by this one
    i hope if you have any commeanat about this car send to me
    thank you ahmed darwish

  43. The red light that encircles the speedometer is only available on the SLi, but the red backlighting is on all models.

  44. I looked, I bought and it’s great the 2009 KIA Cerato SLi is outstandin in price looks and bang for your buck

  45. Kia at their best.this is a masterpiece.a hybrid of a collection of d best.oustanding in its class.

  46. The all-new Kia Cerato is in a class of its own. Certainly a masterpiece.

  47. hi there
    I want to tell you that this car is the best car I ever seen in last 10 years so I am asking if you can help me and tell me about the price of this car I want to buy it and send it to Egypt so if you can tell me about the price tell I receive it in Egypt I will be thankful for all the team because they give the people this good car /////
    Mohamed kamal

  48. I just want to compliment the effort of the kia company for producing this breath taking automobile,it is really every bodies dream car,its got more than enough.thanks to kia.

  49. I just wanted to ask if this KIA Cerato also good for very HOT climates? Will it be a headache in this very very HOT climate?

  50. The new kia has hit South Africa with an uncontrolable bang, demand on the new sportage is currently at around 14 to 1 the cerato 20 lt has again taken the wind out of most brands like nissan VW Ford Mazda The rest cant really class them selves as contanders

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