Official photos: new Kia Sorento crossover vehicle

Kia Motors Corp. releases first official photos of the all-new 2014 Kia Sorento crossover vehicle!

After a few weeks of various spy shots and speculation, Kia has officially taken the wraps off the facelifted Sorento crossover vehicle.

As evident from the photos below, the mid-cycle upgrade brings a plethora of styling enhancements and equipment upgrades, as well as more efficient engines and improved ride and handling.

Scheduled to go on sale in the autumn, the 2014 Kia Sorento features a more distinctive front end fascia which sports a revised bumper, new LED daytime running lights, vertical fog lights and updated signature grille.

Back at rear, the new Sorento features a re-styled tailgate with LED taillights and redesigned bumper with vertical-axis fog lights.

Inside, the refreshed Sorento 2014 MY -Model Year offers a dose of soft-touch materials, new LCD instrument cluster and updated center stack with 8-inch display screen. Additionally, the new Kia Sorento CUV also sports a larger panoramic sunroof and new console featuring a straight-gate selector with a leather-booted lever on automatic transmission models.

New Kia Sorento photos:


20 thoughts on “Official photos: new Kia Sorento crossover vehicle

  1. You and some others complain how taillights look as being too cut off on back end. Yet current design is same on side profile. The rear end of this next Sorrento compared to current Sorrento is miles better. Only area where it fails is black lower diffuser panel is plain and no cutout section or grooves or any metal finish and also lacking tailpipe/s coming through all the way. That is where this car fails in my view. Best thing could happen is to get that sorted onto car and a low range selector! And they better nail suspension and steering as too vague and lifeless feel to it…that is story in Australia. Does not take Einstein to fix that totally either but Kia soooooooo not listening to individual markets like in Australia and they need to do more as it aint rocket science to fix!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. 2010 Kia Optima Grill THAT is why this looks so familiar to me not Forte I keep saying Forte cause of the charcter lines of the hood to front fenders that end at the A-pillar. (AGAIN that is my opinion and how my eye interpret what they see).

    I still LUV the rear end. I see the comments and understand them. I can live with the rear it tasteful playing it safe, a little familiar yet slight of hand diffferent enough and pleasing to the eye.

    It is just that Kia been doing a great job with the front fascia and getting the first impression dead on, I just feel WORRIED since the GT, K9, and now Sorento seem a little HO HUM.

  3. i am getting disgusted at the blatant copying that Acura is doing with basically copying the rear tail light style from Schreyer.. This really pisses me off that Acura has bascially no creativity and have resorted to copying to survive the automobile marketplace. That fact, that Acura copies designs, says alot about the integrity and ability of that company.. It’s ashame, because I used to respect Honda and the Japanese companies.

  4. Kia and Hyundai releasing stunning cars in Australia and one does not need to be smart to see they setting bar on style with most others coming a distant second. I love the new i40 sedan released here….makes everything else look 18th century.

  5. Your like wound up…..you know those little kids toys you wind up on back and they go til run out energy. Well its same with your obsessive compulsive rubbish on here! Ha ha ha ha ha arseclown

  6. The rear taillights are still too large, but they are reminiscent of the taillights on the K7/Cadenza.

    Yeah, they are a bit Audi-esque, but it’s Schreyer; Acura, otoh, totally does the Audi taillights thing (MDX/RDX) even more so.

    As for the front, it looks like the previous generation Optima after it got the “tigernose” grill treatment.

    Aside from the still too large taillights, the vertical foglamps and secondary rear lights are a miss (ruins the consistency of the horizontal lines).

    The front fascia on the Sorento SX is still better (hope they don’t make too many changes to that).

    And btw, the current Lexus RX has similar headlights (rectangular/angled) to those on the Kia Kue concept.

  7. Might have passion but mixed with stupidity and no brains as a keyboard warrior arseclown

  8. Heck agree fully. CX5 looks crap and that front end…….rubbish. Was story here not long ago of comparison between CX5 and Sportage….CX5 looks so old so quick and Sportage looks stunning as when first released!

  9. I was driving behind a new Malibu earlier, and I thought it was a Koup. It seriously looks like a Koup from behind. Overall I think the new Malibu looks fat. The back end of the new Impala looks like a Sonata/Azera b@$+ard.

  10. Jim…….when you have that many DOCUMENTED problems you take that to the corporate office. Don’t hold your tounge be clear and BLUNT about what you are going thru and what is going with THAT particular vehicle.

    Let’s understand one thing there is no PERFECT CAR coming off these assembly lines. There will always be flaws, imperfections and plain MALFUNCTIONS. They key is to be a persistent customer who is clear and backed up by facts / documentations and so forth plead your case and 9 times out of 10 you win.

    Jim I think you may have the case for a EXCHANGE of vehicle. Take all your receipts, get names of Technicians that worked on that vehicle, take your sales receipt and demand they swap you into a new car. YOU HAD ENOUGH.

  11. Anyone else notice the front fog lights in these pictures? They appear to have 2 separate bulbs in each housing… I wonder what the purpose will be of the second bulb?

  12. The only Kia vehicles that look outdated to me are the Forte and the Sedona. By the way, I challenge you, any day of the week. I don’t believe you have ever driven a Sedona, because you are seriously underestimating its performance. My Sedona goes 0-120 in 35 seconds. Do that in your Forte. The Sedona is faster 0-60, too.

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