Kia Forte; official image of the interior

The multitude of Forte spy shots we have seen lately, tell us that the automaker is getting closer to a final, finished product that will most likely be unveiled very soon. As most of you already know, the new Forte is just around the corner, and it is expected to be released in Korea within the next few days.

Latest Kia models, such as cee’d and Borrego, have shown a significant progress that Kia has made not only to exterior of it’s cars, but also inside. The Korean automaker is slowly and progressively ditching it’s cheap and cheerful reputation of making unappealing car interiors and each of the new cars features more exciting design with higher quality materials used inside.

The Forte interior, as well as exterior, has been covered extensively for the past few weeks, therefore I decided to put eight most popular Forte articles up here so you can scan through the tons of Forte information.


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Note: The image above is most likely not an official image, as I previously thought, but probably a scanned photo from the new Forte brochure.

18 thoughts on “Kia Forte; official image of the interior

  1. Kia is moving way up very fast with overall design. I hope they keep it up with all the future models. I actually can’t wait until the new Rio come out. It has fallen light years behind on the interior design when placed next to a fit or versa. Even the new Chevy Aveo interior looks nicer. The Rio was great before every other auto maker entered the sub-compact market and big players like honda decided to join.

  2. I like that console better than the current one. Off-topic: I miss the forums. I used to spend hours just learning about people and other places in the world.

  3. i see a lot of Soul (car) in the interior as well. not a bad thing. thats a nice steering wheel as well.

  4. I do like the interior, it is good and practical, but a little too grey, if im honest.

    and I found a spelling error. Bentley Arnage. not Arange.

  5. I only wish Kia used more silver plastic on center console. Otherwise, it looks great and light years ahead of Spectra’s interior.

  6. metal grain touches are almost sure to be optional. I also think it looks to gray….. needs contrast.

  7. the soul, forte and cee’d PLUS have the same steering wheels. I think they are gonna use this steering wheels on all their small cars so we can expect to ssee this wheel in the next rio.

  8. Yes, but it will come to the US as a 2010 model, and probably come to the rest of the world sometime later.

  9. The thing I hate about the horizonal air ducts is the dust collection. Dust collects quickly on any horizonal surface, and those ducts are annoying to clean. I would rather have the vertical ones, and they don’t look that bad anyway.

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