Nissan Kills Cube Boxy Car In Canada For 2014, Makes Room For More Soul

According to latest news from the automobile sphere, Nissan has discontinued the sales of their Cube boxy car!

The Japanese automaker hasn’t officially announced the Cube’s Canadian retirement, however, one of the Nissan’s enthusiasts noticed that the automaker no longer listed the model at their official website.

He tweeted the company about it and received a response from Nissan: “Yes, the Cube has been discontinued in Canada“.

The model wasn’t particularly popular in the Great White North, so they must have killed it due to the poor sales.

Nissan CubeWith Nissan’s elimination of the Cube boxy car from their range for 2014, the automaker has just made some more room for Kia Soul crossover’s sales growth.

With only two cars available to choose from in the boxy car segment in Canada at this point, Kia Soul has been given an even greater chance of winning additional new car shoppers in the coming months.

The Soul’s monthly sales figures are not expected to increase significantly, however, every unit sold counts.

Kia Soul Sales Canada

Kia Soul Panoramic SunroofThe Soul has been completely transformed for the 2014 model year and that is something what Canadians have definitely noticed.

And the Soul’s 2014 sales figures certainly prove that.

According to Kia’s monthly sales report, the Soul has recorded a 43% increase in sales during the month of April 2014 (compared to April 2013), while its year-to-date sales have soared 39%.

A total of 2,859 units have been sold in Canada so far this year!

One thought on “Nissan Kills Cube Boxy Car In Canada For 2014, Makes Room For More Soul

  1. its never been a threat to the Soul at any point in Canada: Here are the sales of the Cube
    2009 – 2416
    2010 – 2864
    2011 – 459
    2012 – 318
    2013 – 183
    2014 (4 months) – 12

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