2018 Kia Niro Release Date, Colors, Changes & News

Latest news and rumors about the 2018 Kia Niro hybrid (release date, new color options, plug-in model launch, possible AWD)!

Kia Niro crossover vehicle has set the world on fire and has sure shaken up the hybrid car segment!

The vehicle has been first launched to the market late last year and has already won hearts and minds of many consumers living in the United States, Korea and Europe.

Built on the “Kia dedicated hybrid car platform”, the Niro boasts an eye-catching exterior, quality interior and highly-sophisticated powertrain technology.

2018 Kia NiroIt has been on sale in the U.S. since late 2017, which means the Niro remains a fresh product that doesn’t need big changes to stay competitive in the fast rising hybrid electric vehicle segment.

While the 2018 Kia Niro release date has yet to be officially announced, we can already confirm that the upcoming model will not receive any styling changes.

There may be some minor trim level upgrades, so let’s have a look at what changes and improvements consumers can expect from the 2018 Niro hybrid.

Kia Niro 2018 model year news, rumors

  • Niro release date & dealership arrival: late 2017
  • Upgraded trim levels
  • Updated pricing
  • New Niro colors may be offered (to be confirmed)
  • Kia Niro plug-in PHEV to be launched (confirmed)

Apart from the 2018 Kia niro plug-in hybrid, which has already been confirmed for production, the changes suggested above are highly speculative and have yet to be officially confirmed by Kia Motors America!

2018 Kia Niro PHEV plug-in

As we already said, the Niro plug-in launch has been confirmed. The exact dealership arrival has yet to be announced, but we expect the model to appear at your local dealership stores in late 2017 or early 2018.

The plug-in version of the Kia Niro is estimated to provide an all-electric driving range of more than 25 miles.

Niro AWD, Electric model coming in 2018

There have been rumors that Kia is working on an all electric Niro with a 110+ mile range. It is highly likely that we will see the Niro EV coming to the US-market in 2018.

Less likely is the launch of the Niro AWD. Although the vehicle boasts a crossover-like exterior design, its platform hasn’t been developed to support the all-wheel-drive system (unfortunately)!

That’s it, guys. This is all we know about the Kia Niro 2018 at this point. We will keep you updated with all the latest news and rumors about the possible changes, so stay tuned!

17 thoughts on “2018 Kia Niro Release Date, Colors, Changes & News

  1. When can I expect to be able to consider the Kia Niro for purchase? I’d like to know what colors will be available.

  2. I presently drive a 2010 Hyundai SanteFe VL AWD and my wife and I love it except that I now want a hybrid with much better gas mileage! I would love to see the 2017 Kia Niro HUV offer an AWD version. It is very much needed in the NE and Midwest U.S. My wife and I are in our 70’s and we would probably snatch it right up if Kia offers it.

  3. Your article above says this about the Niro: “It has been on sale in the U.S. since late 2017…”

    Did you mean 2016? We’re a long way from late 2017 as I write this in January. However, I live in Illinois, and there are no Kia Niros around here for sale. Yet.

  4. They really need to include AWD if they want to compete with Subaru. I really want a Kia Niro but I need AWD. Think about it Kia.

  5. I am interested in a Kia Niro, but I live in NE Ohio and an AWD would be perfect. Any updated on a release date. I am ready to trade my GMC Acadia in.

  6. I test drove the Niro. It felt pretty cheap and not luxurious at all. Yet, it is practical. What bothers me is that the top of the line Touring with all the available options is over $30k and there is no way to get an auto dimming rear view mirror. Seems crazy to not have the option in the $30ks. I also don’t like that there are very few with light interiors. I am not crazy about a black interior. I waited for years for this car and am very disappointed.

  7. When Kia Niro 2018 come out and looking for about AWD… I drove 2017 it is very nice car and comfortable but looking forward AWD comes?

  8. If the Niro comes in AWD, we will definitely buy one! It’s the only reason that we are not already Niro owners. Please Kia, offer AWD as an option in the future!

  9. Drove over the pass this morning Reno to Auburn,Tahoe Truckee in my 2017 Niro cops at check point let me thru I told them it was all wheel drive made it with no problems very stable and sure footed rolling on my 18” wheels.All wheel drive is not needed averaged 39 miles per gallon my model is touring had Max Richter Taboo cranked up on apple car play Heated steering wheel and seat Lots of fun all for under 30 thousand MSRP one of a kind car.

  10. I bought my Niro Touring on the 28th of Feb. 2017, before most in USA even knew what it was. Mine is loaded (High Tech etc.) and I love it. I am about to reach 10,000 miles without any problems to date. People tell me it is bigger on the inside than looks to be from outside? I get many complements on the car and average 44-46 MPG most of the time -If I don’t get carried away on the interstates (had it up to 90+ without realizing it the other day.)

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