Next generation Kia Sorento R; video commercial

This is the all-new 2010 Kia Sorento -R crossover. Enjoy the video!

Following it’s successful Korean premiere at the on-going Seoul Auto Show, Kia’s all-new Sorento crossover will now be introduced to the public of North America for the first time. The 2010 Kia Sorento, which has seen a remarkable exterior redesign and vastly improved interior, will be put on display at the forthcoming New York International Auto Show on April 9.

Designed under the direction of Peter Schreyer -Kia’s Chief Design Officer, the new Sorento incorporates simple, linear lines that make it look very powerful and sporty. The 7-seat crossover vehicle now features Kia’s new corporate grille, which has been previously implemented to other Kia models, such as Kia Optima and Forte/Cerato sedan… To find complete and detailed information on the 2010 Kia Sorento follow this link.

23 thoughts on “Next generation Kia Sorento R; video commercial

  1. Obviously these promo and show versions of the new Sorento are being built in Korea?? I think??
    How is the progress of the plant in Georgia?? and will the world supply of Sorento’s only come from this plant or will South Korea manufacture their own and supply to other regions of the world also??
    Looking good so far.

  2. I drive past the Georgia plant fairly frequently, and it looks like the building is pretty far along. The new interchange/parkway is already completed and in use.

  3. Ozy, South Korea will supply the world while Georgia supplies the US for now. I am sure other carlines will be built in Georgia someday.

  4. Will they carry over the Sorento name? I bet they won’t..Whole new vehicle, whole new marketing scheme..

  5. Plant is expected to start rolling of new Sorentos from production lines by October/November this year.

  6. when will it be available in the philippines? hope kia people will answer my question. looking forward to it.
    it looks good

  7. So some of you think the Sorento name won’t carry over onto this vehicle, it’s a bit late now, isn’t it, the name is already on the vehicle??
    I know there’s heaps of current model Sorento owners down here in Oz wished they hadn’t named it the same, as it’s a completely different car and nothing like the original, concept wise anyway. So yep, a new name wouldn’t hurt at all.

  8. I have to say, really quite impressed. I like this even more again, with all the different camera angles it all appears rather handsome.

  9. Any word on how many if any of those features will be carried over to the US production model? It looks worlds better then the current Sorento.

  10. Fair point OZ….but Kia’s big issue in Aus is effective marketing. They haven’t got the budget to start again. The Rondo and Magentis for example….no bugger knows what they are. At least the sorrento has a customer base….and a reasonably happy one. I think use the fact that people know about the sorrento……so they’ll really take interest in the new and imporved version. Name changes in general aren’t a success in australia.

  11. Point taken Benny, and I’ve said this before here, Kia has a woeful reputation here in Australia hasn’t it.
    I actually seen my first Rondo on the road the other day, it looked alright too. I believe there’s nothing better than seeing a vehicle on the road and out of the sales yard, they are then in their element and you can see them and compare to other vehicles on the road.
    No probs with the new Sorento though, it’s definitely growing on me, I have a picture of a nice white one on my computer desktop now. (3/4 rear view) I’ve had several different ones over the last month or so. It looks great!!

  12. The new Sorento looks better on film, in action, than on static pictures, especially the rear pillar area that I found too heavy-looking at first. I have changed my mind now: The whole vehicle looks great!

  13. Certainly does look good. About getting vehicles on the road…….how’s kia’s form launching the all new soul without providing a demonstrator bonus to dealers to allow this to happen?

  14. hey i tried to clarify the cams thing bout the engine and got this
    To. Boris
    I’m Colin Jang, KMC staff.
    To clarify, there are 2 camshafts per line each with 2 cams per cylinder. So, in essence, this means there are 4 cams per cylinders.
    so no 4 shafts in one line. better!

  15. Yeah, misunderstanding on my part. The person I was talking to was talking about Quad cam technology with a 4 cylinder, while at the same time talking about the new 3.5, so, yeah, my fault. Got a little confused.

  16. OMG! I’m speechless. lol I didn’t care for the new Sorento, but looking at the commercial for it. WOW! I’m really starting to like it. If only it had a true 4WD system like the current Sorento.

    Now that I really see the new Sorento it favors the Volvo’s XC SUV. It still looks awesome!

  17. woooooooooow!!!!!!!!! awesome,,, cant wait to sell it in the market. when will it be available in the Philippines? Especially here in the cordillera region. Perfect for the kind of terrain here in the mountains. I’m sure it will yield a lot of customers. MATT- SALES CONSULTANT, KIA BAGUIO

  18. Some have allready seen the new Sorento at the Belgian Dealer Convention a week ago, and I’ve been told it looks fantastic! Asweve been told deliveries in Europe are scheduled for october/november…

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