Next generation Kia Rio image gallery, interior pictures included

Have a look at the next-generation Kia Rio image gallery, which includes the very first interior images.

Next-generation Kia Rio sedan has been spotted again, this time wearing slightly less camouflage.

We have seen the very first 2012 Kia Rio spy shots surfacing to the the web about a month ago, when the prototype model has been caught while parked somewhere in South Korea.

This time, the new Rio by Kia has been spotted in China, which means we are looking at a 2012 China-market Rio model. The model is rumored to look slightly different than the US-spec Rio model. Only minor styling changes will be made to the two models so don’t expect to see the same as it has happened with all-new Hyundai Accent and Hyundai Verna that both feature a completely redesigned front fascia.

The power is expected to come from a wide range of small four-cylinder engines. Some of them, like Kia’s all-new 1.6L engine, will also feature the automaker’s latest gasoline direct injection technology. The 1.6L GDI engine has already been fitted under the hood of a Korean-market Forte 5-door hatchback and will soon appear in a wide range of compact Kia and Hyundai cars sold on the international markets.

In addition to the 1.6L GDI unit, there will also be a 1.4L four-cylinder gasoline engine available, as well as one or two modern diesel engines. Engines will be mated to five-speed, six-speed manual and 6-speed automatic transmissions.

The next generation Kia Rio will boast a wide range of improvements in comparison to the current one. It is expected that Kia engineers will make some major improvements to the interior of the car. Autoexpress recently reported that a Kia insider revealed them the new Rio will match the interior quality of new VW Polo.

The safety comes first with all Kia vehicles, which means that the 2012 Kia Rio will also feature all-up-to-date safety features, including six airbags, ABS, ESP and many other safety systems. The next-generation Rio will ride on an improved Hyundai i20 platform, which was recognized as the safest car in its segment by the European New Car Assessment Programme. Therefore we are expecting the new Rio to receive maximum 5 stars at EuroNCAP crash tests.

How about the release date of the next generation Kia Rio? It’s still too early to tell. We have not been revealed this yet, however, you can expect the new Kia Rio to go on sale sometime next year as a 2012 model year. Stay tuned for more information of the next generation Kia Rio! [Image source: auto.sohu.com]

Next generation Kia Rio image gallery:

2011 kia rio alloy wheels 150x150 Next generation Kia Rio image gallery, interior pictures included rio  2011 kia rio grille 150x150 Next generation Kia Rio image gallery, interior pictures included rio  2011 kia rio interior 150x150 Next generation Kia Rio image gallery, interior pictures included rio   

Kia rio 2011 door handle 150x150 Next generation Kia Rio image gallery, interior pictures included rio  Kia Rio rear bumper 150x150 Next generation Kia Rio image gallery, interior pictures included rio  Kia Rio 2011 image 150x150 Next generation Kia Rio image gallery, interior pictures included rio

25 thoughts on “Next generation Kia Rio image gallery, interior pictures included

  1. Kinda late…
    I’ve seen these pics dozens of times already and yet Im still amazed at how nice it looks. This rio has got the nicest proportions for a b-segment car. Plus that optima-like grill, very aggressive.. Kia is on a roll..

  2. I know Double A this site used to be a leader now it just a follower. This blog was great back when gas prices were $2.20 a gal.

  3. Gas is really cheap in Iowa. Last month I got gas in Iowa for $2.34. A tank of gas will probably last 600 miles on this new Rio.

  4. Wow, $2.34 sounds good right about now. Anyway, this new Rio is going to be great and ready to tackle that new seven passenger Fit. Honda thinks by making it longer it’ll be better than the Rio. Please, that old aging stretched ugly Fit won’t have a chance agasint this next Rio. That Fit is nothing but a seven passenger ugly Fit. Now when haters want to say HKAG are copying, I’ll just bring out the 3 I mean 4 quadruplets the Prius, Insight, Leaf and the the 7 passenger fit. Besides, the 5 door Rio is ready for that seven seater Fit too. Honda better be lucky the Carens is no longer selling over here but that’s ok because the Optima hatch will be ready to tackle that ugly Crosstour….. in a stylish way. And even though I hate Hyundai, that Veoloster is ready for the CR-Z. I hope the Forte 5 door has what it takes to tackle down that new Ford Focus hatch. Get rid of clutch problems, make the accleration better, give the interior a facelift, push start, navigation, UVO and all that other stuff and the Focus wouldn’t know what hit it. They should have changed the 5 door version’s face too to keep the apparence fresh…. but that’s ok, since the Civic for the US isn’t. And Chevy thinks that buy delaying the 2009 I mean 2011 Cruze it’s going to keep have the look to remain fresh. … please in your dreams. Just like GM dreamed of a real EV car for us. Please the K5 hybrid will be ready to gun down that Volt. $41,000 FOR A HYBRID? Please, I can get a K7 fully loaded for less.

  5. As for the Forte5, they eliminated the concentric slave cylinder on the clutch for 2011 (even though you can’t get a 5 door with a manual), gave it better acceleration through the 6 speed auto, did a minor refresh on the interior, and added an SX Technology package that includes Automatic Temperature control, Navigation system, and Push-button Start. EPA fuel economy for the 2.0L has increased to 38 MPG on the highway.

  6. Yeah Squarehole and the President lives in my bookbag. Anyway, I’m glad to know about the minor upgrade to the Forte because in order for that bad boy to be a true player its got to walk the walk.

  7. I think this thing has a lot of design elements of the Forte. Look where the hood meets the A-pillar. That is just like the Forte’s. The C-pillar and the trunklid are also reminiscent of the Forte.

  8. Looks like a Forte and Optima to me. The headlights to me look more like the Sorento’s. Nice small sedan.

  9. I like the Rio’s design more than the Accent. In fact, I like all of Kia’s new vehicles over their counterparts in Hyundai… although both are really nice, the Schreyer/tiger-design is just better than the fluidic sculpture…

  10. Hey Double A this is one heck of a design I tell you one heck of a design indeed…….. unlike that Mazda 2 and that wannabe Chevy Daewoo Aveo with the Honda CR-Z, Tundra, VW Iroc and Lancer’s face that’s easy to do click and paste. This Rio will be ready for that Fiesta and that Mazda 2 too. So why on compared to all the other Kias that were n the spy shots stage, why is this one nearly naked?

  11. You think it would look better of the grille were bee-hive type an not these horizontal slats?

  12. Nope I like the tiger nose grille. I also like how every tiger nose on a Kia looks the same…… and yet has its own design. Unlike the Lancer, VW Iroc conept, Tundra, 2011 Aveo and that Tundra. That’s easy to do. Clicking and pasting.

  13. When the Optima arrives, where do you guys think the Optima well be located at the back of the American Kia brochure? Do you think it’ll be next the the Sportage? What about next to the Sorento or the Forte? “Gasp” another thought just came to mind. When the Rio arrives where do you guys think that’ll be located at the back of the brochure? By then the Borrego might be taken off as well as the Rondo. Do you guys think that each model will still form that same circle or whill it go back to the display of each Kia back in 2004? Also, when that next CUV that is bigger than the Sorento arrives, I wonder where that will be located. I wonder where the K7 will be located? Do you guys think they already decided on a picture yet or do you guys think they have to have some kind of formal meeting to determine where future Kias will be located at the back of each brochure?

  14. Now this is the Rio. I don’t know what that hatch is but that’s no Rio. A new thought just came to mind. Its about what AA said eariler when we first seen spy shots of this UB. What if this sedan isn’t the Rio and that hatch is? Remember he said the sedan would arrive later? Well what if that hatch is actually the Rio? I hope not just a thought. After all, it does have something the other Kia have and that is the Kia signature C pillar that slants back coming from the KND-4 concept. This pillar is on the Forte, Forte Koup, Sorento, this UB sedan the next Picanto and Optima. as well as the latest hatch on spy shots each c pillar appears different…. and yet they appear simular to each other and yet they don’t. Infact, that hatch’s greenhouse looks more like the current Rio 5. Just like how the Forte’s greenhouse is an edger Spectra. Now, Hyundai’s new greenhouse does not have slanted c pillars like Kia is using So, maybe AA is right about something….. or maybe not. But what if he is? But why after making the stylish Venga would Kia make a modern non headturning b segment hatch? And why sell the Venga and 5 door Rio in Europe? Have we mistaken this UB sedan as something else coming from Kia?

  15. The new Kia Rio will be a sales success in Brazil, soon arrives Kia Rio

    Happy new year!

  16. Interesting very interesting. Even Kia differed the interiors to be different. The Rio hatch’s interior is closely related to the Sportage’s. Interesting very very interesting. There is only one thing the 2 rios have in common and that is where the badges are located. The are located on the hood like the K5 and K7. Now why would two B segment cars’ badges be located there? Interesting. And read Squarehole’s commet it says, “Not a Rio” interessting just very interesting.

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