New spy shots of the 2009 VG sedan

With a year left before Kia VG goes on sale in South Korea, this near-luxury sedan has been spied again while undergoing testing sessions somewhere in South Korea.

Over the past few months, we have seen plenty of interesting Kia VG spy shots, unofficial renderings and spy videos.

All of them revealed the VG near-luxury sedan will feature a distinctive exterior design.

Beneath the camouflage, on the VG’s front fascia, you can find a stylish H-shapped grille and projector beam headlights.

At the back there are striking horizontal LEDs equipped rearlights and a pair of two bumper integrated exhaust pipes.

The VG is a brand new model and will mark Kia’s first entry into the near-luxury sedan market.

Built on the same (but improved) platform as Hyundai Azera, the VG will be much more performance oriented car with suspension set-up providing comfort and agile driving.

Due to go on sale in August 2009, the VG will most likely be powered by a 280hp Lambda V6 and four-cylinder Theta engine both mated to the six-speed automatic transmission. [Source: bobaedream.co.kr]

Kia Spy Shots

mg_7509.JPG    kia-vg-41.JPG    kia-vg-11.JPG

21 thoughts on “New spy shots of the 2009 VG sedan

  1. It really does look like the Amanti in the grille area. It looks like a Shreyer-grille Amanti without the circle headlights in the front, and it looks pretty generic in the back. I like it quite well!

  2. nice chrome accent allong the window line and the badge is always circular in all spy shots but I hope its not the one seen on Korea’s sorento.

  3. It’s funny how this car looks strange at some spy shots, especially at these shots where it has those “small” wheels, while on other (if you click the link in the post), where equipped with Genesis-style alloys, much more aggressive with sportier appearance.

  4. Greg, this will not be unveiled in Detroit; it’s a New York debut. The new Spectra (Forte) is set for a NAIAS debut.

  5. Along with Forte/Spectra (or VG) what other model will be unveiled? Do you think Kia will debut any concept cars at NAIAS?
    Besides this, I’m slo interested to know what will Kia bring to this year’s SEMA and LA auto shows, if anything. Is anyone familiar with the info on that?

  6. The VG is a brand new model and will mark Kia’s first entry into the near-luxury sedan market
    then whats the opirus supposed to be?

  7. The VG is being billed as a direct replacement for the Amanti. Also, new Sorento should be on track for Chicago.

  8. colby: what two tone? the only contrast i noticed from the day this was posted is the chrome linned window frames.

  9. Boris: the rocker panel is gray while the paint is black. look at the side profile. It could be from all the camo but its hard to tell.

  10. hmm, I can see its a black paint but those grey rocker pannels might just be on this proto. it doesnt make sense to put a bright rocker pannel. matte black pannels add better contrast although not with black but thats the way it looks best.

  11. the last sedan I have seen with two-tone are the old lexus from 98-02. So maybe they will be doing a throw-back to lexus

  12. This will only be used on a prototype vehicle and is not expected to come to production. You can see many other automakers implying two-tone parts on their prototypes.

  13. This VG has a very Jaguar-ish look. Especially the rear-window line that goes upward. It’s a very nice design element and makes the VG look more like a 4-door coupe than a sedan.

  14. hey himi, you reckon it can make the XF look bland??? lol that jag sure is a nice piece of design~

  15. I wish it woul! :)

    You know, I have seen that car (Jag XF) in-person when on my summer vacation and almost fell of the roof. It’s such a beauty. It made me stop and stare at it for a few minutes.

    I really want to see how this car turns out to be in its final form! Think it will rock.

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