Pictures Of Kia Ceed XR – Looks Hot, Hot, Hot

First sales statistics reveal that Kia has a winner on its hands. The company received thousands of orders for the all-new cee’d hatchback since its launch.

At the moment, Kia’s factory in Slovakia (Europe) doesn’t work at full capacity, but production is set to gradually expand during the upcoming months.

When fully operational, Kia’s European manufacturing plant will be capable of producing more than 300.000 vehicles.

Majority of the vehicles built there will belong to the Kia ceed family of cars, but the production plant was designed to build at least two other models.

It is highly likely that Kia will move the production of Sportage SUV from Korea to the European plant in Slovakia sometime by the end of 2009.


Now, let’s get back to Kia cee’d 5-door.

The all-new cee’d hathcback features dynamic exterior design, which has been tailored to attract the Europeans.

Those people looking for sportier versions of the Kia cee’d will have to wait until the automaker brings a hotter, 200-horsepower model to the market.

But, if you can’t wait for that model, you can buy a sporty kit and fit it to the cee’d right now.

Incus XR body kit for Kia cee’d is available in most European countries and can be easily fitted to the vehicle.

The INCUS Kia cee’d XR body kit includes a redesigned front bumper with more agressive air intake, as well as updated sporty grille.

At rear, there’s an updated bumper with integrated tail-pipes (looks really attractive and sounds nice as well), while side of the car also features the “skirts”.

The cee’d XR also features redesigned alloy-wheels and XR badging in the grille! Check the pictures here and let us know what you think! [photos: tuningnews.net]

Kia cee’d XR body kit pictures

8388xg5.gif   8390ux6.gif

Learn more about Kia Motors Corporations and their upcoming cars, SUVs and crossovers here at the www.kia-world.net homepage.

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  1. O.K.
    Before I have a heart attack, besides KAU, and the other american company, what sites can I visit to see or purchase custon parts from Korea for my Kia Optima 2007?

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