Top 3 New Kia Model Launches of 2013

The 2012 is coming to an end! With less than 14 days until the New Year’s countdown, this could be the perfect time to take a sneak peek into the 2013 and name the three most important new Kia automobile launches.

Kia GT Models Launch

The cars mark Kia’s first foray into the hot hatch market, currently dominated by European hatchbacks, such as Golf GTI, Ford Focus ST and Renault Megane RS.

The highly-anticipated GT range will include the all-new Pro_cee’d 3-door and cee’d 5-door hatchbacks featuring revised styling and upgraded powertrain technology.

Set to make their official debuts at the 2013 Geneva Auto Show in March, the GT models will boast Kia’s highly-advanced 204-horsepower 1,6L turbo engine and sportier suspension set-up.

Next Kia Soul Premiere

Roughly five years after its inaugural worldwide public debut, the funky Kia Soul urban crossover vehicle is ready for a major makeover.

The very-first spy shots of the 2014 Kia Soul confirm that the model is entering the final phase of pre-production testing.

The official public debut is approaching fast, according to latest automobile industry rumours, therefore you can expect to see the second-generation Soul making its premiere already in 2013.

The remodeled Soul will incorporate Kia’s latest styling and further improved powertrain technology.

As we have learned before, the remodeled Kia Soul will also have a full electric powertrain and will be the carmaker’s first mass exported electric vehicle (the production volumes of the electric Soul will be small, though).

Expect the next-generation Soul to make its official premiere at one of the U.S. auto shows – the U.S. market is the largest market for the model with more than 100,000 units sold per year.

Kia Sedona MPV

With the official introduction of the Sedona MPV back in 2006 and no major updates till today, one could think that Kia is giving up on families with more than just two kids.

That ain’t true and things are going to change soon with the next-generation Sedona, reportedly, making a big comeback sometime in the second half of 2013!

According to Kia staff, the large people mover segment has always been an will continue to be important for the Kia brand.

We have no details on the next Sedona at this point, but the upcoming replacement for the 7-seat model could draw inspiration from the Kia KV7 concept vehicle, which made its premiere at the 2011 Detroit Auto Show.

2 thoughts on “Top 3 New Kia Model Launches of 2013

  1. F1 is Formula 1. And everyone respects and admires Formula 1 racing. No one would think that Kia copied the F-150. standing for Ford-150. So you are wrong on that account.

    “If the Optima design was a Chevy, Toyota, Honda or Nissan that same design would have won car of the year. But because it has a Kia badge on it, it didn’t. The thing about it is the Volt is a terrible car not even receving mpg like GM claimed it was supposed to have (but only put the Korean’s mpg all for the public to know) If it was a Hyundai Volt the media would have still been on it to this day. See the media hates that November sales for both Hyundai and Kia sales still increased. As a result, the media is trying to do as much damage to Hyundai/Kia as possible by allowing a 42 day old mistake in mileage still be the top story ignoring the much newer story of Ford’s mistake.”

    Kia will not be treated the same as other automakers. I told you, that life isn’t fair. And, companies like Kia will not be treated equally based on bias and prejudice. It is about breaking through paradigms and commonly head superstitions or beliefs that Kia or Hunday will be able to overcome and even gain respect from other nations like the United States.

    I also explained that HKAG margin for error is razor thin compared to other companies. There can be no controversy’s or even doubts of marketing
    exaggerations or reliability/safety issues.

    remember that Fjord, Grand Master and Baphomet-Dodge brothers are of course going to gang up on foreign competition. The American leaders misjudged the danger of Japanese competition. The so called american management are much more weary this time around vs the Koreans. They will do their best to even funding newspapers or blogs to smear foreign competition. That is called warfare. And HKAG should expect that kind of tactic being deployed.

    The mind of capable management and brilliant managers and scientists in Korea and abroad can overcome the hurdles and handicaps that the Western Markets clearly dictate. It is about having perseverance, focus, patience,
    vision, marketing muscle/creativity ,and breakthrough technology/innovation that will allow Hunday and Kia to become that respected brand that even eclipses Mercedes or BMW’s prestige.

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