New Kia K7 (VG) image leaks before debut

The 2011 Kia VG, rumored to be named Kia K7, leaks to the web before its official debut!

Looks like we got our hands on a very exclusive image today! The car on the picture appears to be the all-new Kia premium sedan, codenamed VG, which will make its official debut in November (next month).

As the image reveals, the production-ready model will adopt most of the styling cues from the KND-5 concept car, that Kia displayed at the Seoul auto show in April. The front-end of Kia’s new premium sedan features a massive, chrome surrounding signature grille, incorporating 5 horizontal bars, while a pair of distinctively styled headlamps feature LED daytime running lights.

First impressions, based on the leaked image, seem to be very good as the front fascia design appears to be light years ahead of the current bland and cumbersome Amanti/Opirus design.

A while ago, one of the car magazines reported that Kia has been considering to replace some of its unique vehicle nameplates with new nomenclatures, based on alphabet leters and numbers. The all-new premium sedan, rumored to be the first Kia vehicle to adopt new naming scheme, is expected to get a K7 nomenclature!


Right now, this is only a speculation and even if it comes out as true, it could only affect Korean-spec models. Naming, as well as other details, for the US-market VG sedan will be revealed closer to its official US debut, scheduled for the first half of 2010.

It’s no secret that the official Kia K7 (VG) launch is only a few weeks away, so so we are expecting more spy shots to leak onto the web shortly. Therefore, stay tuned for frequent information updates in the weeks to come.

UPDATE: Check out a gallery with numerous images of new Kia K7, here.

43 thoughts on “New Kia K7 (VG) image leaks before debut

  1. they keep head lamp design from concept car.

    but, they should change its Tiger nose (a.k.a “schreyer grill”).

    They need more luxurious grill design to luxury lineup(like Genesis sedan).

  2. Well, you don’t need to be so surreptitious about posting this spyshot, nor does the guy who tipped this to you. It’s straight out of Bobaedream.

  3. It named as ‘Kia K7’ …. ?

    Like BMW 3, 5, 7 naming….?

    If Kia really want world class auto mobile, please don’t copy naming system from BMW.

    Even if this car design is very similar with Audi, unoriginal, I fully understand it. because Kia hired former Audi cheif designer. it is reasonable reason that they similar with Audi.

    However, ‘K7’ is really unoriginal and silly name..

    Many auto makers are copied BMW naming.
    I hope Kia create entirely new naming system.

    Like ‘Kia Soul’. (sound good, fresh, new, emotional, original, very good name)

  4. a very audi shape with excellent headlight treatments. the attention to detail both in form and nuance will really set this apart from what will probably be it’s largest competitors in the US – the new Honda Accord (interior specs similar to a park avenue) and the upcoming camry redesign. far more upscale appearance than either of those two. there’s really a great sense of style coming out of kia’s design house!

  5. Kia cee’d, Kia Kee, Kia Kue…. sound good.

    But, ‘Kia K7’….
    sound like a some military weapon name.

  6. @Robert Black

    This car compete with Nissan Maxima/Toyota Avalon/Pontiac G8, and any other similar upscale cars.

    Kia Optima compete with Camry/Accord.

  7. lol SorentoR. yea it does sound like a military weapon name haha!

    now, Even the lights look gr8! it just went all wrong at the grille. JUST the grille!really hope they do something about it.

  8. ‘K7’ is really really naive and plain…
    unemotional. like already metioned, very military weaspon style naming.

    I feel better Soul, Cee’d, Kee, Kue…

  9. if steve jobs named apple PC as m1, m2, m3….

    people love apple products nowdays?

    Even steve jobs named their products as ‘macintosh’, ‘ipod’, ‘cube’, ‘lisa’.
    everybody still remeber those apple products.

    but how many people remeber what is the IBM 4860, IBM 5120, IBM 5155, IBM 5160….??

    I think Kia need this style naming. fresh, new, original, emotional.

  10. I’m really quite happy that KIA are keeping the main look of their concept designs. So many car brands don’t do it, but KIA are, good on them!

    At least K7 doesn’t seem as tacky as Hyundai’s i10, i20, i30, etc. Apple anyone?

  11. look, I dont remember the numbers that various astons got in the past. and ppl dont talk about it even though they did something in history. OTOH, there’s the VW Bug/Beetle (don’t need to go into details here). Even in present time… Lambos. I love them but only know the Gallardo, Murci and REventon. It’s just easy for a human to remember a name rather than a number cuz in our social life, we call each other by names… even NASA understands this (name of NASA space shuttles).

    then again, its not so bad but there needs to be a limit to it. cuz there are so many to remember if everyone went for alpha-numeric. in the end, best are the alphabetic names. even the small electronics are getting names now alongside alpha-numeric. and ppl remember the name better…

    so in the end, my conclusion is, words/names used for cars (or anything) is much better than alpha-numeric. (and if anyone still wants to use it, it should just be for 1-3 cars in their line-up.)

  12. K7 huh??? In french: K(a) Sept or “cassette” which for the youngsters among you was a way to store music in the previous millenium… (little plastic boxes with a long tape in it, that tended to melt in the sun) click my name for more info…

    Anyway (alpha)-numeric names only work in the premium section of the market (and/or for iconic models). We all know what a 911 looks like, or an A8 or a Z4 or X5. But what about the 110 (OK Lada was a bit extreme), a 1007 (Peugeot), a C4 (Citroen), hell: I probably wouldn’t even recognise an i20…

  13. @BJD (Boris)
    I agree, Kia must change this car name.

    For example,
    Except for Audi ‘TT’, I can’t distinguish any other Audi models. Audi A8, R8???… What is this? most people don’t know what it is.

    Audi R8 is sports car, but except motor enthusiast, everybody know Audi R8 as sports car? Ask your grand mother.
    Your grandmother may know “VW beetles” “MB S-class”, BMW 7 series(established brand, iconic cars), but I bet, her don’t know numerous Audi, Aston martin models.

  14. DON’T WORRY FOLKS, this is probably only for Korean market.

    Even if the K7 goes on sale in Korea, it doesn’t mean internationall markets will get the same nomenclature as well.

    People @ Kia are smart and they will study everything before they launch a product.

  15. Also, I can’t distinguish numerous volvo models.

    Anyway, ‘Kia Soul’ is a good name.
    If Kia Soul call as ‘Kia K2’, is it sound good, memorable?

    “Kia K2”
    is this SUV?
    can you distinguish its kind from name?

    I feel better Soul, Cee’d, Kee, Kue…
    Kia need fresh, new, original, emotional, meomorable name.

  16. I have to say, too, that K7 doesn’t work. What’s the 7 from anyway? This isn’t going to be as big as a BMW 7-Series. I can’t imagine this name doing anything but creating confusion.

  17. Yeah, the name sucks, but it’s better than Opelia, which is what I had heard it was going to be called. I think they made the grille a lot better than it was on the concept. I hope they either add a badge TO THE GRILLE (not the hood), or go without a badge.

  18. Oh no a grill on the hood would be better than no badge at all.
    No badge looks EXTRMELY tacky – and is the one design element I detest on the Genesis saloon.
    Oh and to bornloser – I’m 15 and I know what a cassette is lool. You don’t have to be that old to know what one is =S

  19. the badge SHOULD be in the grille!!! esp. after looking at the nose in these pix.

  20. I don’t think so, boris.
    I think Kia must remove Kia logo from front grill and handle.

    If this is my car, I don’t want my car looks as Kia rio.

    Luxury car buyes want something ‘special’ than normal model. I think Kia need create new emblem. (Like Korea Domestic Version Opirus or Mohave)

    Anyway, boris. Are you russian? (just curious. that is typical slavic male name)

  21. I hope Kia does put its logo on the frontfascia of new K7. I don’t mind if its in the grille or on the bonnet, but it had to be there!

    Kia do not repeate the same mistake as Hyundai, that excluded the logo from its Genesis sedan.

  22. Yes I agree! HOWEVER I was just replying to Greg’s comment in which he suggested it would be better to have NO badge whatsoever than have it on the hood.
    I too think strongly that it should be in the grill, but the sketches show the car with the badge on the hood and it still looks stunning =P

  23. Woops the comment above ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ I was replying to Greg lol.
    I certainly agree with you himi. I think the one thing that ruins the Genesis’ design is its lack of a badge =(

  24. I think KIA should just get rid of the Southwestern naming scheme in the US. The Cars should be given powerful yet sporty Masculine, and Feminine names. Or, KIA can bring the Alpha numerics to the US.

  25. Though a famous automotive namer thinks KIA has the best Vehicle names out of all of the names. She said that every one of KIA’s names brings out a power and energy that some of its past designs didnt tell.

    She recommended to keep the names, but make the cars design reflective of those names.

  26. Kia Ophelia??? Only Kia Barbie or Kia-my-little-pony would be worse (but my little daughter would love it…)

  27. Wait, wasn’t Opelia a candidate name for the HM? I sure hope they don’t name it MARCIA either.

  28. Betcha ex-Audi Peter Schreyer is the culprit behind the pseudo “Audi” alphanumeric nomenclature cliche!

  29. Who cares what they call their cars, as long as they build a quality car with great looks.

  30. I can see a Kia or a Honda or a Toyota or a Chevy or a Ford, and I can instantly know what the name of the vehicle is. For BMW, Lexus, Infiniti, Mercedes, or Audi, I have no clue. There is just no emotion, and the only reason people buy those emotionless cars is because they have nothing better to do with their money.

  31. I guess as an engineer I don’t care what the name is of a car. It gets you from point A to point B. But I do care about quality and looks. Did we care what name our wives have, no because we married them for their other qualities. Now don’t get me wrong, both can drain you of your money. LOL

  32. For those who were irritated with the name K7, chill !! Its only for Korea. Internationally, its called the Kia Cadenza………

  33. MICHAEL 1963, From Italy:
    Una bella automobile questa Kia “CADENZA”. I costruttori coreani stanno presidiando tutti i segmenti del mercato automobilistico, con auto sempre più convincenti!
    Questa nuova “CADENZA” mi sembra che abbia una bella linea e una meccanica adeguata al mercato europeo. Eppoi accade che molti costruttori europei, sotto la spinta dei “soliti” tedeschi, abbandonano il cosiddetto “segmento E” del mercato lasciando spazio potenziale ai Coreani, che con Kia “CADENZA” e Hyundai “I40″ propongono valide ed economiche alternative in questo segmento di mercato.

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