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Kia Motors America unveiled the 2014 Cadenza premium sedan at the North American International Auto Show.

Positioned above the stylish Optima SX Limited mid-size sedan, the Cadenza is being viewed as the most technologically advanced vehicle Kia has ever released in North America.

Styled under the guidance of Peter Schreyer (ex Audi designer), the new Cadenza premium sedan boasts a premium look with remarkable “tiger nose” front fascia making it instantly recognizable as the new generation Kia car.

The elegance continues inside the cabin, as leather upholstery, ambient lighting and wood accents (along with some nicely designed chrome) deliver a comfortable, inviting cabin space.

Before you find a list of the most popular Kia Cadenza blog posts, take a look at this video. Enjoy!

List of latest blog posts about new Kia Cadenza

Update: 2017 Kia Cadenza grille designs

1. Kia Cadenza Commercial – This is by far the most popular blog post about the all-new 2014 Cadenza premium sedan. A hot looking girl driving the stylish 4-door sedan. You can watch the Cadenza commerical here.

2. Vinnie Richichi of Drivetime gets a chance to test drive the 2014 Cadenza fitted with 3,3L V6 engine and a plethora of luxury features. Great read! Find the review here.

3. 2014 Kia Cadenza pricing – The all-new 2014 Cadenza went on sale in the USA in April with prices ranging from 35,100 to around $41,000. Here we have a blog post with full details on the 2014 Cadenza pricing.

4. Would you like to know more details about the new Kia premium sedan? Find the info about Cadenza specs, tires & wheels, colors, trim levels etc… Click here for more.

5. All new Kia Cadenza unveiled – Kia’s hot-looking premium sedan breaks the cover. Get to see some great photos in the image gallery.

There are a couple of more very interesting news articles about the current and previous generation Cadenza models at our Kia blog, so head over the the Kia Cadenza News Category to get more details.

New Kia Cadenza Photo Gallery


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One thought on “New Kia Cadenza Blog Post List

  1. Hi, I bought a new 2014 Cadenza Premium at the end of August 2013 after waiting a month for it, love the car that I find is ahead of his time, and best bang for the buck. It’s my 2nd KIa the first was the Optima EX that I got June 2011, great car sa well, but didn’t offer at the time, all of the technologies that is in the 2014 Cadenza Premium and that is why I jump on the occasion to secure one of the first to arrive to eastern Canada. But there is ONE thing missing on that car and its the same for the Optima, the passenger front seat offer only a 4 ways electric position set up as opposed to the driver seat being a 10 ways.
    Knowing that KIA build that car for market like “Australia” (for example) where the driver is on the opposite “right side” of the car as opposed to the left side for the north American market.
    I find that it would be so easy for that company to provide one only kind of driver seat that could be put in every vehicle doesn’t matter for what market the vehicle will be designate, and surely this would put that cat on the same footing as any car like Audi’s, Mercedes, Cadillac where the passenger seat offer the same option as the driver seat and the cost would minimal because they already have the seat availability. Hope this comment will make his way to the senior KIA management and give it some consideration.
    Thanks you for giving me the opportunity to share my concerns.

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