New image of the Kia Track’ster

Kia Track’ster, the Soul-based concept vehicle, partially revealed ahead of Chicago Auto Show premiere!

Following an earlier teaser image, Kia Motors has released the very-first official image of its all-new Track’ster concept vehicle. The striking three-door concept car has been penned at Kia’s Californian design studio and is scheduled to bow at the 2012 Chicago Auto Show.

The official image released today only reveals the back-end of the Track’ster concept car. Thanks to the wide stance and lower roof, the concept certainly looks more aggressive than the current Soul CUV. A couple of chromed tail-pipes flanked by huge flared fenders provide the car with a sporty look, while large rear windscreen and high-mounted LED tail-lamps give the car a high-tech look.

Aside of letting us know about the Track’ster’s 250-horsepower engine, Kia has not released any further details and information about the car’s powertrain technology. Full details and additional official images are expected to be released on Wednesday (February 8.).

Although there are no official plans for the Kia Track’ster to go on sale at this point, we would not be surprised to see it make it to production at some point in the near future.

Official Kia Track’ster image:


4 thoughts on “New image of the Kia Track’ster

  1. Indeed, there are some minor styling details aplied to the exterior design of the Track’ster which we have seen already on the Kia Pop concept car.

  2. Elegant design for an SUV, so curious how the original form later. Do you think this car will be enter the production process ?

  3. Not excited about this one. I mean is this the Kia version of the Hyundai Veloster????????????????

    Kia and Hyundai need to really not share too many platforms or designs for the same segement.

    If this is the 2 Koupe version of the Soul to answer the Range Rover Evoque then I am all in.

  4. This reminds me of Nissan’s concept(?) off of the Leaf, the Leaf NISMO RC. I know the Soul is totally different, but it seems a similar idea to me. (I know, one has an engine and the concept has a more powerful engine, whilst the other is an EV and the concept is an EV, etc.) It will be interesting to see the rest of this vehicle. PS: People want the Soulster (and a Kia pick-up truck)!

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