New Generation Optima Previewed In A Geneva-Bound Concept

Kia reveals first teaser image of their D-segment concept vehicle, which previews the all-new Optima sedan.

The weeks leading up to a car show are exciting enough for car lovers, but it gets all the more exciting when a major model that is going to be on display is teased.

That is what Kia is doing by releasing a teaser shot of a concept that looks a whole lot like the 2016 Optima sedan.

While this vehicle is being slated as a concept model, from what we can piece together from the shot, and information released by Kia, the vehicle actually looks like it is a production-ready model.

2016 Kia Optima ConceptKia has said that the car will feature the new signature tiger nose grille, as well as more powerful lines.

Closer inspection of the teaser shot reveals no sign of the sort of quirky elements that are often added to a concept car.

The design is clean, and the profile looks a whole lot like the current version of the Optima sedan.

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Kia’s D-Segment Concept To Be Displayed In Geneva

The concept vehicle will officially go on display in Geneva on March 3., and it looks as though the 4th generation Optima is going to be very nice to look at.

From what we can see, this is a vehicle that could even be marketed as a sports sedan.

This concept represents the 11th model created in Frankfurt, and it delivers a clear indication of the future of the tiger nose grille.

The height of the car has been reduced to deliver a sportier style, while the connected headlights give the appearance of width. The badge now appears on the bonnet in similar style to the Audi TT coupe.

In an attempt to tackle the Mondeo and Passat head on, Kia will likely add a new powertrain into the mix.

That may well be the one that was showed off on the Optima T-Hybrid prototype last year.

That unit is a combined electric motor and 1.7-liter diesel that delivers more power as it also reduced fuel consumption. It also included a supercharger in place of the regular turbo.

All of this tech is not likely to land in the US, though, which means the engine options will likely be the 2.4-liter GDI 4-cylinder and the 1,6L and 2,0L turbo engines.

7 thoughts on “New Generation Optima Previewed In A Geneva-Bound Concept

  1. The design in those LEDs are epic!!! The redesigned front is too. They made the shape of the nose more round now. Look at the way the hood meets the grille and headlights. I never seen anything like it. And the side grille is smaller and yet more stylish. THAT IS ONE HELL OF A DESIGN ONE HELL OF A DESIGN INDEED!!! And the color “red” is epic. This particular shade of red is simular to those real sports cars like Camero or Mustang and yet it’s a D segment sedan. It’s rare to find a dark color red D segment car. Most reds are loud and too shiny like the Mazda 6, and groccerty getter Camry. Kia also made the fog lights horizantal LEDs now!!! I was tired of the same traditional round fog lights like on other D segment cars like that Camry.

    Best part of all, it has it’s own face and own designs…one of the very few manufacturers to do this……unlike Mazda, Audi, Ford, Toyota, Acura, Infinti all they do is click and paste…that’s easy to do.

    Yet the Optima and Sorento don’t look like each other. The K900 doesn’t look like the nose of the Optima.

    Yet the Mada CX-3’s nose is also on the Mazda CX-5, Mazda 6, Mazda 3 and Mazda 2…that’s easy to do.

    Audi Q7’s face is on the A7, A6, A5, A4…… boring.
    VW’s face is a bore too.

    Kia is never satisfied with their designs they keep on evolving and evolving their signature grille, and family face while everyone else is satisfied. At one point Kia got a little bit lazy with the Kia K4 but they corrected it with 2016 Sorento and this concept and new Sedona. Other manufactuers would just make one cool design and click and paste it on other products in their line up making the design age rapidly. Take the Lexus IS 1st and 2nd generation. It stood out, it didnt’ age as rapidly as the other Lexus models. Yet, when genertion 3 came, they made it look like the other products. It lost it’s idenity and its uniqueness. Now it looks like a regualar sedan. Like the 2011 Optima and current model, no one didn’t need to look at the nameplate to know a Lexus IS when one was heading towards a person. Now people need to look at the name plate in order to see if it’s a IS, LS or ES.

    The 2016 Ford Taurus’ new face is just a Fusion’s.
    The Mazda 6’s face is just the Mazda 3’s.
    the Audi Q7’s face is just the Audi A7’s
    The BMW GT’s face is just the 5 series’.
    The 2016 Avalon’s face is just the Corolla’s and Camry’s
    Ford Mondeo is just a Fusion with 5 door hatch. That’s easy to do.

    Looking at Sportage’s spy shots, its new design still is orignal…Yet Acura who is also lazy with designs just took the orginal RDX’s greenhouse and made it look like a smaller MDX.
    That’s easy to do.

    The Chevy Volt used to have an orginal greenhouse but not anymore: side profiles: Acura ZDX, Mazda 6 and 2017 Chevy Volt. The front of the Chevy ripped off the Civic’s. But because it’s not Korean it’s orignal. Yet if it was a “Hyundai Volt” that’s what would have been said.

  2. A new thought just came to mind. Why didnt’ Kia show the whole side profile? Because the greenhosue is orignal and earth shatterring. It’s one of the VERY FEW CARS out with an earth shattering greenhouse. Unlike these vehicles: Infinti M, Avalon, Altima, Sentra, Chrysler 300, Fusion, BMW GT, Honda Crosstour, Passat, Buick Verno. And just think none of these manufacturers were interested in that design until after the 2011 Hyundai Sonata. The 2004 Legacy had it.

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