New Carens MPV To Strengthen Kia’s Minivan Segment Presence

European automakers have a definite hold in the medium minivan segment, but Kia is looking to loosen that grip with the new Carens MPV.

Kia says that the all new Carens delivers a perfect blend of sleek design, spacious interior, and practical storage.

They believe that is more than enough to steal some thunder from their rivals.

The 2013 Carens MPV has a pretty low profile, which is not something we are used to seeing in this segment.

It steers away from the boxy look of others, but it is also as practical and versatile as it is beautifully designed.

Carens MPV 2013 New Carens MPV To Strengthen Kias Minivan Segment Presence rondo carens  usa mpv minivan europe

Benny Oeyen, Kia Europe’s head of marketing and product planning, said that the company was confident of winning conquest sales.

Sales of medium minivans across Europe have been in decline, with the category seeing an 8% drop in sales last year alone, according to figures published by JATO Dynamics.

Consumers are opting for SUV-style crossovers, causing the top-selling minivan models to experience double-digit sales drops.

Kia only sold 620 units of the previous Carens model in Europe, but expects those numbers to rise dramatically over the next three years.

The Carens will be available in both 5 and 7-passenger variants, and will have a new interior that Kia describes as being upscale in touch and feel.

This version comes in at 4530mm, which is a littler shorter than its predecessor, but the extended wheelbase means there will be more room on the inside.

In Europe, the Carens is available with 1.6L and 2.0L gasoline engines and a 1.7L CRDI turbodiesel engine.

Kia also sells the Carens MPV badged as the 2014 Rondo MPV in Canada and plans to launch the model in the USA as well. There are no reports on its official US-market release date at this point.

9 thoughts on “New Carens MPV To Strengthen Kia’s Minivan Segment Presence

  1. Fantastic stuff going on here. Concept to production… KIA is on a roll for ALL models. I have had my Forte EX for almost 4 years and it still looks ‘new.’ The design team must be congratulated. Thanks guys.

  2. Shame about Sedona/Carnival car…….sure would look up to date better then dished up old rubbish that Sedona/Carnival is!

  3. My point is put Carens beside Sedona/Carnival and it is so not even closely related on design terms as one is ancient and other one is pure stunning svelte low slung design the rocks. Sedona looks ok but is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo yesterday (or yester-year)

  4. You’re right. Why put that old oudated van back on the US line up. I want to see sales increases in the US again. The Carens has a wayyyyy better chance. What the heck was they smoking? Who is going to buy a 2014 oudated Sedona? Now if it was a totally redesign that’s another story. But 06′ 07′ 08′ 09′ 10′ 11′ 12′ 14′ Kia Sedonas? Seriously? The Sedona out lived the Nintendo Wii console. Also the Sedona outlived the 2nd generation Toyota Highlander and the 2009 Toyota Tundra.

  5. Wait. The Sedona outlived Kia’s 2006 line up. It witnessed the Sorento getting a facelift in 2007 and getting another facelift for 2014. The Sedona witnessed the 2006.5 Optima and the facelifted 2009 Optima. It also witnessed the 1st and 2nd generation ceed. It witnessed the 2005 Rio, 2006 Rio, and the 2011 Rio. Lol. Like I said, why put that outdated old thing back in the line up?

  6. Hell the Sedona witnessed the Amanti and the Cadenza in that same cycle. Lol

  7. The Sedona witnessed the 2nd generation Ipod touch, 3rd generation touch, 4th genration touch and the Ipod mini. The Sedona is about to witness the PS4 and 720. That’s just how old it is. The Sedona was alive with Windows XP was here and is still here to witness Windows 8.

  8. The Sedona is important for fleet sales. Kia probably won’t sell more than 1500 units a month, but look what sales were doing without the Sedona. If the new one isn’t ready yet, it’s better to have something than nothing. EIGHT model years for the Sedona. It really is a solid vehicle (my 06s have 211k and 241k miles), so I think it will be just fine for one more model year.

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