More images of the 2010 Kia Forte Coupe (XK) hit the web

The 2010 Kia Forte Coupe spy shots

A few weeks ago, we have brought you the first set of spy shots showcasing the 2010 Kia Forte Coupe. Today, we have received more from our Korean friends, who have caught the hot-looking Forte Coupe while parked at an unknown location in South Korea!

Codenamed XK, the two-door Forte Coupe is less than a year away. It is expected to hit the Korean market by the end of the summer, while it’s US sales, according to some Kia dealers, should commence in the middle of December.

What we can see from these latest spy shots is that the shape of the production model will stay very close to the Koup concept, which was unveiled at the New York Auto Show last year. The prototype is still heavily camouflaged preventing us to see all the exterior design details, but so far, we are pleased at what we see.

As we reported before, a range of four-cylinder engines is expected to be available when the 2010 Forte Coupe reaches the production. The engine range will include a 156hp 2.0L and 173hp 2.4L units, but likely, Kia will also bring an all-new 1.6L turbo engine, equipped with GDI (gasoline direct injection) system, which brings it’s power ratings up to 175 horsepower!

The 1.6L turbo engine has been developed in conjunction with Hyundai Motor Company and was first implemented to the Hyundai ix-onic concept making it’s premiere at Geneva Motor Show last week. [Source: bobaedream.co.kr]

 kia-forte-coupe-22.jpg     kia-forte-coupe-4.jpg     kia-forte-coupe-5.jpg

kia-forte-coupe-3.jpg     kiaxk2.jpg     kia-forte-coupe-6.jpg

25 thoughts on “More images of the 2010 Kia Forte Coupe (XK) hit the web

  1. wow, loving the power rating on the 1.6L turbo. The rims on this one are really similar to the ones on the concept, and look at that Ferrari style rear diffuser!!! All in all, looking brilliant, lets hope by its release they are using that awesome 6 speed auto.

  2. I’m expecting the US to get the 2.0L version of the turbo similar to the one found in the Hyundai Genesis coupe since the availability of the 2.4l with pretty much the same power would make it redundent and not cost consious. Looks AMAZING though. I hope they debut it in NY because I’ll be going!

  3. All I can say is WOW! I really don’t understand why it’s all covered up. Take the front and rear ends from the sedan and picture it with the coupe roofline and there’s the car. Without a doubt, it will be the best looking coupe in its class and my next car! I would be surprised if Kia unveils it in NY. More likely LA in November.

  4. Now the new Greg is in red. It’s like he wants to make me look like an idiot! If a Greg ever asks a QUESTION about Kia, it is not me. Look at the wheels on this concept, is this thing hot or what? This Kia will take the “sexiest Kia ever” title from the Optima.

  5. I’ll be watching closely to make sure that the other Greg in red doesn’t also change his nickname to Greg of Manistee.

  6. OMG. I’m SO excited. “what kia soul?” is what i was thinking. I think i can wait a few months to get this car instead of the soul. SORRY SOUL, BUT THIS PUTS YOU TO SHAME! give it a tC-like glass roof & there’s no question. I hope it also keeps its rear bucket-like seating in the real. Kia needs a true sports car. SHOW TOYOTA & HONDA HOW IT’S DONE KIA!!! PLEASE!!! DO NOT SKIMP OUT ON THIS CAR! —not that i think they will. but PLEASE DEAR GOD PLEASE don’t. make us all proud.

    side note… i don’t think i’ve been this excited about a car before. i picture the top model to end around 22K where the genesis coupe starts. don’t want a conflict between the two brands. I’ll take a Lime Green (similar to Kee concept color) Koup (please retain KOUP moniker) with EVERY option. If they don’t give it trick interior choices like the soul, i’m having houndstooth seats put in. i like to be different. so sue me.

  7. Id love to get my hands on this (with a Short Ram Intake) to race a Honda Civic SI on the interstate while its raining at speeds excess of 120 MPH listening to some trance music very loud.

  8. umm… ok what hyundaismoke just described is rice fantasy.

    about the car… it looks a bit tall, but i think the bulkiness is part of the charm, if thats possible. the diffuser looks at least semi-functional and the exhaust pipes look decently sized (have to wait for full underbody pics for final verdict). looks like an excellent package so far!

    oh and i’m opposed to the KOUP name, as coupe is pronounced WITH the “e” at the end – its just the americans who think its not. so change it to KOUPE or find a new name.

  9. Actually Patrick, from what I heard they might keep the name Spectra. KIA keeps changing its mind. Its bulky for aggression, and the fact that there might not be a Next Gen Optima.

  10. Evem though I favor SOUL or Rio, I think a c’eed rebranded as Spectra 5 or Forte 5 would do nicely here in the US again Toyota Matrix (Auris Hatch).

  11. Rio5s sell well here though, as Americans favor B-Segment hatches more than C-Segment Hatches. Americans buy C-segment sedans a lot lot more than the hatches. 5 out of 6 Spectras are Sedans, While 5 out of 8 Rios are hatches. As a matter of fact, Hyundai/KIA should not consider an Accent or Rio Sedan for their Next gen Cars. Well maybe and optional Accent Sport Sedan. In which they are taking an i20 and developing a special Next gen Accent luxury Sport sedan for the next gen for the North American market.

  12. Then again Hyundai/KIAs North American market strategy for the near term future is to not have many similar products. Products only with B-segment cars Compact sports cars will be similar. Hyundai will not be replacing the Azera, while Kia will not bring a European c’eed over as we will be getting the American Ceed(Forte), KIA will not replace the Optima. That American Honda Civic Coupe is very popular(7 out of 10 are coupes), and KIA wants some of that money. I think the Forte Koupe would sell ridiculously well in America.

  13. HyundaiSmoke, Forte is the name that has stuck for the US market. Why would they call the Koup Spectra and the Sedan Forte? Oh, and there is a rumor about a Forte5, so, keep your eyes peeled for spy shots.

  14. Need to know:

    1. How much it will be?
    2. Is it auto or manual?

    I love it very much!

  15. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW my dad showed me this car today in auto week and said it is the perfect car for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 I fell in love with it instantly. I am 17 and waiting for my 1st car :) :) :)

  16. i own a kia 2010. i like the car. but when i saw the kia forte koup in a display room in quezon city philippines, i instantly feel in love with it…. Keep on surprising us KIA…..

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