May was a good month for Kia Canada

Kia continues to push its sales higher and higher in Canada, where Korean cars are becoming more popular with each month.

According to latest reports, the Korean second largest carmaker sold 3775 cars in Canada in May 2007.

Kia’s sales have increased 22 percent when compared to last year. In the same month a year earlier, Kia sold 3093 cars on Canadian soil.

This is a very nice sales increase and proves that Kia cars are becoming better and better.

That Kia cars are quality and great to drive can be confirmed by many satisfied Kia owners around the world. But there are still many consumers out there who need to overcome a “cheap image” stigma.

With new, even more attractive models coming out soon, those people will be able to change their opinions on Korean cars for sure.

Sales By Kia Model

Ok, let’s get back to the sales number, achieved last month.

The star in the Kia’s Canadian vehicle lineup was a 7-seat Rondo crossover (or minivan)! Rondo has experienced its best ever month since it’s introduction a few months ago with a massive 60% increase over April’s figures.

A total of 954 Rondos were sold last month, while in a month earlier (in April), Kia dealers sold 595 units of Rondo.

Since its introduction in November last year, Kia dealers already moved 2700 Rondos from their lots, which means, the Rondo is becoming one of the most popular mini-MPVs in Canada.

Hopefully, Kia sales will continue to rise through the year…

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