Lotze Innovation went on sale in Korea

Kia Lotze Innovation officially went on sale in Korean dealerships on Friday.

The car, that hints at a new face of Kia, took almost 18 months and $70 millions to develop.

Lotze Innovation was designed under the direction of the company’s chief design officer, Peter Schreyer.

It’s the first mid-sized sedan from a Korean car company that will be fitted with button ignition, smart key system, paddle shifters mated to the 5-speed automatic transmission and a very cool feature called ECO driving system, which alerts the driver when the car is operating under the most efficient conditions in terms of fuel economy.

In Korea, Lotze Innovation is avaliable in two powertrain configurations.

The car can be equipped with either a 2.0L engine that produces an impressive 163 horsepower (the highest output among domestic models in the segment) or a 2.4L with the maximum output of 179 hp.

Both models have a fuel economy of 11.5 kilometers per liter for vehicles fitted with automatic transmissions while the manual transmission version of the 2.0L trim can travel 12.8 kilometers on a liter of fuel.

Prices start at 17,53 million won ($17.000) for a base models, while the top model boosts it’s sticker to 27,50 million won.

The company expects to sell 140.000 units annually – 60.000 at it’s home market and 80,000 units overseas.

30 thoughts on “Lotze Innovation went on sale in Korea

  1. i really love the KDM but im not so sure about how the USDM turned out~ whats wrong with putting the CORPORATE GRILLE on it?

  2. this is a much needed “clean and aggresive” look for the optima. The LX and EX Optimas in the US will have the tab grille. The SX will have the tab-less grille from what My manager saw at the Borrego ride and drive at the GA plant. He said they had the optima there to look at.

  3. It has been a while since I really looked around on this site. I have been very busy at the dealership. I moved up to the Internet Manager at my store and we are an Internet drivin store. 50% of our business are all internet buyers.

  4. so is THIS version of the Optima coming to the US? meaning, the paddle shifters, etc? or are we still getting a 5 spd auto w/out? This new version of the Optima is VERY nice indeed.

  5. But the Optima at the NY auto show was SX and it had the tabbed grille.

  6. Josh. This is not the optima destined for US. This is the Lotze Innovation which will be sold in Korea. Some features which you see here will not be on the optima.

  7. BTW, Pat, whats KDM and USDM. [I understand that ‘k’ is for Korea and ‘US’ is for United States.]

  8. This new Lotze is quite an improvement over the previous one! I love it’s sleek front design.
    Greg, you have an Optima at home. And I know you like it’s original design very much. But how do you find this new one?

  9. i’m sure the following things will be omitted from the US release, as they have been from previous models:

    chrome side molding
    paddle shifters
    nav (though i’m not terribly sure anymore)
    clear corners
    high gloss finish interior trim
    high gloss finish steering wheel
    push button ignition
    covered cupholders

    i’ve seen many of these things on previous magentis/lotze models that just weren’t there on the US optima. a terrible shame, indeed. many of those little things really enhanced the look of the vehicle, especially on the opirus. but then again, we all know how little the US amanti got compared to the opirus…. le sigh.

    needless to say, however, the new design looks fantastic and gives the optima a sharper, more modern look without becoming a self-referential, buick-sized money pit COUGH*accord*COUGH. if they ever release a two door, count me in.

  10. K-sport, I think what Pat is referring to is “Korean Domestic Market” and “United States Domestic Market”. There’s also JDM, Japanese Domestic Market. It’s basically the car design for that specific country. I think there’s usually a basic template that multiple countries will use, like the USDM will probably be the same type that Canada gets (with a name change and daytime running lamps added); KDM is probably similar to the JDM, etc.

  11. Robertblack: I would say the clear corners could stay- the 2005 and 2006 (old style) Optima changed the front marker/ turn signal lamps to amber bulb and clear lens. Also, the nav could POTENTIALLY come to us since the Borrego will have it as an option. The chrome side moulding could come because it’s been on some of the previous generation EX models (Sedona, Optima, etc.).

  12. Just to Clear Some things Up:
    “Greg, you have an Optima at home. And I know you like it’s original design very much. But how do you find this new one?” Mom Loves it. We will be getting the New EX I4 Next January. The One with Chrome tabbed grille.

    “chrome side molding—————————–Standard on EX
    paddle shifters————————————Option On EX
    nav (though i’m not terribly sure anymore)———Option on EX and SX
    clear corners————————————-Standard
    high gloss finish interior trim———————-Standard for EX
    high gloss finish steering wheel——————-Standard for EX
    push button ignition——————————-Option on EX and SX
    covered cupholders”——————————Standard

  13. Whoops! paddle shifters————————————Option On EX, STANDARD ON SX

  14. WHY!!!! I hate the gloss finish. who needs it!
    Greg, I’d like to know you’re sources please. not that i dont believe you. just wanna know.

  15. There is a Salesman in Traverse City I talk to all the time. I tell him News from here and Kia Buzz, and he tells me stuff from Kia Motors. They already have a big pack of information about new Optima. I like the glossy finish. It adds a touch of luxury. I would rather have luxury over sporty.

  16. SO this means that the optima at the NYAIS was not how the actual SX will be? cuz that SX didnt have paddle shifters or clear lamps.

  17. The Optima SX shown at NYIAS was a “Production Preview”, which was going to undergo slight changes and modifications before production.

  18. O bOY!! I’m so excited! Even the accord is not going touch it. Kia! Lets rock!!!

  19. 2009 Optima is now in the USA, and LX and EX have the full chrome grille. The SX won’t be out for a couple of months. Click on my name to see pics of the LX. Check them out!

  20. Our’s isnt on sale yet but I saw it in the yard and its got chrome H-grille. I THINK I saw LED tail lights.

  21. Greg, where have you found that its confirmed the new Sportage is getting a 3.3L? i was surfing forums and saw you claimed that and that benz still uses a 4 speed auto due to “reliability” issues. tell me ONE mercedes that uses a 4 speed auto. go ahead and research and take back ur words… i already went to the benz website and looked at EVERY vehicle and the smallest used is a 5 speed auto and that was a wagon.

  22. That WAS an error on my part. I noticed something wrong. Jeez, like you’ve never given wrong information. How is that even relevant to this post?

  23. jeez, like you’ve never written something kia-related in another post??? hmm, i still wanna know the answer to my question.

  24. Now everyone is talking about the American economy and eclections, nice to read something different. Eugene

  25. i have a kia lotze 2009 . I have a problem with the petrol when i drive he making a sound because our petrol is not good the octans for petrol is low , please how i can to fixe this problem

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