Soon-To-Be-Launched 2016 Kia Optima Rendered

A number of spy shots of the next-generation 2016 Kia Optima sedan have been released to date, leading many to speculate about what the finished article might look like.

Car fans over at the Kksstudio took to Photoshop to create a rendering of what we might expect, and it certainly looks convincing.

Recent reports indicate that this 2016 Kia Optima will have a slightly sharper design than before.

The new 4th generation model will hit the market in 2015, and will feature a new design language that will set the tone for future Kia releases in the coming years, with the likes of the next generation Cadenza and GT RWD sedan at the top of the list.

Next Kia Optima RenderingThe tiger nose grille will continue to feature in the 2016 Optima, but will feature an updated front fascia and new LED lights. Larger taillights will be found around back.

The gas models of the new Optima sedan will have sportier looking air intakes in the front bumper.

The hybrid models will have more of a closed grille that will help with aerodynamics, and which will open and close as needed.

New alloy wheels and exterior colors will be made available on all models.

The newly redesigned Optima is also going to come with a seriously upgraded interior design language, another feature that will carry over to new Kia sedans.

Expect more features and a more premium feel on the inside.

As previous spy shots revealed, the vehicle will feature an incredibly sporty 3-spoke steering wheel, chrome trim throughout, and a new infotainment system that will show on a large 8-inch display.

Rumored Release Date

We will get all the details for sue when the 2016 Kia Optima gets its expected unveiling at the New York Auto Show in April.

18 thoughts on “Soon-To-Be-Launched 2016 Kia Optima Rendered

  1. “All -wheel drive “would be a nice “premium” touch ,if you noticed how bad the weather has been the past three or four years around the country, east- north- south and west, especially middle-aged women and older women love the security of all-wheel-drive.

  2. Off topic. I got to bring out some cars that copied and was unveiled at NAIAS. Chevy Bolt ripped off the 1999 Kia Carens and 2013 Kia Cross GT concept because it has slanted and revesed C pillars.

    The Chevyl Volt ripped off the Forte and Civic’s front end and the Mazda 6 and Acura ZDX’s greenhouse. But only the Forte can’t get away with it’s face looking like the Civic’s because it’s Korean even though the Volt’s frontend looks more Civic like than the Kia.

    Also Just say the Ford F-150 Raptor. The grille design ripped off the tundra’s but because it’s not Korean it can get away with it and only accuse the Sante Fe’s grille of copying the Ford Edge’s because it’s Korean allowing the Ford pick up truck’s grille to get away with it.

    Not done be back exposing more designs.

  3. Speaking of the Ford F-150’s grille, it alos copied Kia’s tiger grille as well. Now we have the Chevy Impala ECO and Ford Raptor copying Kia’s signature grille…who’s next?

  4. Oh forgot. You know how the Optima’s front roof has Kia’s signature H like appearence? Will it’s now on the Ford as well. So obviously, Ford is copying Kia.

    So lets see what we have so far:

    Nissan New Murano’s C pillars are inspired off the 2011 Optima’s.
    Impala ECO sport copied Kia Kee concept’s tiger nose
    Ford F-150 also copied the tiger nose as well as the roof line.
    Ford Edge grille copyied the Sante Fe’s grille

  5. Side profiles: 2006 Infinti M, Acura ZDX, BMW GT, 2015 Chevy Volt, Mazda 6. Hint greenhosues.

    Also funny how the Kia Borrego got accused of copying the Lexus GX’s exterior yet it’s ok or the upcoming BMW x7 TO RIP OFF Lexus since it’s not Korean.

  6. Sooooo Buick thinks their 2015 AVENIR is orignal? The side profile is just off Mayback. They just made it fat that’s all.

  7. VW Cross coupe GTE concept? All they did was copy he 2007 Hyundai Tucson’s greenhouse with a more slanted C pillar. The front end of that VW ripped off the Camero.

  8. 2016 Chevy Volt and Mercdes C300 hint backends. I knew I saw the new Volt’s backend somewhere. Yet because Chevy isn’t Korean it can get away with it. Yet accused the 2014 Forte of copying the Focus’ backend even though the 2011 Optima came out first.

  9. 2015 Infinti Q60 and 2015 Lexus RC hint greenhouses. Only differance is Infinti uses a funny C pillar. But still the same design greenhouse overall. Yet because Infinti and Lexus aren’t Korean they can get away with it. Put a Hyundai logo on one of theose cars and it would be on CNN of Hyundai copying.

  10. 2015 Acura NSX and Audi R8 hint greenhouses. If it was a Kia NSX that’s what would have been said. But since the NSX is by Acura it can get away with it.

  11. Only orignal car unveiled at NAIAS was the Hyundai Sante Cruz. Best thing there. Everything else is just copies of something else mainly a Hyundai or Kia design cues just adding more horsepower and torque. Hyundai and Kia actually redesign still. The same design Camry is still the same since 2007. From 2007 to 2014, that Camry witnessed the Sonata and Optima make complete redesigns. All Toyota did was add tacky C pillars to the Camry. The 2016 Optima’s C pillars as well as the greenhouse are 100% totally different from judging from spy shots…unlike Toyota.

  12. Jeep Cherokee and Lincoln MKX hint side profiles. If it was a Hyundai MKX that’s what would have been said but since it’s not Korean it can get away with it.

  13. I hope Chicago Auto Show will show something different. This was the worst NAIAS ever. Everyone copies…excpet Hyundai’s Santa Cruze.

  14. 2016 Volvoo XC90 and 2016 Audi Q7 hint faces (especially headlights). But it’s ok for Volvoo to copy because it’s not Korean.

  15. It’s funny ever since Schyrer came to Kia in 2007, all of a sudden Audi, Kia or Hyundai are the cars to copy. Yet when 2004 Lancer EVO was revealed, no one wanted to copy and have Hexogen grills until the popular designer came to Hyundai Kia.

    For example: Hyundai has their new signature grille, and Ford all of a sudden is interested in those same grilles.

    Kia wanted a signature image the H grille and now Ford, Lexus, Infinti and Mazda wants signature images. While Chrysler used Kia’s H grille for their new logo.

    Kia started using Audi like tail lights introduced from the 2007 KUE concept and Ford, Lexus, Buick, Jeep, Honda, all of sudden using Audi like tail lights even though the 2005 Mitsubishi Lancer ECO was using it before Kia.

    Hyundai wanted a signature greenhouse for the new Genesis and Sonata and Azera now all of a sudden it’s on the Fusion, Altima, Sentra, Infinti M, Buick Verno, Avalon, 2016 Ford Taurus, Chrylser 200, yet when the 2004 Suburu Legacy came out no one was interested.

  16. That’s cause if the designers do not capture style, substance and a look unlike any other – will mean that buyers won’t as readily buy their cars. This is why Kia and Hyundai do well and one has to remember they have not been around as long as the 4 better worldwide sellers then them = lookout as this ambitious company is on march up sales ladder worldwide. May take few years but you can feel and sense this is building in all markets worldwide where they sell there cars! Take a look at the ute = unlike any other average utes in pack!

  17. style sells – this is why the Optima is a classic svelte looker and sells well and this is why the previous model Sonata sold well. This means a rejig of the Sonata to make it trendy edgy and unique as the last model was!

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