Kia’s MOVE magazine: interview with Peter Schreyer

Kia Motors 2009 Sustainability Magazine “MOVE” released, features an exclusive interview with Kia’s Chief Design Officer, Peter Schreyer!

Kia Motors Corporation has been publishing sustainability report once a year since 2003.

The annual report with a purpose to inform it’s shareholders of  companiy’s proggress on sustainable and demonstrate Kia Motors’ on-going commitment to practicing and advancing sustanbility managment.

The 2009 MOVE magazine features a huge amount of Kia news, including CEO message, Kia’s plans for 2009, Kia’s product line-up presentation, information on company’s fuel cell electric vehicle -FCEV development, Kia hybrid automotive future and others.


In addition to many other interesting news, this year’s issue of MOVE magazine also features a very exclusive interview with Kia’s Chief Design Officier Peter Schreyer, revealing his views on the power of car design and it’s importance.

A 102-page sustanbility report has a lot of interesting content so make sure you read it fully.

It took me about an hour to read through it and I must admit it was worth the time spent. You can read the report here: 2009 Sustainability Magazine “MOVE”

9 thoughts on “Kia’s MOVE magazine: interview with Peter Schreyer

  1. Kia scored a true gem when they hired this man. Best move Kia has made in a while.

  2. That’s true Bryan. Can you imagine how attractive will Kias look once he designs all the cars from ground up!? These models as we see coming to the market were all already in development when Peter joined Kia, so he could not affect the design a lot. He could only work on some details such as H-grille and other things that can be redesigned during the development proces.

    But once we start getting the cars designed from ground up, then Kia is really going to make a major breakthrough! And that time is not far away. Some people say that production model of No3 mini-mpv is already the first such model, while other say the 2010 Sportage will be the first one.

    We shall see…

  3. I’m pretty sure that he only did a few corrections to the 2010 Sorento and strongly believe that the next generation Sportage is his first project. This is what one of the designers told in an interview a while ago. The interviewed designer came to Kia from VW. There were 5 designers that joined Kia European design team who previously worked for Audi and 10 designers that designed cars at VW.

  4. Nice, this is why I buy Korean. I always knew they were socially responsible unlike everybody else who is mostly out for the Dollar. At least the Koreans see proper Social Responsiblity as a driver for profit.

  5. himi, didn’t Schreyer have a hand in designing both the Forte and the Soul?

  6. Bryan, that is true but he only corrected a few things here and there for the production version to match his vision for Kia’s new direction – the most significant change being the new corporate grille. Himi is talking about a completely original design by Schreyer.

  7. If thats the case, peter will be designing the next gen sportage, wow! I cant wait for it, a sportage designed by peter schreyer! cool!

  8. First of all congratulations for the new Kia Sportage 2011 design. At the moment me and my wife are searching (doing our home work) to purchase an SUV with in the coming year 2011 “since our family has gone up to 5 persons now!”. My wife is obsessed for automatic cars and I’m obsessed for small diesel engines (due to low fuel consumption, lower CO2 emissions and lower road licences). Is it possible for Kia Sportage 2011 to be Automatic, 1.7 Litre Diesel engine and Euro 5? If no would such engine/setup be available in the near future, that is Automatic, 1.7 Litre Diesel engine and Euro 5?

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