Kia Reveals New Hydrogen Platform For FCEVs

Kia has shown the low CO2 output Eco_cee’d concept at the auto show, but the automaker is staging another European premiere there!

They are exhibiting their latest Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle – FCEV platform at Frankfurt for the first time!

The latest hydrogen-fuelled, electrically-driven FCEV platform represents the next step forwards in Kia’s continuing commitment to develop cleaner, greener production vehicles for the near future.

The brand new 4,6 metre long SUV vehicle platform is designed to fit beneath an SUV-style vehicle.

KIa-hydrogen-platform.jpgPropelled by three electric motors, powered by a 100 kW Fuel Cell and fuelled by twin 76-litre tanks storing hydrogen at 700 bar, the 4×4 FCEV promises real-world usable performance and has the ability to start in extremely cold temperatures (down to – 30C).

Kia’s computer simulations indicate that fitted in a Sorento-type body, the new FCEV could accelerate to 100 kph in just 10 seconds, reach a top speed of 170 kph and achieve a 600 km range – all with zero emissions.

While accomplishing good progress in terms of greener motoring, the new FCEV is very much a ‘real world’ solution to daily transport challenges – offering lively performance to match its commendable emissions and fuel consumption.

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