KIA-WORLD blog contest: giving away free MP3 player

I’m pleased to announce a series of KIA-WORLD blog give-away contests that will be run over the next few weeks! It was a while ago when I sent an e-mail to people at Kia Motors Europe (KME) and asked them if they would be interested to support some of the contests I had been planning to do.

Thanks to the positive response from KME, I collected some great and very exclusive prizes that will soon be given to lucky contestants for free! So, what are the prizes? A collection of prizes includes three exclusive 4GB Kia Soul MP3 players, two quality vests with Soul patterns and three Kia Motors T-shirts!

To enter the first-ever KIA-WORLD blog contest, you have to answer all 7 questions posted below! The deadline for entries is Thursday, May 21st 2009. The contest is open to anyone, anywhere in the world! The winner will be announced on the same day as contest deadline expires.

IMPORTANT: Write your answers in an e-mail and send them to info@kia-world.net ! Tip: You can find all the answers here at our Kia blog! To help each other finding the correct answers you can also open a new discussion thread in our Kia Forums.

Good luck and have fun! :)

1. Name Kia Motor’s Chief Design Officer!

2. Name all three Kia Soul concepts that were displayed at the 2008 Geneva auto show!

3. How many Kia Souls were sold in the US market in April 2009?

4. Name the country where Kia cee’d is being manufactured!

5. What is the name of the Soul based “pick up” concept car?

6. When was the first generation (!) Kia Sorento launched?

7. What animal was used in the latest Soul commercial?

This week’s prize: Kia Soul MP3 player

p1000792.JPG     p1000800.JPG     p1000797.JPG

Special thanks to Ilona Tzudnowski and our contest sponsor Kia Motors Europe!

19 thoughts on “KIA-WORLD blog contest: giving away free MP3 player

  1. 1. ********* is Kia’s Chief Design Officer

    2. “**** and ********* are the 3 Kia Soul concept vehicles displayed at the 2008 Geneva Auto Show

    3 ****** Souls sold in the US in April 2009

    4. The cee’d is being manufactured in *****kia

    5. The Soul based pick-up concept vehicle is called the *****

    6. The 1st generation Kia Sorento was launched in *****

    7. ****** were used in the Latest Kia Soul commaercials

  2. Good job, Rich. Now that you’ve told everyone the answers, you still haven’t entered AND you’ve drastically cut your chances of winning since you’ve given 6 out of 7 correct answers (and the 7th one is merely spelled wrong). BRAVO!

  3. I know I know. I didnt mean to reply HERE it was completely accidental and extrememly stupid on my part. I’m hoping someone in charge here notices and deletes it ASAP

  4. Well, I forgot to mention, PLEASE do not post answers here! Send it to info@kia-world.net !

    BTW, one of the answers was not correct Rich! It the number of Soul that hav been sold last month (April 2009) in the US market. Where did you get that number??? :)

  5. yeah wrong number. I thought it seemd a tad high. …just a tad It was the number of all Kia models sold that month

  6. I’m not the one who edited the post Rob. Looks like Himi screwed that one up

  7. Yes, I edited the comment from Rich!

    Questions are pretty simple and if you’re a real Kia fan answers should jump out of your head right away. And some of the answers could also be found on the page one of the KIA-WORLD blog. :)

  8. they should have given as kia fans the soul as the prize, we deserve it really! pls kia! :)

  9. Colby- I saw that. I posted on Kia-Buzz asking if someone working at a dealer can apply, no response as of yet… I’ve told my friends to enter since I’m not sure I am eligible.

  10. Yeah, I saw that while I was watching Family Guy, I had to check it out, and it is pretty cool looking!

  11. “Number of Kia fans entering the contest so far: 11″…..ref Himi May 14th.
    How many now have entered Himi?? the odds were pretty good back then with only 11 entrants.

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