Kia-ville; Kia brings the wind of change to Georgia Town

Georgia Town to become a “Kia-ville”. Kia plans to open its first-ever US production base by the end of the year.

Mark sent me a tip about a very interesting article that he found on CNN website. The article is related to Kia Motors and its first US manufacturing plant, currently under construction. The editor of the article talks about great impact that the plant will have on the economy in the city and area nearby.

As you know, Kia will open its first-ever production facility in West Point Georgia, where it will produce vehicles for the US market. There has been many speculations about models that the company will produce at the $1.2 billion plant. The plant with capacity of 300.000 vehicles per year – when fully operational – will be capable of producing three different Kia models.

So far, Kia has only confirmed the 2010 Sorento crossover for production, but lately we have heard news that Kia may also build a facelifted Hyundai Santa Fe at the same production lines in Georgia. The third model, destined for US production, is still a very well kept secret.

Kias first US plant is located roughly 80 miles south of Atlanta and has already hired around 500 workers, but it plans to employ additional 2,000 workers by the time the plant opens. Companies that will supply Kia factory with parts will eventually employ additional 7,500 workers. It is expected that West Point is going to gain around 20,000 new jobs in the next couple of years as a result of Kia’s new factory. [Source: CNN]

You can read the whole story on Kia-ville at the following link: CNN. Thanks for the tip, Mark!

9 thoughts on “Kia-ville; Kia brings the wind of change to Georgia Town

  1. Wow that is a lot of jobs. Do you know why Hyundai is moving its American SantaFe production to this factory?

  2. I guess this is because both models will share most of the parts (platforms, engines, etc) so they can build bot at the same line.

    This is a similar process that will also be used in Europe, where Hyundai will build Kia’s YN mini-mpv (and its own mini-mpvvariant), while Kia will add Tucson to production lines in Slovakia.

  3. Hyundai already builds the Santa Fe in Alabama! F-off Hyundai! Kia will also make the VG and one other model there. No one knows yet, though.

  4. its sad that imports car companies are building factories in the usa and the domestics are having all kinds of problems.

  5. Yay!!!!! Go, KIA!!!!! The Domestics need to take their headquaters out of America too, if they are going to get rid of factories. GM would be a nice Mexican Company, Ford Would be a nice European Car Company.

  6. Actually Send Chrysler to Mexico, and send GM to China. Guangzhou Motors=GM LMAO!!!

  7. The 2nd model KIA built at the West Point Factory is the all new 2011 Optima. A 3rd KIA will also be built at the factory now that a 3rd shif has been added to the factory due to the demand for new KIA’s! Rumor has it that since the all new KIA Forte is also breaking records..and the 2012 KIA Soul will likely continue to break sales records, one of those 2 will be built there also!

  8. Actually, the Optima IS the third vehicle made there. They Make the Sorento and the Santa Fe.

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