Kia VG spy shots

Spys have caught an unknown sedan parked at one of the streets in South Korea. Heavily camouflaged vehicle on the image above is believed to be the new near luxury sedan, Kia has been developing under the VG codename.

Following the future timeline, that recently leaked from Kia and outlines the release dates of future Kia vehicles, the VG is set to go on sale in August of 2009.

Sporty looking Kia VG is expected to be front wheel drive vehicle, closely related to Hyundai Grandeur -known also as Hyundai Azera in US market. Details are yet to be released, but we can speculate that the VG could be powered by either a 3.8L Lambda V6 engine or a more powerful 4.6 V8 Tau engine when it hits the market.

Follow the jump to see more spy shots of the cloaked in camouflage VG sedan or click this link to see the exclusive set of images of the 2010 Kia Rio facelift (called Kia Pride in Korea).

24 thoughts on “Kia VG spy shots

  1. I can´t agree with the opinion, Kia VG will be closely related to the Hyundai Grandeur. My opinion is that VG will be related to Hyundai Genesis.


    Anyways, I also think this is the Kia version of the Hyundai Genesis/BH (Kia CH)… The wheels are taken straight from the V6 Genesis with the Technology Package too…

  3. I saw the picture without cover ….. not bad looking esp the black color, quit sporty.

  4. do you think this will replace the Amanti in North America, as the Amanti needs serious image overall to improve the sales on it.

  5. I’m sure this will come along the Amanti replacement. In my opinion, VG will compete against next Ford Taurus or Toyota Avalon.
    Amanti will be replaced by CH model which will be more luxorious. It might even share its platform with the Genesis sedan. And that mens the first RWD Kia ever.

  6. please Kia motors call it ENTERPRISE!!!!, the FWD or RWD, kia must be doing the cars more sportier and then all D segment cars will be RWD like potentia and enterprise in the past…

  7. I just saw a dark red wine Amanti at the dealership yesterday. I also saw the partially facelifted Sorento. If this isn’t Amanti replacement, what is it? Amanti replacement is CH. All I can say is thank God that Amanti is still here until 2010. That is such a sweet car!!

  8. i thought the new sorento is BOF… its most likely based on the Genesis/BH. just look at the proportions… the rear doors are cut exactly like the Genesis’ and it wears Genesis’ shoes… i think that is enough evidence.

    anyways, amanti is the ugliest car on earth (excluding some chinese stuff) and should have never even left the design studio. no arguments. end of story… and so on.

    eronec-where did you see this car without the camo on?

  9. I REALLY dislike the wheels. They are too Hyundai for my liking. I wish that Kia would build enough profit to split away from Hyundai. I am sick of similar designs, sharing platforms, and am especially sick of the company being called Hyundai-Kia!!!!!! Throw on the 9 spoke Amanti wheels, or even the 6 spoke ones. Those are nice. I love the wheels on the Optima, too.

  10. ummm… greg, the wheels are just there cos this is a PRE-PRODUCTION PROTOYPE. trust me they won’t use the same wheels as the genesis. also, kia wouldn’t even be close to being what they are now if hyundai didn’t rescue them from financial crisis… i dont find the cars similar in design apart from the 4 wheels bit so i dunno what youre talking about there…

  11. FYI: The Avalon will be no more very soon. Their Lexus line covers it already. The Genesis concept was more sophisticated than the production model, quite usual in the industry. If they can translate its sharper lines to this new Kia, I think it would sell. Anything would be better than the limp Amanti. Only its relatively low price helps it sell, ’cause it’s hopelessly outclassed by everything on the market.

  12. You guys have wrong information regarding the VG. The VG will be available in either a 3.3L V6 or a 3.8L V6. Come on, use common sense. The “closely related to Azera” car will not pack the 4.6L Tau V8. Smarten up.

  13. the avalon can’t be a competitor cuz it’s last year is the 2009 model year & 2010 when the new Camry comes out it’ll offer a long wheelbase version to take place of avalon. Its a way to save $ cuz they don’t have to spend a ton more money to develop & update constantly a separate car… FYI.

    I think this’ll be a Genesis-Kia & i can’t frickin’ wait!

  14. greg, obviously thats the whole point of buying other companies. you share platforms and get more profit to make better cars for the next redesign or facelift. if you dont understand that, i dont know what to say. i mean, the Hyundais and Kias these days are completely different and now with Peter Schreyer working for Kia and Joel Piaskowski for Hyundai, they are going to be completely unrecognizable from each other in the next gen of cars from Hyundai-Kia.

    i say this cos they have different styles and tastes. Piaskowski likes a more complex look as far as i can tell from the Genesis Coupe and the Veracruz, while Schreyer likes simple and clean surfaces on his designs (“simplicity of a straight line” is the new design theme at kia, set by none other than Schreyer). this is approach is also shared by Tom Kearns, chief designer of Kia Motors America, who oversaw the development of the Soul production model and also the Koup concept. quote – “Good design shouldn’t look like you are trying too hard” Kearns.

    Kia is as you know going for a youthful and sporty look while Hyundai is going for a more mature, luxurious brand image and to achieve this, they need to get rid of stuff like the Amanti and bring something based off the Genesis and the coupe variant. its only going to make the brand 103040x more desirable.

    Kia also opened a new design centre in Irvine to be used exclusively for Kias and already have produced the Soul and Koup as mentioned before so the designs wont even come out of the same studio! if you say that Kia is being lazy, you are either ignorant or stupid. please think twice before posting stuff like that in the future greg…

  15. Now that you put it in to perspective, it makes more sense. I really wish Kia would leave 1 luxury model.

  16. haha… yeh the car above looks plenty luxurious to me… in fact it looks somewhat better than one of my favorites – the genesis! i really hope it is!

  17. I believe this is a beautiful car if all Kia VG’s did look like the nice show case white paint and white interior, fully loaded. I would love to perches one just like the pictures white exterior and white interior.. lets be realistic here not everyone will be able to afford a fully loaded model. In this American economy I hate to say that I doubt that it will sell if it is pricey and expensive. Kia here are known and seen in the u.s.a. as economical vehicle. The type of consumers that perches Kia really cant afford a pricey vehicle, or just need a economical vehicle for work or business. The consumers i see on the road with Kia’s here in the u.s.a. are a younger crowd teens and young adults or elderly consumers. To to the fact that kia consumers need economical vehicles. Kia vehicles are look a bit down upon, i hate to say a cheap vehicle. i am in my mid 20’s i would not get a Kia myself, but on the other hand the white on white Kia VG is beautiful i would love to test drive it and see first hand the vehicle. In my most humble opinion I say if the car is 28k or more i would much rather go with a higher end make and model vehicle like a Lexus, Audi, BMW etc. Kia in the U.s.a. is not known for high end luxury vehicles. I myself drive a fully loaded 2009 Audi A5 … Most consumers that afford high end luxury vehicles wont even pay attention to a Kia dealer or vehicle. In other words kia to to a high end consumer will not have the thought or interest to buy a Kia.

    Not to mention the horse power the Kia VG has and size of engine. I hope the kia VG has good MPG. Here in the U.s.a. gas prices are high. This moment people here in the u.s.a. are looking for fuel efficient.

    Thank you,
    i drive an 2009 Audi A5

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