Kia VG sedan rendering released

Kia VG sedan renderings released. Revealing the final shape of the forthcoming Kia premium sedan.

Kia has released the first batch of official renderings showcasing the forthcoming premium Kia sedan. We have first seen Kia VG at the Seoul Auto Show earlier this year, where it made its first public debut. Called Kia KND-5, the concept boasted a dynamic and very attractive exterior appearance that reflected the shape and style of the forthcoming production car.

The released renderings showcase the new premium sedan, with Kia’s family-look radiator grille and shining LED-running lights. According to the official press release, Kia VG sedan sits on 18-inch tires wrapping the attractively styled aluminum alloy-wheels. The sedan also sports side mirrors and tail-lights with integrated LED technology.

The upcoming Kia VG will share its front-wheel-drive platform with next-generation Hyundai Azera. It will be available with fuel-efficient 2.4L gasoline direct injected -GDI four-cylinder gasoline engine with estimated power of 200 hp and a 3.5L V6 Lambda with 277 horsepower. Kia VG is also rumored to be available with 2.7L V6 and 2.7L LPi engines.

The premium VG sedan will go on sale in South Korean market shortly after it makes it’s official debut, scheduled for November 2009. Good news is also that the model will also be exported to North American market in early 2010, where it will likely replace the ageing Amanti sedan. We expect to see official North American VG premiere to happen at the 2010 North American International Auto Show -NAIAS.

Kia VG rendering gallery:

kia-vg-rendering-3.jpg     2010kiavgrendering.jpg     kia-vg-rendering-2.jpg

38 thoughts on “Kia VG sedan rendering released

  1. I’m pretty sure this car will not be available here in Slovenia, but larger markets in Europe should get it, as well as Korea, China and North America. Not sure about Australia, but if the production-ready car does look as good as here Kia should give it a try in Australia, as well as in other smaller markets.

    I really love the design of upcoming VG. It’s stunning! Hope production car will be exactly the same. Have you seen fog-lights? They look similar to those @ forte LPi hybrid, don’t they?

  2. Weren’t we just talking the other day about a new, RWD replacement for the Amanti? That, and the standard four-cylinder engine kind of points to the idea that this is an Optima replacement, not a replacement for the Amanti.

  3. It will replace Amanti in the US market, while in Korea, it will be positioned between Amanti and Optima/Magentis.
    There’s no point to insist selling a low volumeAmanti in the US market. It sells way below 500 units, so they will axe Amanti and bring VG to the States.

  4. Next Generation Amanti will share RWD Genesis sedan platfortm.

    Hyundai/Kia luxury line.

    Top Luxury – Equus
    2nd – Genesis
    3rd – Amanti/Opirus
    4th – Azera, Kia VG

  5. Until next generation Amanti hits the States (if ever) Kia will sell the VG as Amanti replacement (US, Canada).

  6. Simply, This car is a Kia version Toyota Avalon.

    I heard that Kia will install Haldex AWD system in this vehicle. like Audi Quatro did.

  7. Every indication I have heard in the last seven months were that the VG will replace the Optima starting in October of 2010.

  8. Oh if it’s going to be an Optima replacement then it must be coming to the UK =D yipeee

  9. This car is not Optima replacement.
    Optima is midsize car.
    Kia VG is a full size, near luxury sedan.
    Hyundai/Kia luxury line. (compare with Toyota line)

    Top Luxury – Equus (=Lexus LS)
    2nd – Genesis (=Lexus GS)
    3rd – Amanti/Opirus
    4th – Azera, Kia VG (=Toyota Avalon)

    This car is a current amanti(Opirus) replacement.

    next generation Amanti will be a more bigger, more luxurious sedan. more genesis-like.

  10. They need a dual exhaust on this vehicle for a balance it looks lopsided with just one tailpipe.

  11. I don’t see any Lexus in this at all… if anything it’s an Audi, which happens to be one of my favorite brands~ subtle but stylish.

  12. Oh and that won’t sell at all here in Australia. Don’t bother bringing it here. Aussies are all badge snobs and it would be a financial disaster to produce a RHD version just for this tiny market. Australia’s car culture still revolves around Holden and Ford.

  13. this of it as a comparo to VW in a way – they have the jetta (they’re smallest offering in the US but still mid-size), then they have passat which is larger midsize, they have the upcoming polo which will be the lil VW, then next yr they have a car to slot in BETWEEN jetta & passat – this would be that car.

  14. No JoshyLofty this looks like it will be around the same size as a Passat.

  15. OK, Autoblog and some other sources published a press release that seems to have come from Kia UK. It claims that the VG will replace the Opirus/Amanti. That’d be odd since the Amanti just got an update, but you’d think they would know.

  16. maybe in the UK, do they even sell the opirus in the UK?? in the USA, the amanti has two more years

  17. I think the VG is the ugliest Kia released in the last six years. I do NOT like the front of it. I really like the side, and the back is okay, but the front is puke-o-rama.

  18. Greg, take another look at VG’s front concept design, then imagine it again toned down about 65%, like what always happens on production models vs. concepts. No buzzed up white-lined out areas like it shows on here. I don’t mind that front end design, it’s just not gonna look like that in production person. And you might like it’s toned-dwon look better I think.

  19. Joe,
    While the press release seems to have come from the UK, it claims “The new model, currently known by its code name VG, was shown in concept form at the Seoul Motor Show earlier this year and is set to replace the existing Opirus model in Korean, North American and European markets.” No, I don’t think the Opirus is sold in the UK.

  20. The Amanti should be laid to rest and a new name for the VG should be used.. Amanti=Old People car. Old people buy Cadillacs and Buicks. VG new and exciting and luxurious..Call it the Luxor or the Elixir.

  21. This ain’t your grandfather’s Amanti boys! I agree, Kia, this pup needs a luxo-sporty type of name to go along with it’s spartan good looks.

  22. i love it. and i think the “KIA” on the hood makes a nice touch as well. looks classy.

  23. I don’t know what Greg’s problem is but I think the VG is one of the best-looking Kias ev er!
    I hope Kia are as bold as they were with the Soul and don’t tone this down too much

  24. Yeah, ES 330, that’s the one I’m thinking of. I just can’t stand seeing the front of the VG, it is terrible!!

  25. if this car is produced like this, it will be a new prestige for kia, it is similar to mercedes e class, audi a6

  26. Let Hyundai have the luxury cars and Kia have the sports cars and trucks..Hyundai should branch off and have just a luxury line like acura and infinity.

  27. Hyundai is becoming 2 Lux makes in one. MINI on the Smaller end, and Chrysler on the Larger end. They will have not just the Accent/Veloster and Elantra, but a smaller car than the Accent but not as small as an i10 (Cough, Cough-i20). At least in the states.

    Little known fact-The largest trade in for a Genesis in America is a Chrysler 300C.

    Chajee, Its going to be like that except for Hyundai branching off into another Luxury brand. Hyundai will be the Luxury brand. By the way, KIA has the true Tiburon Spirtual Successor right now. Its called the KIA Forte Koup, and to keep the diehards happy they will also get the KIA Kee.

    Hyundai is Diversifying its small cars and its big cars, the Middle of the road stuff will go to KIA. Hyundai Portico will replace the Entourage, and Possibly the Azera. KIA will get the sedan thats between Optima and Genesis spot, so the Sonata can grow on the higher trim models.

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