Kia upgrades Lotze sedan

Kia Lotze, known also as Kia Optima in the United States and other markets overseas, has received a mid-cycle styling and technical makeover.

Improvements implemented in a highly-attractive mid-size sedan will strengthen it’s position on the market and intensify ability to compete against established contenders in the mid-size class.

The all-new new Kia Lotze has been equipped with new Theta II four-cylinder engine developed in conjunction with Hyundai Motor Company.

According to Kia, theis is the same fuel-sipping engine that is already used in the Sonata Transform, a facel-ifted version of Hyundai Sonata which went on sale in South Korea last month.


This is the first Kia model adopting Theta II engine which delivers more horsepower and sportier performance but not at the expence of fuel economy! Indeed, the revised engines boast improved milage and lower emissions.

The performance improvements have been realized through the addition of a variable induction system to improve engine breathing and a variable valve timing system for both the exhaust and intake ports.

Kia Lotze engines:


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10 thoughts on “Kia upgrades Lotze sedan

  1. both engines have dual-vvt but in the sonata transform, the 2.0 engine have 161ps and the 2.4 have 179hp.

  2. AHHHHHHHH!!!! They Ford Fusionated it! I cannot stand the solid plastic “Chrome” grille. the taillights are too “Sonotaey” But other than that it forms the distinct shape of the last optima. I like the previous taillights better.

  3. this is the same optima you have. Its called Lotze advanced in Korea where it comes with that chrome grille. and engine change doesnt look like it has been redesigned.

  4. I hope the chrome grille doesn’t come over here. Can’t stand that fake chrome. The taillights I like better in the small cirles like our car has.

  5. If Kia is making the spectra HB their international cee’d HB then the cee’d SW should come as a Optima SW.

  6. MAN! those tail lights (of lotze adv.) are perfect for optima int’l. Why do they keep the good things for Korea?? But its still looks Good though (the tail lights in the int’l market). Instead of chrome couldnt they have used a body coloured grille. that chrome looks…… mis matched. They must revise that grille again.

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