Kia UK adds 2.0 CRDi engine across the cee’d range

Kia has expanded the engine line up on cee’d and cee’d SW models with the addition of the powerful 2.0L CRDi diesel unit which was just recently introduced in the new Kia pro_cee’d.

The new range-topping diesel engine is introduced with a new Sport grade featuring 17-inch alloy wheels, black bezel headlights and rear privacy glass.

The Pro_cee’d Sport models’ interior has part leather seats providing a specially designed tyre tread cloth design with silver stitching highlights on seats, arm rest and steering wheel.

In all, the combination of the powerful 138bhp 2.0L CRDi with an unbeatable Sport specification enhances cee’ds ability to compete against its rivals.

2,0L CRDI diesel engine

The 2,0L CRDi diesel engine has been subject to complex testing to make it the perfect match for Kia’s eye-catching cee’d range.

Technical improvements resulted improved durability and power, while state-of-the-art engineering allowed customers to enjoy more power and torque without compromising on fuel efficiency or refinement.

Performance is further enhanced by advanced fuel injection and Variable Geometry Turbocharger (VGT) technology transferred from the 1.6-litre CRDi engine already available in the cee’d range.

Sara Drummond-Bell, Product Manager for the cee’d range comments: “The inclusion of the 2.0 CRDi Sport gives the cee’d range unrivalled appeal to a larger audience.

Offering three body styles and a choice of five engines, outstanding specifications and an industry leading seven-year warranty, each cee’d model brings an outstanding offering to the C-segment.”

The walk-up in price from a 1.6 CRDi to the new Euro IV compliant 2.0 CRDi is just Ł1,200 on both cee’d five-door and cee’d SW models making the five-door cee’d 2.0 CRDi Sport available for Ł15,995 and the same engine in the cee’d SW for Ł16,395. [Source: Kia UK]

d-20-crdi.jpg  d.jpg  d-rear.jpg

6 thoughts on “Kia UK adds 2.0 CRDi engine across the cee’d range

  1. testing:
    This car is so pretty. It looks better than the new cerato and now its got even more torque.

  2. WOOOOOHOOO! 😀 . I can post here! I can post!!!! 😀 WOOOPEEEE!!! 😀

  3. Boris, do you mean that you think it looks better than the 2009 TD-model Spectra/Cerato? I think they both look ultra hot, BTW! Kia is doing such cool body work now, they lead the industry(taking the overall lineups of all carmakers collectively) in this department, in my view!

  4. yes bryan. I feel it looks better than the new spectra. probably just because its a hatch. and it has more torque (its a Di)

  5. I am not one to argue on Kia motorcar bodystyles, because I have felt since about 1999 that Kia leads the industry overall in the bodystyle department. I talk to so many dorks from the States that argue with me on these points, making comments like “well, looks are subjective” and crap like that. They aren’t subjective, good bodystyling is an art, and Kia does it best. Now, in the case of my ’08 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS, I am absolutely head over heels in love with it. So, obviously, I will stray to other carmakers if Kia doesn’t deliver the goods. I wanted Kia to produce a Lancer-type vehicle but they didn’t, so I bought Mitsubishi’s new Lancer GTS. But, overall, Kia does car bodies the best, considering their whole stable vs. other carmakers’ stables. Period. Done deal.

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