Kia Trinity; the Kee concept inspired sports sedan

It’s our pleasure to present you a design study of Kia Trinity sports sedan.

The rendering was drawn by Lee Ha who has been a long time Kia enthusiast.

Lee Ha is a talented car designer with nine years of car-drawing experience.

His latest design study includes a series of design sketches showcasing a mid-sized four-door sporty sedan with Kia badge placed on its hood.

Kia Trinity sports sedan

According to Lee Ha, the Trinity sports sedan has been inspired by imposing exterior design of the lime-yellow Kia Kee concept, which has been first displayed at the Frankfurt Auto Show back in 2007.

Among Kia fans and enthusiasts, the Kee concept has been recognized as a landmark in the Kia Motor Corporation’s evolution as it points the way to Kia’s sporty future.


Kia Trinity is a five passenger sports sedan that sports some very unique exterior design elements. It features an eye-catching set of LED day-running lights placed in the front bumper and a H-shaped signature grille.

 Just like Kia Kee, the Trinity also features a dynamic profile with striking greenhouse treatment and rides on a rubber-wrapped 20-inch alloy wheels.

About Kia Kee

kiatrinitydesignsketch.jpgKia Kee concept is a two-door sports coupe, powered by 2.7L V6 engine.

The engine mounted under the hood generates around 200 horsepower and is mated to the six-speed manual transmission.

Coated in lime-yellow paint, the Kee is believed to be the first Kia concept car to be designed under Peter Schreyer’s guidance. It is also the first Kia vehicle that featured “the new face” of Kia, which has been already implemented across the entire Kia lineup.

Update: follow the link below to find latest updates on Trinity sports sedan. Update No.2: Check out the side profile and rear shot of Kia Trinity concept.


The Trinity sports sedan has received some styling updates and now looks even hotter!

kiareftrinbg-copy.jpg     kiarearside1.jpg     kiareartrin.jpg

46 thoughts on “Kia Trinity; the Kee concept inspired sports sedan

  1. I like the name of the company: Haleewood Designs. Get it? Lee Ha, Ha-lee-wood, Hollywood?


    I also like the vehicle! Is this something Kia is looking at producing (concept or production) or just a design sketch specific to Lee Ha (and not connected to Kia)?

  2. Lets see more radical designs. Thats what is selling.. Nobody wants to buy a box..

  3. Its ok but the 2 white squarish boxes on both sides on the Grille Area kill it.

  4. Actually you can keep those if you raise the grille a little higher, or make the Grille Bigger.

  5. Also slope the trunk down a little for a little more rear visibility. Other than those gripes, I think this is workable.

  6. I think the white squarish things are supposed t o be LED Lights..

  7. This is a very interesting render and the rendering style is almost immaculate!
    Just a few things tho… the rear wheels in all three renders are off. In the front view the perspective is bad as it gets to the rear, the side view the wheel is just copied from the front and the proportions are off and the rear view the wheel just looks bent… its just a problem with the ellipse on the rear view. The grille is also out of perspective but otherwise the surfaces are well communicated and many thoughtful elements can be seen in the design. Excellent work!

  8. I thought Kee was designed 6 months before peter shreyer arrived at Kia… and he only added a new grill.

  9. Thanks all for your comments! I appreciate everyone of it. I currently am working on a revised version of this concept and a Opirus Amanti. So stay tuned.

  10. I currently am working on a revised version of this concept and a Opirus Amanti Sedan & Coupe So stay tuned.

  11. this soo hot!!theres just nothin wrong with it.all it needs now is production

  12. hey!! haleewood i also have some kia inspired sketches.how can i possibly share them with you or kia.

  13. Thanks I’m glad you like it.
    I would love to see some of your sketches. Email me @ Haleewood@gmail.com
    1st of all start by making a name for yourself by putting yourself out there anyway possible from postings here and there and get to know people, like himi of kia-world.net

  14. Thanks guys…I’m glad you like this version of the car. Side and rear view to come…and a new sneak peak at Haleewood Designs Exodus Roadster for Kia?

  15. So… not to splash cold water on top or anything, but is there actually any chance that Kia might be considering this as one of their next model? In 5 years?

  16. in my opinion no. It a very nice looking car but i don’t see it happening. Haleewood please correct me if i am wrong, but you made this in your free time you don’t work for kia. The only way for kia to put this car in the market they would have to buy it form Haleewood and then do what ever they have to do.

    Like i said before Haleewood if you do work for kia please correct me.

  17. WOW! I am a mother of three and this car looks great! My sons and husband love it & can’t wait for it to be available!

  18. whoa as a single guy livin in da city, i’d def. cruise around wit my gurl in dis ride!

  19. this car is great for anything! i can tell it’ll look hot whether i go out with my friends or just pick up some breads from the grocery store!

  20. Is this really going to be the new KIA? HaLeewood, you got some really killer designs. I really think if this comes out, it would be a big hit. The name itself says it all. The LED light really got me. I love it.

  21. Awesome designs! I’ve been looking for the perfect car that just spells out “SEBASTIAN” and this is definately it! Kudos to you, HaLeeWood!

  22. 😮 Now this is a flashy ride. I can see this up there competing with the new Lexus IS. Looking forward to seeing this in the future. Good work there Hollywood 😀

  23. this car really took me by surprise. Seeing one on the street is like god on the road.

  24. isellkia…You are correct, that I do not work for KIA. I’m just a designer show casing my work out there in hopes for an Opportunity with KIA. So…all i have to do is wait. Thanks for your comments though I appreciate it.

  25. damn son looks sexy, finally you put that talent to good use, hope they use it lee

  26. Hello Everyone…Thanks for viewing. Show your support and lets see this on the road!

  27. @haleewood, the first sketch you drew, if KIA ever hire you as a designer, you should use that as a back design for 4 cylinder and for 6 cyl., you should use the back design from updated one. That makes sense i think. But i am not a designer or anything, but the updated grill looks big and awkward. I know you are still revising it, just letting you know from my perspective.

  28. hi i am so happy for kia cars. my dream to have a kia kee coupe. it is a nice sport car. so the problem is not enough money. so happy to all that they have the kia kee .
    good luck to you all . thank you so much.
    can you help me to have one?
    i am wisam khair from bethlehem, palestine…

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