Kia Trackster concept headed for Chicago Auto Show

Kia Track’ster concept car set to make its official public premiere at the 2012 Chicago auto show!

Kia Motors America today released the very-first teaser image of its up-coming Track’ster concept vehicle. The Soul-based concept car will be officially unveiled at the 2012 Chicago Auto Show next week.

Designed by Kia’s Californian design studio (led by Tom Kearns), the Track’ster concept car sports a three-door hatchback body style and low roofline. It also features larger wheels and more aggressive body kit than the current Kia Soul. Under the hood, the Track’ster features a highly-potent turbo-charged four-cylinder engine with 250 horsepower.

The current Kia Soul has been a smashing success in the States with sales topping 102.000 units last year, but the model is already four years old and development of the next-generation Soul is well underway. Therefore we think the Track’ster does not only showcase the carmaker’s evolving design language, but also gives us a clear idea as to what the next Kia Soul will look like.

Kia says that there are no plans for Track’ster to enter production at this point, but positive public reaction might change Kia’s initial plans. Full details about the hot-looking concept vehicle will be released on February 8th, so stay tuned.

Kia Track’ster concept:

8 thoughts on “Kia Trackster concept headed for Chicago Auto Show

  1. I think it looks absolutely amazing (so far). Most likely, the final concept won’t be as agressive as the one previewed here, but still far sportier that the current Kia Soul.

    What do you think, about this… should Kia build a “Soul”sub-brand similarly to Toyota Prius brand? The Soul brand would include a Soul FWD crossover, Soul all-wheel-drive, Soulster pick-up and sporty Track’ster … and perhaps an all-electric Soul… wouldn’t that be interesting? Kia could rival Mini with such a range…

  2. Quite a concept… a Soul on steroids. Great signature design cues. Now let’s see what lands up on the showroom floor.

  3. Obviously this is just a styling exercise, because the lines are too undefined, too sketchy at this point. It looks like a chopped & channeled Soul. In other words; this could be a Kia Tuner Car/vehicle. I said all that to say this………BRING IT.

    Kia, this is very aggressive,racy,sporty and looks great. Sounds even better with 250+ hp and AWD. Keep weight as light as possible.
    Could this have future rally plans???

    Build it, Bring it and stay true to original design. IT WILL SELL. That’s what this is all about.Sales!!

    Build it, Bring it, Sell it. We will buy it. Your target market is probably more for the younger generation, But surprise,surprise;
    I am 66 and I love it. I still like things Fast,w/horsepower & handling & practicality!!! Good idea KIA.

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