Kia to unveil V8-powered RWD sports coupe in Frankfurt

Kia is rumored to be working on a series of sports cars, including the new V8-powered sports coupe that is scheduled to make its official premiere as a concept car at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show.

In order to bolster the brand’s image and give the company a standout flagship vehicle, Kia aims to enter a muscle car arena.

According to British magazine WhatCar?, Kia plans to unveil a pair of concpet cars to gauge interest among consumers in Europe and USA.

First Kia concept coupe to be displayed is the V8-powered rear-wheel-drive sports coupe that shares its RWD platform and V8 Tau engine with the 2012 Hyundai Genesis sedan.

The unnamed V8 coupe will be followed by another study, using the same architecture and powertrain technology as the first one.

The second concept will make its official public premiere at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show in January. If public opinion of the rumored concept cars is strong, a production model could hit the market within two to three years.

Additionally, Kia is also seriously considering to unveil a smaller and more affordable sporty convertible to rival the Mazda MX-5 as well as creating a performance-oriented sub-brand similar to Opel’s OPC or Chrysler’s SRT.

The sub-brand would release the long-awaited hot-hatches based on the next-generation cee’d and 2012 Kia Rio. [Source: WhatCar?]

4 thoughts on “Kia to unveil V8-powered RWD sports coupe in Frankfurt

  1. Kia needs to think BIG with this next KOUPE. We have the Kia Koupe sharing the same body style with the Forte.

    In my opinion chop the top off the Forte put a new front fascia on it and whoola go out there and battle Miata.

    Now the KUE concept would be perfect stretched 2 inches longer and 2 inches wider than a Ford Mustang. That is the target car in the bullseye. Camaro LOL LOL LOL sorry fellas it is not a practicle car. People I have asked about it or driven a rental version HATE the interior and complain of the smallish rear window and lastly the car is all body no interior.

    Last the second coupe is the BMW 6 series coupe killer. That is where I think the K9 overall dimensions are PERFECT for a full grown up rear wheel drive pack your buddies in the back seat lets go bar hopping, basket ball court dominating, blind date enough room in the back seat to slap it flip it rub it down, KIA KING KOUPE. I have been waiting a long time for a GROWN MAN and I AM PROUD KOUPE.

    KIA ARE YOU HEARING ME!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Theophilus Chin did a really good photoshop of a Rio-like face on the Forte. I really liked it. I linked the picture into my screen name.

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