Kia RWD Sport Sedan Concept At 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show

Kia previews a sensational rear-wheel-drive sports sedan concept!

Earlier today, Kia released five images of its all-new concept vehicle that will make its official debut at the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show.

Designed under the direction of Kia design boss Peter Schreyer, the K9 concept car features attractively styled exterior layout with low-slung roof, which gives the sedan a coupe-like profile, while inside, the K9 features sophisticated and elegant four-seater cockpit.

Kia’s latest concept car will be displayed in Frankfurt alongside new Kia Rio 3-door and  2016 Kia Soul.

While we have already seen the visually updated Soul crossover, the Rio 3-door will be put on display for the first time!

We will bring you more information about Kia‘s sport sedan concept, new Soul and Rio 3-door in September! Stay tuned!

Kia K9 concept car gallery:

Find more details on new and upcoming Kia models here at the kia-world.net.

10 thoughts on “Kia RWD Sport Sedan Concept At 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show

  1. I love this design…I’ll be looking for one in red for myself if I haven’t bought something else between the ’08 Lancer GTS and when this RWD 4-door V8 sedan from Kia Motors comes out.

  2. If you decide to build this Kia, leave as close to concept as possible , very good looking!

  3. When the hell is Kia USA going to finally release Prices and Specifications for the 2012 Kia Rio5? This promised “News Release” that was posted on Wed Aug 17, was just a rehash of the same old news released early in the year at the New York International Auto Show. Everything pertaining to this vehicle from prices, colors and options are on the Kia Canada website. It looks like they will be unloaded from the Car-Carriers at the Kia Dealerships in the U.S. before further information is revealed.

  4. Kia K9 will (never) make into final production in that radical concept form, IMO, just saying…

  5. himi-that link shows a car more like the Cadenza or something, something a lot more conventional looking. This K9 RWD V8 looks way more unconventional and seriously sporty-unusual, exotic sporty. I would love if Kia kept it mostly like on these early teaser pics.

  6. Well done Kia and Peter schryer. Keep up the good work. Can’t wait to see the other concept and see how different they actually are. If it were between this and a Miata Fighter I would have to lean towards this in RWD or AWD price tag starting around $28,000 to $29,000 canadian and HAS to have a stick (6 speed) maybe a 3.8 v6 and 4.6 V8 but tweaked from our current engines to provide more HP and better fuel consumption.

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