Kia To Open World’s First Solar-Powered Dealership

Kia Motors South Africa -KMSA is stepping up its plan to become environmentally conscious by opening a solar powered car dealership in Weltevreden Park in February 19, 2013.

This will be Kia’s first eco-friendly dealership, as well as the first in the automotive industry!

Construction on the dealership started in January of 2012, with the completion date set for one year later. At a massive 3620m2, this will be the flagship dealership for KMSA.

There will be two major areas that will be part of the eco-friendly philosophy of the new Kia dealership, which will be using renewable energy to save power and water recycling.

The main power source for the massive dealership will come from 288 solar panels mounted on the roof. They will create a maximum of 69kW of power each day, which is enough to power about 22 households.

That power is then divided and sent to three convertors which will deliver three-phase electricity at a 50 Hertz and 240 volts capacity. The power is then used as needed, with the excess stored in three state-of-the-art battery banks.

As well as storing the excess power, the batteries will also serve as an emergency back-up system to be used in the event of severe weather or a power outage.

In those situations, the energy will be transferred to the three inverters, which should create enough emergency power for up to 12 hours.

In keeping with the environmental policies of the dealership, low wattage luminaries (fluorescent and compact fluorescent lamps) will be used in major areas of the building.

4×54 Watt lamps will be used in place of the usual high base 400 Watt lamps. The result will be the same level of lighting, but a decrease in energy use.

Occupancy sensors will be used in many parts of the building so that the lights will automatically switch off when no-one is in those areas.

Recycled water

Recycled water is also going to be a major contributor to the eco-friendly design of Kia Weltevreden, thanks to a state-of -the -art filtration system.

Any rainwater that falls will be collected on the roof of the building before being distributed into 6 containers, each of which can hold 10,000 liters of water.

That water is then distributed to the car wash, where it used and then sent through the water filtration system.

Any dirt, oil, and soap that is the water will be removed, purifying the water in the process. That water is then sent back to the containers where the whole process begins again.

David Sieff, national marketing manager of Kia Motors South Africa, said that the Kia brand has made the move to a whole new level.

He also noted that the company feels that that in order to become leaders in the industry, Kia must combine great quality products at affordable prices with ventures such as the eco-friendly dealership.

Kia is spreading their eco-friendly philosophy to a global scale by offering electric, hybrid electric, and fuel cell versions of certain models. As the demand for these types of vehicles grows, Kia will expand their efforts even further across the globe.

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