Kia to offer ISG star-stop technology in North America

Kia says it will bring start-stop technology to North America within two years!

Kia is finally bringing some of its cutting-edge eco-friendly technology to North America. We are talking about the start-stop technolgy, which is already available on certain European models including Kia cee’d and new Kia Venga.

Called ISG (Idle Stop and Go), the innovative start-stop system automatically switches the engine off when the car is stopped or rolling forwards at less than 4 kilometers per hour.

According to the company, the fuel-saving ISG technology will be available on many North American vehicles within two years. “Start-stop will be a key part of our development activity in the next two product cycles (in 2012 and 2016)” said Timothy White, Hyundai-Kia’s senior powertrain manager during the SAE World Congress.

The new technology is expected to provide a 3 percent increase in fuel economy across entire Kia line-up and will help the automaker to achieve to meet tougher North American fuel economy requirements.

Kia has been one of the first automakers in Europe to offer start-stop technology on mass-market cars.

5 thoughts on “Kia to offer ISG star-stop technology in North America

  1. Lovely, happy that Kia realises thaty hybrids are not the SOLE solution to reducing carbon emissions in cars…so much power is lost simply in the process of getting power from the engine to the wheels

  2. I don’t think that it’ll help them meet CAFE standards. The current city cycle only includes one stop. So unless the EPA agrees to a new test, CAFE ratings won’t change. Still, it’ll help in real-world driving and word will get around.

  3. An Optima Coupe would make a lot of sense as a competitor to Accord Coupe and Altima Coupe. If Kia wants to play the sporty card, a Coupe version of the Optima is a must.

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