Kia targets sales of 30,000 Forte sedan by the end of this year

Kia Forte sedan was launched in South Korean market at the end of August and there are rumors circulating on the world-wide-web that the demand for this attractively styled four-door sedan has been pretty high so far. According to some reports, Kia has sold more than 8,000 units up to date, with 6,000 Fortes being sold in the first 20 days.

At it’s domestic launching ceremony Kia Motors expressed intentions to sell 30,000 units of the Forte this year. About 10,000 units are expected to be sold on it’s domestic Korean market, while the rest will be exported overseas. The overseas shipments for the Forte sedan are starting this fall, with first Fortes being shipped to South Africa, Middle East and Latin America. The official date of Forte’s US sales start has not been released yet, but you can expect to see the Forte at your US dealerships in the first months of 2009.

In 2009, Kia aims to sell 220,000 Fortes, with exports accounting for 170,000 of the total, while a year later, the company plans to increase Forte’s sales figures to 250,000 units.

The all-new Forte draws heavily on the style of the Koup concept and features new, edgier look. It was designed under the baton of Kia’s design chief Peter Schreyer, whose works include some hot-looking models, such as Audi TT and Volkswagen Beetle.Kia Forte will replace the good old Spectra/Cerato model, which was placed in the market in 2004 has been since then the best selling Kia car.

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14 thoughts on “Kia targets sales of 30,000 Forte sedan by the end of this year

  1. 6000 in 20 days. thats avg. of 300 per day!!! haha!!! thats unbelievable!!! if they sell 100 per day for 300 days [approx. 10 months] they’ll make it too the 30k target. in real life they might have crossed that target within 10-11 months. Thats awesome!

  2. i REALLY do like this car. i might actually go for this rather than a Soul but i won’t know til i see them both.

  3. ??????? ???, ????????? ???????, Forte & Magentis ????????? ??? ????????, ?????? ???????????? ??????.
    ???? ??????, ??? Forte ??????? ? ??????? ??????? ????? ??? Magentis, ?? ???? ???????????? ? ???????, ????? ???? ??????, ?? ?????? ???????? ???? ????????? ????????? ? ??????? Forte.
    ? ??????? , New Magentis ? ?????? ???????????? ? 2L ?????????? ????????? ? $26700, ??? ????? ?? ??????, ??? ? ?????????? ?????? – ??????? Magentis ?? ????? ?????????? ???, ??? ???????? ???? ????? Forte – ???? …

  4. I’m really very interested to see how well equipped the Forte/Spectra is when it hits the US. I’m also hoping they go with Forte as the new name in the US since this seems like such a leap ahead of the (decent, if not amazing) Spectra.

  5. The Specrta here now is dumb. No leather, no nothing. It sucks! They are supposed to keep the Spectra name, but I’ll be changing mine’s badging to Forte because it just plain sounds sexy and luxurious. Gimme a turbo Forte Koup with AWD, and I’ll be happy. Little known fact is that the Koup concept has a Haldex concept AWD system, which should be an available option starting in 2010-2012 an most, if not all Kias. I just hope that Kia keeps a good range of their vehicles. The same cheap base models that the “everyday commuter” wants, and the hot luxurious top-of-the-line models for those who crave a sport luxury. I want 300 horses under the hood, and luxury in the cabin. Like a mini Lexus, only not a Toyota product. My current new car fund has exactly $11,738.23 in it, and it has 2 years to build. I picked up a job selling Kias on the side, and I am damn good at it.

  6. Now how do you know its haldex. it might be Kia’s AWD which they were using on current sportage [09]

  7. If it’s about Kia, Greg is a pretty reliable source of information. Haldex/Kia AWD is an awesome option to be able to choose. I also think they ought to drop the Spectra name with the advent of this car and go to Forte. Do it Kia, change the name to Forte!

  8. Опять-таки достаточно побочная проблема. Вряд ли она кому-то мешает, мне вот лично как то пофигу :)

  9. Sub-titles from Russian to English would be nice….heres my translation.

    “Again, a secondary issue. Hardly anyone, it prevents me here personally as pofigu” ???

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