Kia Tam interior images

Here are the very-first interior spy shots of the forthcoming Kia TAM. Have a look!


Although we have seen some Kia TAM spy shots before, this is the first time we get an up-close look at the interior of Kia’s first-ever “kei-style” car. These spy shots are not of the highest quality, but at least they give us the first good look at the TAM’s interior layout.

The new Kia Tam is a sub-compact crossover vehicle built upon the same platform as 2012 Kia Picanto. Although the actual dimensions of the vehicle have not been release yet, the TAM appears to be about the same size as Picanto city-car, with exception of much higher roof. Perfect size for rural city area.

Some people state the up-coming Kia TAM looks heavily inspired by the VW Bulli Microbus concept, which made its official debut at Geneva Auto Show, while other say it looks like Kia KV-7 concept car. Nobody, except of Kia engineers and designers, know exactly how the actual production model looks like, but we do expect the car to boast bold exterior design with prominent wheel arches.

Rumored to hit the South Korean market in August this year, the Kia TAM will be propelled by Kia’s 1,0L Kappa engine that packs 69 horsepower. Mated to the fuel-savy powerplant will be the four-speed automatic transmission. [Photo-source: Chagal.org]

Kia TAM interior images:

16 thoughts on “Kia Tam interior images

  1. Sorry, It does`nt work for me! Compared to the new Kia Picanto, the Kia TAM is a true “Shit Box”. Why bother putting the time and monies into it`s development when you got a REAL Winner with the Picanto?

  2. Kia TAM is somehow a “pilot” project for Kia. It’s a niche model that targets those people living in large cities where you can hardly find a parking space for large-sized cars.

    In Japan such cars sell really well, so why not try it in Korea?? There’s no competition within the same niche at all, so you can hardly go wrong with such a vehicle. If everything goes well, TAM could be another winner for Kia.

  3. any exterior photos to go with these? how do we know this is the tam? Looks more like the new rondo to me. Kia has confirmed that they are re doing it and we are supposed to have it 1st or 2nd quarter of 2012. Just my thaughts. And it makes sense when you look at the shifter, and the over all size and feel of interior.

  4. If Kia is trying to have the Tam compete with the “Smart Car”, ok. But, it seems the perfect A-Segment vehicle has been perfected with the Kia Picanto!

  5. I want to know exactly who it was that “confirmed” this new Rondo. I would also like to know where and how it was “confirmed”. I think the TAM is a whole different market segment than the Picanto. Look at the Forte 5-door and the Soul. Basically the same segment (c-segment) with many of the same features…along with close dimensions…but they appeal to different people.

  6. Hey Greg. I can’t disclose to you where I have seen this (in fear of loosing my job) but i guarantee you that the rondo is being re-done. sorry dude wish i could give you concrete evidence…. but i can’t.

  7. Well then please understand how I feel about not being able to believe you. If you can give us update on the Rondo, you should be ale to confirm the K9 as well as a Roadster, Optima Koup, re-done Forte, re-done Sedona and other models that have been speculated. Surely if your job has let you know that the Rondo is being re-done, you are not limited to knowing about just the Rondo. Confirm other new models, and we will see what happens with time. Kia has the Sportage, Sorento, and Forte 5-door. If they introduce a new Rondo, it would have to have a feature (features) distinguishing from the other 3, to even make it in any market. I could sit here and say that Kia is coming out with an 800 HP supercar, and it would make about as much sense as Kia building a new Rondo.

  8. Really Greg. You find it harder to believe that the rondo would be re done as compared to building an 800 hp rear wheel drive super car……… really???? Yet the Amanti (which sales are lower than the Rondo) would be re-done????

  9. Kia has no vehicle in the large car segment. Kia has the mini-MPV segment PACKED with Sportage, Sorento, and Forte 5-Door. I can MAYBE see a Rondo for other markets, but not the US market.

  10. @Greg. Your right I am sure the “Rondo” won’t come to the US. But I believe it will under a different name. Look at the spectra/ Forte. Kia is smart in changing the name to a vehicle that doesn’t do well.

  11. I wonder what the build ratio will be with the new 2012 Kia Rio and Rio5 with the ISG Technology? Depending on how much extra they charge for it and until its proven to be trouble free, I might pass on it the first year unless its “standard equipment”. Ford tried to charge lots of extra money for its SFE Package which really did not significantly increase fuel economy compared to Fiesta`s that did not have it. Of course, it basically only changed the tires to a low rolling resistance tire upgrade while everything else remained the same.

  12. Corwin, One Package for Canadian ISG? Meaning….only one Trim Level will have it as an option or ALL 2012 Kia Rio`s will have it?

  13. Corwin, I would imagine that would be the top of the line SX series, correct? Have options and colors combinations been release yet for Canada. KMA in USA has not released specific information regarding package combinations, option packages nor prices to date. Even KMA media has no information available till future date. Maybe in Late July or August it will be released assuming the vehicle will be launched in late Oct or Nov. Hope they have begun full production so that sufficient inventory will be available when they finally are being shipped to Dealers.

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