Kia Stinger Launched In 3 Different Exterior Colors, More To Be Available

Early look at the available color combinations for the Kia Stinger 2018 (model year)…

For years now, there has been talk about the possibility of Kia entering the high-performance sports sedan segment.

That talk began back in 2011 with the GT concept was unveiled in Frankfurt, but the future has now arrived with the 2018 Kia Stinger being launched in Detroit this past week.

It’s a stunning looking vehicle inside and out, and while we now know all the relevant specs, there is one detail still to be revealed: the 2018 Kia Stinger color options.

2018 Kia Stinger colors – exterior

Exterior colors of Kia Stinger 2018 MYThere were three different Kia Stinger exterior colors – blue, red, and a brilliant looking light grey – shown off in Detroit.

But you can bet that those will not be the only color options available for the Stinger.

We will almost definitely also get a black, dark gray and white paints, but beyond that, who knows.

We have seen the bold color choices that Kia has made with the Soul, so there is real reason to be excited about what’s to come.

Kia Stinger interior color choices

A number of different Kia Stinger interior color combinations were also on display, and these seemed to be dependent on the trim level.

You had a Stinger with black dashboard and either red or white seats and door accents, as well as an all brown dashboard with brown / black inserts on the seats.

These may end up being the only options delivered, but we will find out more closer to the cer’s release date later this year.

We will keep you up to date with all the latest Stinger news and developments.

Fact: the exact 2018 Kia Stinger color range has yet to be announced!

15 thoughts on “Kia Stinger Launched In 3 Different Exterior Colors, More To Be Available

  1. I always liked the Optima, awesome car, but the latest Optima that was “redesigned” looks too much like the previous one. And now the Stinger, which is a really nice car, also looks similar to the Optima. It’s hard to change a good thing, but Kia has to differentiate it’s models better, in my opinion…

  2. although I agree that the Optima “re-design” was disappointing I personally think the Stinger GT is 10 out of 10. 3 of the most iconic names in auto design have absolutely nailed the Stinger GT!

  3. Would look fantastic in black (metal roofed convertible) v 6 up front and a sports exhaust……sound system not required…..

  4. Denis, it’s not a hatchback it is clear from the photos it is a 4 door sedan. You can’t have a coupe hatchback for a start.

  5. Hey Dennis most sedan have folding seats these days s hatch is a car were the boot or trunk lifts up including the back window

  6. On of my favorite brands it is nice to see Kia always keeping pace with the market regarding style. Ho war they have come – not too long ago they were on life support.
    I do have to wonder though that this car is a V6 might that hurt Cadenza sales?

    Perhaps even replace it?

  7. looks like I will be unloading the truck in the rain because it won,t fit in my garage with the hatch up. This will be a deal breaker.

  8. Like the sports sedan with all wheel drive very sporty and like power of gt
    I like the hatchback plenty of room for vacations and golf clubs
    I have always owned luxury SUV bu may look at this if it’s in similar price range

    Looks nice

  9. I want it! I love the dependability of the Kia brand! If this car drives like it looks, one will be in my driveway when it’s available!

  10. I can’t wait to buy one. Most people won’t know what it is and think their crappy Civic can beat it 0-60. Can’t wait to see them in my back mirror. I have a 2006 Hyundai now with 150k miles and it’s 3.8 liter engine makes me feel the same way. A sleeper that can smoke most stock sedans with the exception of the Infinity G37 and some other bigger engine 6 cylinders or 8’s.

  11. Tom D. Your comments are not valid. Civic owners are not arrogant fools. The drivers you are thinking of are the ones who drive the Scions, Corollas with the “spoiler”, any Nissan model, Prius, any Lexus model, Honda Fit,and even some domestic sports cars. But please do not even think that Civic drivers think that they can outpace a Kia Stinger. Although I drive a Civic and I routinely outpace BMW 330i’s..because they drive so SLOOOOOOOW. Probably do not want to scratch up that fancy paint job. OR too busy texting, putting on make up playing with themselves, etc…to concentrate on driving. If you own a sports car….then drive it like one.

    Is that too much to ask?

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