Kia Soul Denim Special Edition

Kia released the 2010 model year Soul Denim Special Edition, available in exlusive “Denim” exterior color.

Production limited to 1.200 units. Available at starting price of $17.300

Kia Motors America released information and details on the all-new, special edition Soul model line, the 2010 Denim Kia Soul.

The 2010 model year Kia Soul Special Edition will consist of a combination of unique exterior color and various factory installed accessories.

Exclusive to Kia Special Edition compact crossover is a unique exterior color called “Denim”, while white painted side-view mirrors with matching white 18-inch alloy wheels and bold off-set white racing stripe complete its rally-inspired exterior look.

In addition to that, Kia Soul Special Edition also benefits from a wing-type rear spoiler and front fender turn signal indicator lights.

The Soul Special Edition is based on the Soul+ model and includes audio and moonroof upgrade package as well as a set of front fog-lights. Interior is all black, while seats received the Soul logo inserts. Additionally, Soul Special Edition also gets floor mats and iPod cable.

Pricing starts at $17.300 for the five-speed manual transmission equipped Soul, and $18,250 with an automatic. According to Kia, production for the Soul Special Edition is going to be limited to only 1.200 units.

kia-soul-denim.jpg     kia-soul-denim-se.jpg     kiasoulspecialedition.jpg

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31 thoughts on “Kia Soul Denim Special Edition

  1. Finally! I posted this info in the Soul Forum 3 days ago! It looks fantastic in person. Kia plans to roll out numerous Soul Special Editions similar as Scion’s “Release Series v1.0, v2.0, etc”

  2. That makes it complete, himi! This is the one I would gt, too, if I bought a Soul. That looks great, grey with a white stripe on it, too, might I add. That gives the car that little edge to it to fully complete it!

  3. I agree, Bryan!
    If find this white stripe perfect and not too offensive like the dragon vinyl. And white alloys look great too.

  4. I think this Soul looks Awsome!!!!!!!!! I love how Kia are using the versitility of design for this model. It just looks SOOOOOO GOOD! Only 1,200 units! I guess we wont see that one in the UK. However no worries we got the Soul train headding our way. A show case of the Soul in all different designs Will try to get some pics for Kia world.

  5. Im so glad last night my wife and I decided to do some car shopping and really liked the Kia Soul. So as I pulled into the dealership this morning (just to see how roomy they are) I noticed the transport truck pulling into the dealership with a new Denim model so I had to check it out. It just stood out, its just a cool little car and only one with a five speed. So I am happy to say tomorrow my wife will be picking up her new Kia Soul Denim.

  6. i bought one last night! i went in just looking for a red soul+ but fell in love with the denim special edition! i pick it up later this week and cannot wait!

  7. i drove the denim yesterday. i like the white on blue look and the solid color interior. I think it’s the best looking soul offered.

  8. Bought a denim special edition a few days ago and love it. Had the stripe removed and like it better that way, but that’s a personal thing. The white wheels and mirrors look great as a contrast to the denim!

  9. Got mine last Friday.I have an iPhone and it won’t set the Bluetooth , can someone help?

  10. I just got my Denim on Saturday. Wasn’t even looking to get a Soul until I saw this puppy. Fell in love at first acceleration. Haven’t wanted to get outta my car since!

  11. I just got my Denim on Saturday. Wasn’t even looking to get a Soul until I saw this puppy. Fell in love at first acceleration. Haven’t wanted to get outta my car since! However, I dont think mine came with the ipod cable…is it hidden somewhere in the car?!

  12. We drove one tonite, I really love the way it handles and my Kids are all down with the sporty stripe and awesome profile, the white alloy 18″ wheels look great.. any chance that makes the Denim faster than the ! or Sports?? ( bigger circumfrence means an 18 ” wheel travels farther than a 16 ” wheel rotating at the same RPM!! :) its at the max for our price range I’m still backwards on my Xterra, But I haveny felt this good about a Car sinc I bought my 68 El Camino when I was 18 !

  13. The ! and Sport have the same wheels, the only difference is the Denim’s are painted white. You won’t regret your purchase. We were slightly backwards (only about 3k) on our Spectra when we bought our Optima, but the Optima we traded for is a much better car. Good luck in your decision!

  14. Taking delivery of Denim Soul today. Totally excited. Thought we wanted the 5 speed manual but actually after driving both the automatic and manual the automatic trans won out. It’s very peppy and I like the ECO indicator (lets you know when you are saving gas) They said the automatic will get a bit better mileage than the manual…. How bout those lighted speakers people…

  15. Had my kia denim soul for almost 2 weeks now. I now take the long way home for extra driving time!

  16. I bought my Denim last month and love it. The dealership told me that Kia Soul had gone on strike and their would be no more Soul’s until next year, but I can’t find any evidence to back this up. Anyway, the Denim Soul is a great car and fun to drive and looks great with the white accents. The Bluetooth doesn’t work with all cell phones. I bought a Samsung Eternity and it works. Are the headlights suppose to turn off automaticaly?

  17. Going to get one of these Denims this wek..but my quote was 18400…think I can get em down a little what do you think??

  18. We got our denim through Cash/Clunkers program on 8/10/09. Handles real well on the mountain roads. Totally comfortable seats. After hours of driving I feel no back pain. That’s positive. I didn’t think that was possible.
    One ? I would love a padded arm rest for center console. Other than that We Love It :)

  19. I picked one up last week in Denim Blue, our dealership had traded and gotten a third once since the first 2 didn’t last more than 2 days. I love it. It is my second new Kia! Love the room, love the look, love the compliments I get on it!

  20. I am way too happy with my Denim Soul AKA Sexy B**** but I wonder how you find out what of the limited to 1200 number you have . Certainly seems to be a large amount of the limited popping up around my area. I would first like to know how you verify the limited just for the sake of knowing & I might like to use that number on a custom tag.
    The new tags/posters they gave us this year are a terrible match with SB’s Denim.

  21. I have been searching for a new car for a long time now, and i absolutely love the Denim Soul. The problem i am having around Pittsburgh is finding the Denim in an automatic. I may have to have one of the dealers check out of state for me. I also had no idea the white stripe could be removed. I wonder if it would affect the paint when they removed it…but i LOVE the white alloy wheels.

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