Kia Soul Convertible Is A Topless Variant Of The Hamster Ride

Artist rendering of the Kia Soul convertible (exclusive)!

Over the past few days, you have been teased with a tiny image of a beautiful cabrio car at the front page of this Kia blog.

It was no secret that the vehicle, showcased at that image, was a topless Kia Soul; a cabrio variant of the highly anticipated Kia Soul urban crossover.

I have announced to show you more images in one of the upcoming posts, and finally, here they are, revealing the Kia Soul Drop Top!

Before we take a closer look at this very unique Soul convertible, I’d like to let you know that all the credit for these awesome images go to Kevin, a member of our forums, who has specialized in 3D modeling.

Last week he shared with us an awesome looking three door Kia Soul painted in a striking orange color, which immediately generated a lot of positive feedback from our readers.

Perhaps this was the encouraging point for Kevin to start working on some other Soul variants, that he will present at the blog as well. So if you want to see another masterpiece work, come back in the next few days and check out the blog!

One more thing…Kevin kindly asked if you could post some comments on his work and perhaps suggest some ideas for the future Soul modifications!

Soul cabrio pics

soul_2dr_roadster1_sm.jpg      soul_2dr_roadster2_sm.jpg      soul_2dr_roadster3_sm.jpg

14 thoughts on “Kia Soul Convertible Is A Topless Variant Of The Hamster Ride

  1. Here are my two cents: This is briliant work Kevin! The Soul cabrio looks incredible and it should be built as soon as possible. The fact is small cars sell well right now, and small cabrios do too, so Kia bring it up!

    Keep the great work Kevin!! Can’t wait to see other Souls you’ll make!

  2. that’s awesome! i like the roof/color scheme too. Kevin, have you thought about sending these (this and the coupe soul) to Kia? you could even sell the ideas. that’s how the miata was made 😉

  3. this would be a good competition with the jeep wrangler.
    nissan is also making the murano into a convertible.
    if this comes out, the 3 will be the only suv-convertibles.

  4. As much as I love that Soul DropTop, I cannot see how this could be competition to the wrangler, not in size, not in drivetrain (Wrangler is 4×4), not in engines (even tough a 3.8 V6 Soul would probably be fun), and not in price…
    Furthermore you are forgetting the Land-Rover Defender 90, the Mercedes G, the Santana PS300, the Suzuki Jimny and more….
    And the Soul is NOT an SUV either…

  5. Kevin, you do an AMAZING JOB! I can’t wait for a Convertible Kia. This would be an awesome addition to the family. Heck I can’t wait til we get a Kia Two door Sports car. What would the Convertible Kia Soul look like with the top up as well?

  6. This looks great. It reminds me of the original Beetle and even the 80s Cabrio for some reason. Kia would make a killing with this. If they have any sense they would look into building this. This would steal sales from the Mini and Beetle convertables without a doubt. Good job Kevin!

    Try making a little pick-up truck version of the Soul in both 2dr and 4dr crew cab with a small bed!!

  7. it will be the tiniest bed in the world. it would make sense if he made it like the toyota A-bat concept with the bed attached ot the cab and you can increase space buy folding the setats.

  8. I have a orange kia soul 2 16crdi auto and its the best car I have owned I think after alot of car’s through t the years and I cannot wait to get my hands on a convertible to be brought out hurry PLEASE

  9. I love my kia soul, but if it was a convertible…that would be AMAZING! Love love love!

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