Kia Soul AWD Rumored, Possible Release Date

There can be no denying that the Kia Soul has done a lot to raise brand awareness for the Korean automakers, and with that comes demand for more.

While current owners love all that the new Soul delivers, they, and dealerships too, would love to see an expansion to the Soul model family.

One of the most common requests is for either a convertible version, which was actually seen as a surf-themed Soul’ster concept a while ago, as well as an all-wheel drive version.

The sub-compact crossover segment is currently exploding in popularity, so it makes sense that Kia Motors would think about expanding the range of the Soul in order to stay competitive in the market.

Kia Soul All Wheel Drive Rumors

With many new models expected to enter the segment in the coming months and years, the feeling is that an all-wheel drive version of the Kia Soul should not be that far away.

The rumors are already flying, with many believing that just such a model could arrive in dealerships within the next couple of years.

The all-wheel drive vesrion of the Soul would go head to head against the likes of the Renault Captur, Ford Ecosport and Opel Mokka, all of which are already available.

The real competition, though, might be with the VW Taigun, which is set to be released in 2016.

That date might actually be when we could expect to see the Soul family expanded to include an all-wheel drive version that would fit perfectly into the small crossover vehicle segment.

What we already know is that there are plans to introduce an all-electric version of the Soul in 2015.

There are also hopes that a sportier version will be introduced, similar to the Track’ster concept, but that looks pretty unlikely at the moment.

Since it’s believed that Kia really does want to expand the Soul model range, an all-wheel drive model looks like the best candidate.

But, what could we expect from such a “SUV” model?

All Terrain Look, 4WD System Optional

If you take a look at the designer rendering above, you can see that the Soul AWD would more than likely be based off if the recently redesigned 2014 Soul.

The base model would likely not include the AWD system, but it could be offered as an option.

The Soul all-wheel-drive version would likely have increased ground clearance so that it could offer all-terrain driving for the more adventurous motorists.

The styling would likely get a more rugged look, too, just to keep it in line with the sportier performance.

That might include such things as a slightly restyled bumpers (two tone color), two tone body and larger air intake with fog lamps. You should also expect a roof rack and possibly even larger alloy wheels.

Fuel Efficient Petrol, Diesel Engines

Under the hood, the Kia Soul 4WD would probably have the same 2.0L GDI four-cylinder engine found in the 2014 Soul model.

The European version would also likely come with a diesel option.

Time will only tell if Kia do decide to go the Soul AWD route, but if they listen to what people are saying in various car-related forums online, they would be wise to take that step as soon as possible.

5 thoughts on “Kia Soul AWD Rumored, Possible Release Date

  1. I knew it!

    I told ya’ll that a Soul AWD would be perfect!

    now let’s just wait until they confirm this so i can buy it!

  2. Not only do they need an AWD but it should also have the automatic lift gate too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I just called my Kia dealership yesterday and told them that I want the to call me if/when an AWD Soul arrives on the lot- I’ll take it! I love my Soul, but Canadian Winters are slick…

  4. I live in Michigan,and get pretty good lake effect snow fall in my area. I also have a home built on a hill with a long , fairly steep driveway..on my present Soul I use two sets of tires for the different seasons…that helps,and I love the car,but all wheel drive would be much better for my situation. Don’t wait too long Kia because I’m getting close to making a change…my wife drives a new Subaru Crosstrax.

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