Kia Soul 3-Door Image Rendering

The design of the second generation Kia Soul is on that has really captured the imagination of critics and consumers, alike.

It looks incredibly similar to the old model, but the upgrading and addition of options is what makes it so appealing.

No-one likes to use stereotypes, but it’s hard not to describe the new Soul as anything other than a fantastically fun and funky car.

The new Soul has a connection to the Kia Cee’d hatchback in that it uses the same underpinnings as that other popular model.

The Cee’d comes with a 3-door variant, which makes many wonder what a 3-door Kia Soul might look like.

If you look at the image rendering here you will see that those huge doors might be hard to open in a tight space, such as an underground parking lot.

There can be no denying that it would generate a whole lot of admiring glances, though, especially when finished in that bold mustard exterior color. [Source: xtomidesign]

Wanna see another cool-looking Kia Soul rendering?

How about an all-wheel-drive Kia Soul with more rugged all-terrain looks? See the Soul AWD rendering here.

3 thoughts on “Kia Soul 3-Door Image Rendering

  1. Wish the new Soul retained more of the Track’ster’s design instead of being so watered down.

    As for a 3-door or more performance-oriented variant, likely not going to happen as Kia already has problems supplying enough Souls as it is and Kia doesn’t have the capacity to add on production unless they build/expand a plant.

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