Kia Small Coupe To Rival Toyota FT-86 RWD

Toyota’s GT86 was a winning formula that just begged to be recreated by rival automakers, and it looks like Kia might be the first company to deliver a rival model.

According to reports in UK publication, “What Car?,” Kia Motors have already begun working on a 2-seater coupe that will rival the Toyota GT86, as well as the Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ siblings.

The word was delivered to the magazine by US design chief Tom Kearns, who said that the company has been studying an affordable, 2-seat, rear wheel drive coupe.

Industry insiders believe that such a model might just give Kia the touch of charisma it needs.

Kia coupe pictureThis lends some real credence to the rumors that the South Korean automaker was going to show off a series of rear-drive coupe concepts at major auto shows to get a feel for what the public thinks.

To date, the only car that Kia has delivered to match that is the Kia GT concept which was first unveiled at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show.

Perhaps this means that something is in the works for the Frankfurt Motor Show in September.

Kearns also spoke about how the company would like to see the all new Soul become Kia’s version of the Mini or Beetle.

That might eventually lead to a family of models for the popular boxy car.

The company is reportedly considering a soft-top version, like the Soulster concept, as well as a 2-seater and pickup model.

Stay tuned for latest news about the future Kia coupe model!

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