Kia Rumored To Release New Optima Body Styles

When Kia Motors launches the next-generation Optima mid-size sedan next year, they may also expand the existing model range.

The highly-popular Optima mid-size sedan has been available in a sedan-form only for years, but latest rumors suggest the carmaker could launch several other body styles soon.

This would likely happen several months after the release of the fully-redesigned Optima sedan, which is scheduled to go on sale next year as a 2016 model year vehicle.

Likely candidates are the long-rumored wagon-style Optima model and a 2-door Optima coupe, with the first having a better chance of reaching the serial mass production.

New Optima SketchThe coupe version of the 2016 Optima would certainly make a bigger impact among consumers and automobile media worldwide thanks to a more attractive styling, however, the model would most likely sell only in small numbers.

On the other hand, the Optima wagon would have a better chance of selling in larger numbers.

Wagon-type vehicles are certainly popular in Europe and demand on other International markets, including the USA and China appears to be on the rise.

At this point, none of the two aforementioned body-styles has been confirmed for production (with the exception of a regular 4-door sedan, of course!).

If Kia decides to bring more Optima models to life, we will know it first! So, stay tuned as we are going to keep you updated on new 2016 Optima car rumors and news!

Confirmed Kia Optima Body-Styles & Powertrains For 2016

The 4-door Optima sedan will be launched in the USA and Canada early next year.

The model will offer a choice of several different powertrains, including the:

  • 1,6L GDI 4-cylinder turbo engine (around 180 horsepower)
  • 2,4L GDI 4-cylinder engine (around 200 horsepower)
  • 2,0L GDI turbo engine (245 horsepower)
  • hybrid-electric drivetrain (electric motor + gasoline engine)
  • plug-in hybrid drivetrain (first-ever Kia plug-in hybrid vehicle)

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