Kia Roadside Assistance (Phone Number) USA

Things to know about the Kia USA roadside assistance program (phone number, contact, flat tire, etc…).

When you buy a new car, you want to be reassured that you have made a sound investment.

After all, you are looking at tens of thousands of dollars going into your new ride, and the last thing you want is to have to be shelling out even more money for repairs over the next couple of years.

If it’s total peace of mind that you are looking for in that regard, then you need to be looking at investing in a Kia, as they go out of their way to protect the people who purchase their vehicles.

2017 Kia Roadside Assistance ProgramYou may already be aware of the amazing Kia 10 year/100,000-mile warranty that comes with their vehicles, but you may not be fully aware of what you get with that.

The limited powertrain warranty, which is the one that is good for 10 years or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first, is just one small part.

Were you also aware that Kia roadside assistance was also included in the warranty?

Perhaps not, but knowing that should be enough to make you realize that this already astounding warranty is even more valuable than it already appears.

What you need to be aware of here is that the Kia roadside service is just a phone call away, and they don’t merely operate on a 9-5 basis.

Kia 24 hour roadside assistance

There will be someone there to answer your call whenever you need them, whether that be in the middle of the day in a busy city, or in the early hours of the morning when you are stuck in the middle of nowhere.

There is a tremendous peace of mind that comes from knowing that help is just a phone call away, and that it is all part of the service you receive when you purchase a Kia vehicle.

Kia roadside assistance phone number

The Kia roadside assistance number (1-800-333-4KIA) is accessible toll-free from anywhere in the United States, which means that you don’t have to be worried about being charged for a call if you are somewhere out of state on business or vacation.

Kia will dispatch a service person to you as quickly as humanly possible, and they may be able to get you back on the road in a matter of minutes if the service call is for something that can be fixed on site.

This would include issues such as a dead battery, flat tire, or having your keys locked inside the vehicle.

If the roadside service call to Kia is for something that cannot be repaired right there and then, your vehicle will be towed, free of charge, to a location where the issue can be properly taken care of.

The Kia roadside assistance service is hopefully something that you are never going to have to use, but it’s nice to know that it’s there if you need it.

After all, most of us have had issues with a flat or a gas issue where we wished we had someone on hand to help as soon as possible.

Kia does that for you.

9 thoughts on “Kia Roadside Assistance (Phone Number) USA

  1. We called at 2:00 today to have our car towed. We were told a truck would be here at 3:20. We just cancelled the truck after calling 4 times and being told they would be here in 20 minutes each time. We cancelled because the car was being towed to a Kia dealership and they close the gate at 8 pm. We are without a car for even longer now because they couldn’t look at it today. We are very disappointed in your customer service!

  2. Waited 3 hours for a tow after calling Kia Roadside Assistance 4 times. Given three reasons why the tow truck never showed up. Finally called AAA who called me back every 15 minutes and picked me up within 45 minutes. Kia Roadside Assistance was the worst customer service experience I have encountered in a long time. Their assistance was worthless. I have purchased 3 Kia vehicles. Not so sure about purchasing a 4th after this experience.

  3. Called Kia Roadside Assistance Thursday as my wife needed a tow. The company they sent arrived within a few minutes of the ETA we were given. Kia Roadside Assistance had sent me a text within 10 minutes of my call to them with all the information of who would be coming. Not only did we get great customer service from Kia Roadside Assistance but the company they sent, Cass Towing from Rollingsford, NH also provided use with incredibly awesome service as well. And that isn’t something you generally get from a tow company.

  4. Called this morning, blow out a tire with no spare. Was told they would have my car towed and stored until the service department opened. I literally broke down across from the dealership. First quoted time came and went, called the company they said was enroute. They said they cancelled 1.5 hrs ago and Kia was advised. Called Kia back, was placed on hold multiple times and finally was told another hour for the next company. It would have been nice to be told about the cancellation 1.5 hrs ago or at least if Kia did something with that information rather than just leave me on the side of the road for 3 hours.

  5. I called tonight because I accidentally locked my keys in my trunk. I placed the call at 10:45 pm EST and was on the phone with the rep for about 9 minutes confirming my information and that my keys were in my trunk. The last thing she said was that I would receive a text meaaage confirmation and estimated time of arrival from the service provider. After about 45 minutes I called back to inquire about when someone would be dispatched. First I was told that my request had been cancelled and then the rep noted that someone else was in my call and she put me on hold to find out what was going on. I was again told that I would receive a text message confirmation with an estimated time of arrival. At this point I began investigating other options as sitting on the top of a windy parking garage gets a little chilly after a while and on the whole I was already annoyed. This is when I received a call from Courtney the superviser asking me if I needed a a locksmith to make me a brand new key or just someone to gain access so I could get into the trunk. I find it mildly irritating that I wasn’t asked that to begin with…not over an hour after I originally called. I received confirmation from GEICO that they could get someone out to me in 30 minutes and called your service back to cancel since I still had no estimated timeframe that someone dispatched from Kia would be coming to my rescue. After this call I received another call back from Courtney in which I explained to her that I called and cancelled because I didn’t want to have to wait again for you to dispatch someone. She asked if I needed anything else and I said, “No but…” and the moment she heard me say no she started her closing remarks while talking over me as I was trying to say something else and abruptly hung up on me. I find this lack of customer service and lack of attention to detail disconcerting considering this is roadside assistance. Each time I called I was asked if I was safe with my vehicle. I almost wish I had said no. Perhaps that is the way to get the appropriate level of service.

  6. I had my Kia for 3 years when I came out of Shopping center and found that my car wouldn’t start!.Panic set in because I was no where near my home and didn’t have A A A!.then I remembered I had the Kia roadside assistance number,I crossed my fingers and dialed.I was so grateful that someone answered,they had someone there in 30 minutes to get me going again,free of charge!Kia roadside saved the day.Totally Awesome!.

  7. I called Kia customer services, they told me I wouldn’t have to pay for towing if I towed it to the dealer, I did tow it to the dealer, and they made me pay the towing charge anyway. I called they said they would call me back. It is three days later and I haven’t heard from them. I guess I will have trouble getting a refund on the towing charge. Very diaapointed

  8. I called at 9 this morning. I had started my car, so the engine was running, and the doors automatically locked (why?). I was texted an ETA of 10:06 AM. It is now 11:18 and I just received the GPS location via text. They are 18 minutes away. Meanwhile, my car has been running for over two hours, so by the time they get there, my car will have been running for two and a half hours. Ridiculous.

  9. May I text to place a service call? I have no outgoing signal to place a call to Kia customer service. I can text all I want. I have been stranded for almost a week. My car will not start. I am stuck.

    I see in comments that people are getting text confirms from Kia when their call is confirmed.

    Please help me with my 2014 Kia Soul.

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