Kia Rio 4-door sedan to debut in New York

Kia plans to unveil the 2012 Rio 4-door sedan at the forth-coming New York Auto Show...

Autoblog editors are attending this year’s Kia’s media event in Phoenix, Arizona, where the automaker will reveal some of its near-future plans. Earlier this day, the Autoblog editors obtained some official information about the 2012 Rio sedan.

According to a brief report from the event, Kia Motors America is going to introduce the all-new Rio sedan at the upcoming 2011 New York Auto Show.

The four-door Kia Rio sedan will complement the hatchback bodystyle that made its official premiere at the Geneva Auto Show earlier this year and will go on sale in the US market during the second half of the year.

Reportedly, the 2012 Kia Rio 4-door sedan will be available with four different powertrain options globally. Kia has yet to announce which of the four powerplants will be available in the US-market Rio, however latest rumors suggest that the automaker’s all-new sub-compact car will be available with 1.4L and 1.6L GDI gasoline engines generating 109 and 138 horsepower, respectively. Both, six-speed manual and six-speed automatic transmissions will be available.

According to Jeremy Korzeniewski, Autoblog’s editor, Kia also revealed some information about the next-generation Sedona MPV. He was told that the KV-7 concept vehicle, which was unveiled at this year’s Detroit Auto Show, previews what’s in store for the next-generation Sedona minivan… [Source: Autoblog]

5 thoughts on “Kia Rio 4-door sedan to debut in New York

  1. Actually, the Rondo was the best car in Kia’s line-up for seniors. That is why my grandparents own one. 12 years ago, my grandpa had a stroke that paralyzed his whole right side. He can easily slide into the Rondo, but it is hard for him to get in my Sedona. The Soul is also shockingly easy for seniors to get into. The Rondo has about 85% senior ownership.

  2. Looks like squarehole was wrong. The spyshots before were indeed the rio sedan. He was only correct in saying the hatch would come out first.

  3. Im glad to see Kia is gonna have the 1.6 & 6 speed auto in this, thats it for sure! Gimme the hatchback in Pewter or Pearl white!

  4. I want to know if the Naimo’s “engine”, being all-electric, will really deliver the range Kia is promising, what is it, 136 miles? That’s pretty promising if it is only true. Eh?

  5. The Chevy Volt isn’t worth mentioning, the new Kia Rio has that THING beat by a country mile!! lol

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