Kia Video News: Ray City Car Commerical

This is the all-new Kia Ray city car.

Developed exclusively for the home Korean market, the Ray is based on the same platform as the Picanto city car.

Available only as a 5-door hatchback, the Kia Ray is recognized as the South Korean first-ever KEI car.

Note: small boxy hatchbacks are extremely popular in Japan and they are called KEI car.

The Ray is available in two versions, the gasoline powered model and all-electric model.

Kia Ray commerical ad

The gas-burning model is fitted with a tinny 1,0L 3-cylinder engine and a 4-speed automatic transmission, while the all-electric Ray model incorporates a 50kW electric motor, mated to a high-capacity 16.4 kWh lithium ion polymer battery.

Kia hopes their upcoming tinny little car, which boasts more space inside that everyone would expect (due to the really high roof and different seating position), will sell well in Korea.

They di not reveal, however, whether they plan to put the Ray mini car on sale overseas.

With such small models not being popular elswhere around the world, the chances are minimum.

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7 thoughts on “Kia Video News: Ray City Car Commerical

  1. If the Kia Ray is a “A” Segment vehicle, please explain what the Kia Picanta vehicle is supposed to be in? That car is sharp, well equipped and a huge seller in Markets where it is available.

  2. You want a car uglier than the Kia Ray? Honda Zest, Daihatsu Move, Toyota Pixis Space, Nissan Otti/Moco, Suzuki MR Wagon, Subaru Lucra/Pleo/Stella.

  3. Who gives a flying f if it is slow to accelerate? 90% of them will never go over 30 miles per hour!! This thing is going to be such a moneymaker for Kia. Hardly cost anything to develop, and they are going to sell like crazy, you watch. I don’t know why the Naimo is so appealing to you. It looks like a Japanese anime fantasy character. The Naimo could look ok if they did something with that horrid backend. I never said the Ray was good looking. I simply said it looks better than any other Kei car. What do you mean the Optima’s interior is nothing to brag about? It won Ward’s 10 best! That is definitely something to brag about!!

  4. Kia Ray is perfect: has lots of internal room, it is s compact outside, practical do get in/out, light AND can be electric. The perfect car for big and crowded cities.

    Oh, and it is beautiful indeed.

  5. I went to Kia’s Korean website, and saw all kinds of pictures of the Ray. The interior is seriously well thought out.

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