Kia Ray plug-in hybrid concept car to debut at Chicago Auto Show

Kia Ray plug-in hybrid concept set to be displayed at the 2010 Chicago auto show!

By releasing a teaser image to the world-wide-web sphere, Kia Motors America revealed it is going to unveil a brand-new concept car at the forth-coming 2010 Chicago auto show next month.

The Ray concept car was designed at Kia’s state-of-the-art Design Center in America and clearly demonstrates the next step in Kia’s fast progressing design evolution. Not much is known about the vehicle at this point, but is said that this oncept car also previews the automaker’s highly advanced and eco-friendly drivetrain technology.


According to Kia, the Ray concept car sits upon a plug-in hybrid drive platform and showcases the direction Kia is considering for its future plug-in hybrid vehicle.

To find more information about the upcoming Kia Ray concept, we will have to wait until the opening day of this year’s Chicago auto show, which kicks off on February 10th.

52 thoughts on “Kia Ray plug-in hybrid concept car to debut at Chicago Auto Show

  1. Im not a fan of it right now, but the Hyundai Blue Will has grown on me over time. They just need to change the grille, and its ready to go. Maybe this will have the same effect.

  2. I think Hybrid are the way to go ~~ i would like to see the Kia Soul Hybrid and some small pickup trucks as Hybrid also

  3. Nearly every manufacturer worldwide shows up with some hybrid or 0-pollution show car on these days !
    It seems to me they have all very busy marketing departments !
    There are only a few questions to solve, and not the least important ones :
    – at what date will these cars be available on the market ?
    – at what price will these cars be sold, and with or without battery-pack ?
    – what should be the real impact on emissions (including production) ?
    Despite of all this, I am looking forward to the Future, but won’t buy these hybrids before let’s say… some time ;o)))

  4. ….I still think very efficient diesel engines are better value for mony, Ford’s eco version oof the UK Fiesta – out now – can do 76.3mpg and emits only 98g/km of CO2…not far off a Prius at all (and better than the last generation one). Oh and it’s much cheaper than a hybrid…Volkswagen’s new Polo Bluemotion is also another great one….wake up America…diesel is a much cheaper way forward..please (for your own sake’s) catch up with the rest of the world LOL

  5. This is huge, becuase this will showcase Kia’s lithium polymer battery technology. Move over Volt, Kia is coming to town.

  6. The main question in my head right now is: How far behind GM is Kia at the moment (plug-in hybrid car development)? As you know, GM Volt is ready for production and should be in the showrooms within a few months. On the other hand, Kia is only showing its very first plug-in hybrid concept car, which could mean that the vehicle is only in its early phase of development and will probably not hit the showroom floor for at least two years.

    Any thoughts on that?

  7. Little do you guys know, this plug in car is built off of the Optima/Sonata platform, and will be marketed as the Optima plug-in. Kia wants a LAIAS launch for this, really bad. Next November this car will be being produced at West point. Next November the Volt goes on sale. Kia wants GM’s pie, and I hope they can steal it.

  8. himi Says:
    “As you know, GM Volt is ready for production and should be in the showrooms within a few months. ”
    plug-in hybrid car market is still niche.
    the only ‘early adoptor’ consumers buy a chevy volt.
    Possibly, 1st generation plug-in hybrid remain as show car, like 1st generation toyota prious did.

    Kia better ready for ‘2nd’ generation plug-in hybrid.

  9. Nah it will probably be like Blue Will, based off Sonata Archetecture and be a stand alone model.

  10. Currently, eco-friendly hybrid car market is still niche.

    Only 5% buyers buy hybrid car.

    electronic car market share is almost 0%.

    It is a still niche market.

    Kia better ready for ‘next’ generation plug-in hybrid.

  11. That is why not only gas/electric hybrid will be available, but also a plug in hybrid. This increases overall market share for Kia.

  12. I see four doors, and the D-pillar similar to the optima in the spy shots. its also got the skylight.

  13. Plug in hybrid… that ain’t making any sense! If it’s a good plug-in it don’t need to be hybrid!

  14. I also want to remind everyone of JonathanLgardner’s post…
    eg. the New Polo Bluemotion has a CO emission of 87! I believe that is even below any “ugbrid” on the market today!
    I really don’t understand why so many Americans want to deprive themselves of good diesel engines! 😉

  15. Even though bornloser our diesel emissions are more strict than Europe, most Americans believe that diesels are smokey and loud. Which is now farther from the truth.

  16. Smokey and loud… ain’t that exactely what we think’bout (american) V8’s (OK I admit… I’d rather have the loud sexy sound of any (old) V8 over the (quiet) sound of a (modern) diesel…
    Personally I think diesel is the only future the ‘ol combustion engine has (who has won the last editionS of the 24H… Which 24H? There is only one: LE MANS!)

  17. Greg, are you talking about 2010 November for Optima in West Point Ga USA plant? I know they are getting the Hyundai Sante Fe this June with a added second shift.

  18. I know that the next generation Optima will be produced at West Point. When the Santa Fe line leaves Alabama, what will they build there?

  19. I was reading 2011, but if you know if it is this year that would be great for Kia in USA.

  20. so that means Forte should be, too, right? each plant has three assembly lines
    Georgia: Sorento, Santa Fe, Optima
    Alabama: Sonata, Elantra, ?????

  21. Greg that means Forte will be built in Alabama as well. However, I still the New Canada Plat will be an Elantra Plant, but we’ll see. Since they want to move Accent and Rio I think the Canadians would do a good job building them, so I want them in the Canada plant rather than Mexico.

  22. A mexico plant is the worst possible thing ANY company could ever do. It is like saying, “Let’s build a plant that will instantly make our quality ratings go down.” HKAG doesn’t need that. Canadians seem more competent.

  23. I think they wanted to do it, but I think as they hear the complaints from customers worried about their B platform quality they backed off from it.

  24. Funny, I was thinking more along the lines of ford fusion, but chryslers, too. Not to mention the Aztek/Rendezvous.

  25. US consumers dislike Mexico.

    so, they hate ‘made in mexico’ cars.

    Hyundai/Kia should reconsider mexico plant.

    They must know this before build mexico plant.

    Korean does not know what is the US-Mexico relation is…

  26. Sorrento, when any Company builds a car in Mexico the quality drops badly. You can take good car like Accent and absoluely destroy it, by building it in Mexico. Id rather pay $2000 more to get a good quality Accent, than save money and get a POS.

  27. Nissan Versa=Shit reliability=Built in Mexico. Ford Focus=Shit reliability=Built in Mexico.

    Ford Fiesta will have shii reliability since that will be built in Mexico too.

  28. A bit of breaking news, Toyota just told dealerships to STOP SELLING ten different models. Toyota doesn’t know what to do, but ten models?? That’s gotta hurt.

  29. Hey Guys,

    More News about Japanese Jalloppis.

    Honda is recalling 646,000 of it’s Fit/Citty/Jazz Subcompacts Worldwide to fix a defective master switch that causes water to leak into the power window swtich that has been known to cause vehicle fires, one of them responsible for killing a toddler in Great Britain. 140,000 of those Fits are American.

  30. More market share available for Hyundai/ Kia, but GM is the one kicking Toyota. I saw a news video of a local dealer talking about a $1000 incentive GM is offering toward the purchase of any of their (new?) vehicles when you bring in any Toyota from 1999 to current models.

    Diesel is the way to go, but KMA and the other manufacturers in the USA are tunnel visioned into hybrid only. How about hybrids and diesels?!

    I’m hoping to make it to the Chicago show again this year, maybe getting to see this Ray in person.

  31. I just read of someone working on a hybrid diesel but unfortunately I think it was GM on one of their pick-em-up trucks. Yeah, diesel/hybrid would be a nice combo to propel some attractive cars for our future. Probably not allowed because of our air standards. Or something.

  32. PSA (Peugeot / Citroen) is the one bringing the diesel+hybrid with 140hp, to market this year. But atm it has a co2 output of 99g/km, which is more (=worse) than the current Prius…
    I’d rather hope for the new Ray, or an updated Forte LPI Hybrid…

  33. Hybrid is America’s Diesel, and Diesels are Europe’s Hybrids. Gas Hybrid=not going to work in Europe, but if priced right, and feels right and gets great MPG will do great in the US. Diesel Hybrid=not even a possibility for the US market, but will do great in Europe.

  34. The hybrid car has no long term future… the real future is for the full time electrical motorcar. I honestly think the combustion engine (unfortunately) only has more or less 20 years left

  35. bornloser-yes, all-electrical propulsion is the future in automobile propulsion. I agree. But ICE vehicles won’t actually disappear for a long time, if ever completely. Don’t cha agree?

  36. I was watching some show and some analyst said ICEs could be around until 2050. Guys,let me explain Further, Gas/Diesel Hybrids are stop gaps between ICEs and AEP. They arent the solution, just a tool to get us there,

  37. Personally, I think Hydrogen is the future, but there are a lot of problems related to that.

    First, infrastructure. Where do you go to get hydrogen? I suppose that if hydrogen cars begin to get popular, hydrogen stations will pop up. It happened over 100 years ago with gasoline, it can happen again.

    Second, supply. We have to figure out how to get hydrogen more efficiently. Right now, it comes from natural gas primarily, a fossil fuel. I suppose that if we can’t get over this obstacle, we are right back where we started.

    Third, technology. We have to make hydrogen technology cheaper, smaller, and better. Kia is doing it, and doing it well from what I can tell. We will see a lot of “Unknown Kia” spyshots of Kia testing their hydrogen technology in all of their vehicles. How far is Kia going to get if they have hydrogen power in only one of their vehicles? About as far as Honda’s getting with the FCX Clarity.

    If hydrogen turns out to be no good, and we must rely on all-electrics; we can’t solve our problem with just all-electric vehicles. All electric vehicles will start plugging into home outlets, and increase out need for coal – another fossil fuel.

    Wind energy. If we have to go with all electric vehicles, let me make a suggestion. In my city, Manistee, MI, we manufacture a product called a Windspire. It is a vertical wind turbine that is 30 feet tall, and 4 feet wide. It produces 2000 kilowatt hours per year – enough to charge a vehicle. These Windspires are made of 69% recycled material, and generally cost $5,500 to $6,500 for everything. Everything includes the Windspire, the installation, permits, and installation to the local grid. If manufacturers sold a Windspire with every all-electric car, all-electric could work. I will post a link below. It may take a bit for himi to publish my post with a link to the blog, that’s why I’m not putting it in this post :)

  38. Greg, I’m all mouse, eyes and ears. I want to make this conservation deal work, not make things worse. I’m willing to try some new things, but just continuing to build ICE vehicles for the next 50 years is not gonna cut it.

  39. Bryan, I honestly hope you’re right that ICE will be along for a long time… Even if it was only ’bout the sound a nice V6 or V8 makes… I really can’t imagine a muscle car (or an Italian full bred) with an electrical engine…

  40. bornloser…I never globbed on ta the Detroit full-on V8 muscle-car loud engine exhaust excitement bandwagon too much. Headers and cherry bomb mufflers and all. I’m now and have been for a long time fully in to the finely detailed Japanese and Korean cars and all of their exactness and, well…quietness. I am starting to dig the new 2010 Suzuki Kizashi midsize, and as of now Suzuki only builds them with 4-cyl 180hp engines, and yes, they’re built internal combustion. Fine by me with all of that. So, I say I want an all-electrical rig for my next car-yet now I’m defying that by falling for ICE cars of different flavors. This Kizashi does 0-60 in 7.5 seconds with the standard 6-speed tranny and I like it’s Jetta-like exterior. The one I like, the GTS, comes in at $23,334 MSRP and is being classified as a midsize car. Now, is Suzuki gonna be around ta service this pup, though? Suzuki gives a 7 year, 100,000 miles limited powertrain Warranty. I do this every so many months, I get all stoked about a certain rig. Probly won’t really pursue the Suzuki Kizashi…right now, anyway. =:)

  41. A Rio 3 door based on the Kee would be the best thing ever for that car. THAT WOULD BE SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. The more I think about it, the more I think that’s the kind of energy and excitement the Rio needs.

  43. 7398 MY2011 Sorento sales in January. That is astonishing. That is more than 2x all of the other vehicles, except the Forte – but it came close. I would be excited, but the initial shock is still overcoming me.

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