Kia Quoris Release Date Set For 2014

It has long been expected that the Kia Quoris flagship sedan would eventually make its way to the US, and that has now been confirmed, with a rough arrival date in place.

Autonews website spoke to officials from Kia at the launch of the 2014 Cadenza and found out that the Quoris woule be on sale in the US “next year.”

The likelihood then is that the vehicle will see the light of day as a 2015 model.

Kia Quoris first arrived on the scene in 2012 in Korea, where it is known as the K9.

Kia Quoris to be released in the USA Kia Quoris Release Date Set For 2014 quoris

It is believed that the US version will come with an entirely new name, not to mention some distinct styling changes. That belief comes from some of the spy shots seen of the Quoris being tested on US soil.

The Quoris luxury sedan shares the same rear-wheel-drive platform as the Hyundai Equus, with the size and proportions also on a par with the Hyundai flagship.

The major difference between the two siblings is that the Quoris has a 3.8-liter V-6 engine rated at 285 horsepower, as opposed to the V8.

US consumers can also expect to see a 330 horsepower direct-injected version of the engine, while the standard transmission will more than likely be an 8-speed automatic.

The standard features on the Quoris will be dependent on trim level, but expect to see adaptive all-LED headlights, lane-departure and blind-sport warning systems, active cruise control and a camera-based around-view monitor.

Other features that will either come standard or as options include a 12.3-inch central display, a head-up display, twin 9.2-inch monitors to entertain rear seat occupants and a 17-speaker Lexicon (by Harman) sound system.

Sources state that the Quoris pricing is likely to be set just below the $59,250, a starting price of the Hyundai Equus luxury sedan.

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12 thoughts on “Kia Quoris Release Date Set For 2014

  1. a couple of weeks ago, my dealer had on display for a couple of days a 2013 K9 that he borrowed from Kia Canada. I got a chance to get lots of photographs of it.

  2. This is GREAT NEWS!!! I was afraid they changed their minds since the decrease of YTD sales since the mpg 6 months ago. Maybe they can still thinking about brining the Cross GT and GT too but who knows? Bring the Cross GT. It seems that premium sized CUVs are becoming quite popular.

  3. It looks funny seeing a Kia priced around $60k. I only know segments of cars from A – E. Is this a rival to the Lexus GS or LS? Also if the Kia GT was in the line up, would that be a Lexus IS or GS rival? I never was good at competition after segment E. In fact, how are luxury cars segmented anyway? F,G,H,I?

  4. @jtz

    Kia sales are a but down not due to the MPG thing (Elantra sales a WAY up), but due to winding down of the outgoing Forte model and the Sedona having been canceled (since then re-instituted) along with a supply crunch of Korea-sourced models due to a labor work-stoppage.

    Both the Quoris and the GT (K8?) will be “tweeners” – the Quoris slotting between the Genesis and Equus in price and size and the GT slotting between the forthcoming compact RWD sedan from Hyundai and the Genesis.

    Kia, as will Hyundai, will eventually bring one, if not more, luxury CUVs to market.

    As for pricing of the Quoris, Kia will have to be aggressive, closer to the pricing of the next gen Genesis sedan than to the Equus (starting in the high $40k range and topping out in the mid-high $50k range).

  5. @conwelpic

    Did you get to see the interior?

    How would you compare the quality of the materials to the Genesis and Equus, as well as to the GS and M?

  6. So how am I supposed to know if the Kia GT is a Lexus IS or GS rival? How are they segmented? Take the BMW 5 series, is it a Infinti G rival or an Infinti M rival? Or the Mercedes C? Is that a Lexus IS or GS rival? And is there such a thing as F, G, H and I segments or does it stop after E?

  7. Also Buick confuses me. Buick is a luxurious auto maker. Yet isn’t the LaCross an Avalon, Cadenza rival? Yet isn’t the Buick Regal underneath the LaCross, as a result, what is the Regal rivaling agaisnt? Also what is the Buick Luceren rivaling agasint? And how is the Acura TL, and RL segmented? Luxury cars are so confusing, they want alpha-numeric names (I can’t remember all those initials and numbers). Why do all thses luxury cars need initials or numbers? In addition, I can’t understand how they are segmented. What’s the Caddy CTS rivaling agasint the IS or GS?

  8. @conwelpic

    Nice pics.

    Are there any luxury sedans which you have been in which you can compare the interiors with that of the Quoris/K9?


    There are no hard and fast rules as to which models compete with which models.

    For instance, the Acura TL is a midsize sedan, but Acura considers the RLX to be more of the competitor to the 5 Series even tho it has full-size interior room (tho Acura also states that the top trim RLX does also compete with the flagship sedans).

    The Infiniti G is actually “tweener” in size, a good bit bigger than the IS and not that much smaller than the GS.

    Kia has already positioned the Cadenza as being a “tweener” segment-wise, competing both against the likes of the Azera and Avalon as well as the likes of the ES and MKZ (having a more luxurious interior and more amenities/tech than the Azera).

    Kia will likely do the same to the GT and Quoris when positioning them for the NA market.

    If the GT retains much of its sexy sheetmetal, displays sporty driving dynamics and has a nicer, more luxurious interior than the Q50 (formerly G) as well as tech and is priced around the same as the Q50 (and higher than Hyundai’s upcoming compact RWD sedan) – that should be a winning combination for the GT.

  9. The reason they aren’t segmented beyond E is that there is so much gray area, it’s not worth it. Automakers more or less get to choose their rivals at that point. In Segments A-E, the cars tend to be mainstream enough that they fit into a class designation.

  10. I actually like everything about the car.and to me,this is the best among the KIA products as a fun and a worker of RANA MOTOR(KIA GH)

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