Kia produced 108.000 cars in Slovakia

Kia Motors today reported on Thursday that its European plant in Zilina, Slovakia produced 108,000 new vehicles during the first six months of the year.

Daily production at Kia’s manufacturing plant averaged 850 units, while the most productive month was April, when the automaker produced more than 19.000 cars and SUVs. Kia’s plant in Slovakia builds three different variants of the all-new cee’d model (five-door hatchback, three-door pro_cee’d and cee’d sporty wagon) as well as the Sportage SUV.

According th the carmaker’s official press release, the most popular choice among buyers to date was the Cee’d Sporty Wagon, taking up 35.84 percent of the production. Second came the five-door cee’d, which sales accounting for 30.74 percent, while Sportage SUV came third.

The later was followed by sporty pro_cee’d three-door with 16.66 percent share. The Cee’d represent around 83 percent of the total production at the plant.


The best-selling engine (three petrol and two diesel available), was the 1.6L diesel engine, representing as much as 41.8 percent of the car sales volume.

Through improving the production effectiveness of built cars, the company is looking to produce record-high 220.000 vehicles by the end of the 2008. Along with the production report, Kia also revealed its plans to start production of the fourth cee’d variant, reportedly named Eco_cee’d, by the end of the year.


Thanks to several technical adjustments to the basic car, the fuel consumption and emissions output on Eco_cee’d has substantially been reduced. More information about the Eco_cee’d will soon be released. [Source: Kia] Find more Kia news here: www.kia-world.net

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  1. Most probably in both variants. We have already seen the three door and five door concepts. I can’t wait for these two cars.
    Both have lower fuel consumption than Prius and they’re not even hybrids.

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