Kia Pro_cee’d unveiled in China

While we admire the beauty of futuristic concept and production cars in Los Angeles, there is another big auto event going on the other side of the planet.

The Guangzhou Auto Show might not sound familiar to you, but this is one of the biggest auto events held in China.

The Guangzhou Auto Show is beeing held for the fifth time and is expected to see several thousand visitors per day pour through the doors to look at several hundred cars from all the big names, both domestically and foregin made.


While Chinese companies have introduced several new production mini cars such as BYD F1 or Geely LC-1, Kia unveiled it’s attractive European made Pro_cee’d hatchback at the show.

To see the Pro_cee’d exhibited in China is quite a surprise to me. Till now, Kia always stated that the cee’d will only be sold in Europe, but after rumours appeared to see it also in Australia by the 09, Kia might have upped their appetites and changed their plans.

Now the question is: Is Kia getting ready to release the family of cee’d cars in China and other parts of the world (Australia)?

Auto Show Gallery:

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12 thoughts on “Kia Pro_cee’d unveiled in China

  1. this is a good sign. kia has probably changed its mind about cee’d range being only produced for europe. well, I’m waiting for the detroit motorshow to see the new spectra and hopefully the production soul (although I feel its unlikely). What say, Himi?

  2. I doubt Kia will show two production vehicles at the same time. This has never happend in the past. Kia always focuses just at one vehicle at the current time. After it is launched and very well positioned on the market, then they release another one.
    I expect Kia to unveil production Soul at New York’s Auto Show which is in April. Correct me if I’m wrong about the date. Or even later at Paris in September 09.

  3. So far the Cee’d is the only production model that has shown me how Kia is Sportier than Hyundai. Also, I think when it comes to sportiest concept between Hyundai and Kia I have to go with the Kue before the BH.

  4. What about Hyundai Genesis Coupe . This is the most sporty and by far the best concept car coming from Hyundai-Kia Automotive Group.

  5. Will I do know about the Genesis coupe. I really meant that the Cee’d is the only model that
    Hyundai has also (i30) that is sportier. I should have made myself clear. With the rest of Hyundai’s
    models, I don’t see Kia being sportier.

  6. We have to wait a few years to see that move. It takes at least 2-3 years to develope new car and Kia adopted this strategy (to be sportier than Hyundai) not long ago. It was last year I think. So let’s be patient and wait for new models to come.
    But Kia will not have an easy job here. All cars were getting sportier look lately. They will have to offer some really attractive designs in future to be recognized as sporty brad. I’m affraid the Kee is not going to be enough this time!

  7. I think the Amanti is currently at its best look ever! I think hyundai really needs to work on their Santa-Fe model before anything else

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